Achronya APK Mod 0.8.1 (Unlocked)

Last update February 6, 2024

Size59.91 Mb

Excellent network RTS. Download Achronya for Android, an excellent strategy developed by Tatien studio. Try to destroy your opponent’s base, get crazy bonuses, and move further and further. Show all your best qualities, logical thinking, and take out enemy bases. Defeat any opponent, fight in battle arenas and become a leader.

Choose a good army for yourself, choose a base, place infantry to protect it, and then attack the enemy. You will have many chances to win, but you must take advantage of all opportunities so as not to be defeated. During confrontations, you will be able to move your soldiers, change your positions and surprise the enemy. All wounded soldiers must be sent to the base for treatment.

Destroy enemy resource sources, capture bonus pillars and take full advantage of the enemy. Open portals on your way, summon powerful bosses, and defeat stronger opponents. As soon as you defeat the enemy, you can get a new rank, more units, as well as other goodies. Invite your friends to the game, join the confrontation together and take the lead in the world standings.

Achronya MOD

It look cool but why I can't get in how am I supposed to play the game. there's basically no game here just a perpetual loading screen.. Im really hoping to play this game but pls if you want us to play the game then PLS fix the loading of the game cause the game does not load just fix thisss!!. stuck in load screen?. Please fix It its stuck at the loading screen if you fix it I bet the game would be awesome. It's doesn't even load.

Achronya APK

Fix this game the loading screen stuck. I'm only giving it a 3star because it will not load in its been about 30m or so but will not load but Im giving 3star because I feel if it did load it would be great!!just please fix that that's all.

Download ( V0.8.1 )

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