Суши Сет is a type of Japanese cuisine consisting of a selection of sushi pieces. It is often served in a platter with various types of sushi, such as nigiri and maki rolls. This combination offers a diverse and delicious tasting experience for sushi lovers.

Latest of Суши Сет Promo Codes

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Discover the mystical world of Суши Сет and unlock incredible discounts in our exclusive fantasy discount reward! Venture through enchanted rolls and receive up to 50% off on your next order, free spring rolls, or an enchanted dessert that will delight your taste buds. Don’t miss out!

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“Present this coupon and enjoy a whimsical feast at Суши Сет! Receive 50% off on a delectable sushi platter, a complimentary miso soup, and a magical dessert surprise. Indulge in this fantasy culinary adventure!”

How to Redeem Promo Code in Суши Сет

To redeem a promo code for Суши Сет, simply follow these steps:
1. Visit the Суши Сет website or app and browse the menu.
2. Select the items you want to order and add them to your cart.
3. At the checkout page, look for a promo code field.
4. Enter the promo code and click "Apply" to see the discount reflected in your order total.
5. Complete the payment process to enjoy your discounted Суши Сет order.

List of Суши Сет Coupon Code

1. "MAGICALROLLS20" – Get 20% off on all magical sushi rolls at Суши Сет. Experience a mystical feast that will transport your taste buds to another world.

2. "DRAGONTEA10" – Enjoy 10% off on our special Dragon Tea blends. Sip on these enchanting concoctions while indulging in your favorite sushi delights.

3. "FAIRYBENTO15" – Receive a 15% discount on our Fairy Bento boxes, filled with bite-sized sushi and whimsical side dishes. A true feast fit for a fairy!

4. "ELVENDELIGHTS25" – Unlock a 25% discount on our Elven Delights platter, a fusion of delicate sushi rolls inspired by the mystical lands of the elves.

5. "MYTHICMISO5" – Get 5% off on our Mythic Miso soup, a magical blend of flavors that will warm your soul with every spoonful.

6. "WIZARDROLLS30" – Enjoy a whopping 30% off on all Wizard Rolls. Prepare to be spellbound by the explosive flavors and innovative ingredients.

7. "ANCIENTRICE20" – Receive a 20% discount on our Ancient Rice bowls, a traditional delicacy that showcases the rich history of sushi.

8. "MERMAIDSAKE10" – Dive into a 10% discount on our exclusive Mermaid Sake flights. Sip on enchanting sake pairings that perfectly complement our sushi creations.

9. "GOBLINSGRUB15" – Taste the unexpected with a 15% discount on our adventurous Goblin's Grub platter. Explore unique sushi combinations that will surprise and delight.

10. "PHOENIXNIGIRI12" – Unleash the power of the Phoenix with a 12% discount on our Phoenix Nigiri selection. Experience sushi that rises from the ashes with each flavor-packed bite.

11. "MYSTERYROLL20" – Embark on a culinary journey with a 20% discount on our Mystery Rolls. Each roll is a secret creation, filled with surprises and delicious mysteries.

12. "MAGICMASU30" – Indulge in a 30% discount on our Magic Masu platter, featuring beautifully presented sushi served on a spellbinding wooden masu tray. Experience sushi magic at its finest.


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