NameAmber’s Airline
Size99.71 Mb
ReleaseGameHouse Original Stories

It’s time to fasten your seat belts and take incredible flights with Amber. Amber’s Airline is a great, brand-new adventure toy that will win your heart in a moment. You have to plunge headlong into the luxurious life of a real stewardess. It’s time to meet the beautiful Amber, who just came to work, but already has far-reaching plans.

Since childhood, she has dreamed of flying, blue skies, and incredible emotions. She was lucky, she became a member of the crew, but first, she had to pass challenging exams. Doing everything right will not be easy, so she needs your support.

The project’s authors will be able to surprise and attract you with this story. There is love, loss, and more that will surprise you. You will be able to complete all 60 levels, complete all 30 crazy challenges.

You must explore the entire game world, look at various airports and visit all six unique territories. Try to open all 18 mini-games, test yourself in them and take advantage of the unique features of the stewardess. Amber must fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a professional flight attendant.

Amber’s Airline MOD

The ads are frustrating! You have to watch them before every level! And after level 5 it doesn't show any ad so you can't play anymore unless you pay for premium! Installing it without doubt.... This game is great especially the little stories it looks real but why I am rating it 4 stat is because you have to watch an ad before playing wish means going on line and they said the game is offline but the game is great. This game was awesome! Each task to build to the next one is great. The story line was cute, too. It was a lot of ad pop-ups thou. But you have to pay the bills.. very cool i love the story the game was so excited also it gives an excitement every stage. Now i've done all the level. Finding for story 2. How it looks like an add in real it is not like that but hows it is .It is nice no add nothing ..

Amber’s Airline APK

Please read if you want to download this game,At first I loved this game soon it began to tell me to watch ads to play my point is I downloaded this game to play not to spend my free time watching ads to play levels and sometimes I just got so sick of the ads and yes I first thought like watching some ads couldn't be this bad but imagine watching ads,wrongly clicked the screen end up in play store all the time this crazy thing happens and it wasn't a good experience and now I uninstalled it. O jogo muito bom tem uma otima historia mais tem outros detalhes que eu nao entendi muito mesmo assim eu gostei muito continuem assim mesmo criem mais jogos como este sao muitos booonnnnssss. Love these types of games now. Before i never gave my self a chance. I didnt think i could do these types of games. But im really good at playing them now. And i love it.. Great game! I just had to finish all 60 levels. Its very cute and compelling, makes you wanna play all day. Requires internet to play, and you need to watch ads in order to continue onto the next level, but nevertheless perfectly worth it!!.

Amber’s Airline APK

A nice story of a brave girl with aiming dreams while she have to tackle all the situation in career also personal life the way she carried out was truly so great it was create high expectation for what will be next in each of the stages and I'm getting fan of game house original stories team I'm going to play all the games by game house keep give games with more interesting and creative . It is a really good game until I had to watch a video every time I wanted to play a new level, really disappointed:((. The deep state no longer have time nor money as the Victorian Dumb labor have evolved into more sophisticated with American exceptionalism citizens that they are no longer nothing to loss skidrow people thus the deep state have lost their power base. Blackrock is not owned by the Deep State like most companies especially those tied closely to the military industrial complex whose CEO's are not flamboyant as those of the Victorian bloks. It's all a bluff without the infiltrated of Victorian dumb. Really love all your games though the game needs internet to be played which surprised cause the game was clearly written offline.

Amber’s Airline APK

interesting storyline and engaging levels, although i would like to see more interesting minigames especially in the last location which recycles minigames from previous locations. i do enjoy the range in gameplay, especially the flight locations.. Loved it! Reasonable amount of ads, good storyline, nice little games, played it a few years ago and I played it again recently, still good!. I've been a BIG fan of GameHouse Original Stories games, and let me tell you, this is a MAJOR upgrade for the games overall! The framerates are smooth, cutscenes looking better than before, it's just AWESOME! I'm definitely going to be looking forward to GameHouse improvements in the future. Love!. Nice game but I thought it works without the internet and the even with internet ,it keeps crashing and most of the ads refuses to load:to play two levels I have to reload the app like three times.

The best game in my life I am giving this four stars because we have to do everything so fast and sometime I can't do this all things .best. I'm kinda dissapoint...i can only play level 1 to 5 without wifi......i like the story i like everything but its just that i can't play offline. It's a fun game I love it but the ads are annoying but it's reasonable but did anyone else find the mouse in level 18 if so let me know where it is bc I have looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it as I was playing the round level 19 i found it easily but level 18 I didn't. I love the game. Its colour quality is very good but the only problem is that after u exit the game u have to restart form level 1. It's very boring to play again and again the same thing so pls fix it.

Gosh this game is soooooo GOOD! I have learned A LOT of lessons in this game! Soon I shall apply the lessons in Amber's story. I love this game but there is one issue that we I came in 40th level. After some time i opened and it was in 6th level. I very sad about that please repair. This is good game I recommend this game if you have a dream to be a filght attendant so good . No volume in the game at all. There is no response when I click on the button for support. So that doesn't help much either.

At first I like playing this game cause every chapter there's new format and mini games but since the lastest update this game must be purchased before you can play the full chapters. You must not put your game in free when you only want your players to purchase the whole game.. This game is very good but I'dont know why it's showing error please help me to play this game i love this. Game is awesome I love it. The only issue I'm having is there is no volume while playing the levels and I can't hear Karl when he pops up. I used to be able to. I messaged for help, but haven't gotten a response yet. I play on full volume just so I can find Karl when he's being sneaky hiding . The game is amazing but the only issue is the ads. They are unskippable, the 30 secs long ads are so annoying, to play every level we have see the long ads and after 2nd level the game hangs/lags a lot. Please fix this..

Sure, you had to watch an ad to access every level, but I thought it a fair price to be able to play through to the games end. It beats having an annoying ad pop up way too often. Plot: it's okay, kind of the more boring plot compared to others IMO.. This game actually really exceeded my expectations. The animation is beautiful. I love the extra little things like decorations of the diary. This is a great game.. dear ghos i want you to continue alisons story of hearts medcine like a hearts medcine 5? please please ghosplease my idea is alisons other brothers and sisters have an auto-immune disese and alison says "i already cured dregen hearts paracites i dont have it in me" shel be working as a real docter not a intern. thanks for reading my opinons have a nice day. Just finished the game! I love that it has a plot and an ending to it so the players are immersed in the story. One thing is really annoying and frustrating, THE ADS. Please REDUCE them. Its so pathetic how they pop up before and after EVERY level, like cmon!.

I want to give it 5 stars because I love this game so much and the story is so good but I noticed it tends to freeze and then I have to close the game and open it again. It's super cute and good it's all good but it's kinda filled up with adds but it's really good I suggest it more likely on children cause they will learn alot in this I just love this game the best game I played so far love this< 333. this game was greate and i injoy this app the apps makes me happy wen i play this so download this app now so you will be happy too. I love this game, it's just like you are Amber and you are living your daily life as cabin crew member, Cool..

It actually has an end and not an endless stream of levels. It has a story to it that is actually interesting.. I love the story line but when the shift starts it was super lagging and I hate it maybe u should fix It.

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