NameAngel Fantasia : Idle RPG
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Angel Fantasia: Idle RPG is an addictive mobile game that combines role-playing elements with idle gameplay mechanics. The game is set in a fantasy world where players take on the role of a hero who must assemble a team of powerful angels to save the land from evil forces.

In Angel Fantasia, players can recruit various angels with unique abilities and skills to form a formidable team. These angels can be upgraded and customized with different equipment to enhance their combat prowess. The game features a strategic combat system that allows players to choose the best combination of angels to defeat their enemies.

One of the highlights of Angel Fantasia is the idle gameplay feature, where players can let their angels automatically fight and level up even when they are offline. Players can earn rewards and progress in the game while doing other activities.

The game also includes various game modes, such as challenging dungeons and epic boss battles, where players can earn rare rewards. Additionally, events and special limited-time content keep the game fresh and engaging for players.

Overall, Angel Fantasia: Idle RPG offers an immersive and entertaining gaming experience with its blend of role-playing elements, idle gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals.

Angel Fantasia : Idle RPG MOD

Saw this game as I was scrolling through and thought it would be cool to try out, the moment I go to sign in with Google, it tells me "User Blocked" though I have never played this game before?? Couldn't even try it out because of this. Game is broken. Literally stuck at the beginning of the game. Cannot level up anything. It takes my resources but doesn't level up stats. Started great until I lost all in-app purchase items and progress. I asked game devs for help and I'm being ghosted. $185 worth of items gone.. The game has depth when it comes to balancing stats, just wish there was more to do at this point, cant wait for the guild and versus mode.. Wanted to add that the fallen angels corrupted human dna and were not good guys and in the book of enoch they porked over 200 different kinds of animals and they called themselves gods so ya the more you know. Lags way to much and i got bored with it.

Angel Fantasia : Idle RPG APK

Great game, Very fun and addictive. Unfortunately I have to delete it because I'm at too high of a level and it's overheating my phone.. Was going great untill I turned game off for the night. Now it's on a loading loop Please help me fix. Thanks. From 5 Stars To 1 Stars Game Full Of Bugs!! Have Upgrade Skill To Max But Damages Still Small Fries!! Hard To Progress Unless Use REAL MONEY. Loaded with scam ads that try to install software on your phone. The game deserves minus infinity rating for the scam ads..

Angel Fantasia : Idle RPG APK

Awesome idle game. Pretty straight forward game, you will not mess up. its simplicity makes it very engaging. Kudos to the team!. Deleted. I've reinstalled this game twice not doing it again so it's gone I'll find a game that actually works.. Hi Team, I keep having url error or http error, the game just launched. Any ideas? Good day Team, Sorry for the late response, the game is doing good so far, keep it up!. Need enhance stone as main quest for upgrading weapon and can't open the dungeon of enhance stone without completing this quest. Need help to come out of this loop.

Angel Fantasia : Idle RPG APK

The game is not half bad at all, it is clean and well thought, but you shouldn't rush, otherwise the quests can block you (block yourself) and then you will need to progress a lot to make it possible to progress further in them.. (Update) The game works fine now. Servers are up and working. It's definitely better than a few other Idle games I've played. This one reminds of another Idle game that's similar, but you're a small pixel character instead, where the skills also have their own unique animations.. Who limits names to 8 characters long?? And you have to pick a name before playing.... and this is before i can play?? Rude!. Expensive p2w. Game play is straight forward with a short learning curve. The tutorial is well thought out. However There are fortunately better and cheaper games of this type on the market. Eg Valkarye Idle..

Not working, keeps saying connecting to server and even if id wait 10+ minutes it just keeps connecting despite me having no internet problems whatsoever, even after re-downloading still the same thing, was looking forward to this game but this made me disappointed. This has happened to me since launch even after 2 bug fix updates.. Game plays great, looks great, and has potential. I'd go into detail but I'd rather point out the pricing: Costumes appear to add 2x damage plus a modifier. You get a few costumes for free/through events. However, there are 5 you buy($) outright, 1 you buy($) through a pass, and 1 you buy with currency from spending real money. To get these 7 you'll have to invest $180+ or not have 14x damage. This is an indie game that wants you to spend 3x the AAA cost, minimum, or gatekeeps you indefinitely.. Not that bad. It's a little lacking, definitely could use some polish and additional content. The upgrades have diminishing returns and soon you reach a point where money is the only answer. But for a few days a entertainment it does the job. There were some issues the 1st day but there was an update quickly that took care of it. It's a 4 star game realistically, go into it with a time killer in mind which is what most games are ultimately. Tldr= Could be better but not bad.. I just download it a few days ago, login, and qhen i came back my characters are fighting by itself and it's already level 31 is this the future of mobile gaming? Our standards has been so low with low quality trash. The wallpaper of this game doesn't even same of the in game sprites.

Gameplay is pretty standard and for the most part the visuals are great, but the GUI could use some readability improvements (ex. unique visuals for each summon menu, some text is super tiny and hard to read). There's also no way to disable the system chat in the bottom left and some text is still in Korean, but it isn't a deal breaker. Edit: having to manually level up the passive buffs (Protection of the Archangel) is a little silly, it should be automatic. The game also crashes A LOT.. Just another stripped down ad and cash grab. Play it for 20 minutes and you have seen it all. No choice of character, no real character customization. After 20 minutes it is just boring. It is not even a good copy of other games. Waste of download space.. I can't progress my quests any further because I need to have my wings at level 792 to enter the dungeon and currently I'm at level 10. Moving on to the next game.. Server error please update goggle play store version... maksudnya apaan neh? play store udah up to date trus salah apalagi neh game....

I'm not trying to be rude here, but how is this considered a game? I liked idle games because you could progress albeit slowly, even when you aren't playing. However, this goes WAY TOO FAR! The "game" is 95% automated, and the other 5% is luck and not skill. I'll stick around for a little while longer to see if they add any meaningful content, but I'm not impressed.. Update: Hot fix, fixed login issue. Game plays fine now. Graphics are nice, gameplay is okay, but doesn't stand out as any more than your usual clicker game. Changed from 1 star to 3.. Stuck at loading screen, says update google play store version, nothing to update all updated. Update: Works now, good as an idle rpg. Nothing original about this game and that's fine but compared to the main menu the art is lacking since the characters looked really beautiful but when I played the actual game it was different that what I imagined since everything is lacking..

This game won't even launch a page with text. I open it, see the company name and then a blue screen with an empty text block with a button but it doesn't say anything. I push the button, the game closes, I click outside of the box, the box closes and the screen stays blue and nothing happens. I also installed the update that I saw on Google Play before I even started the game the first time. Nothing is working. If it's not fixed by Monday I will uninstall.. Update Play Store is what it says. It IS updated. Cant play game. Annoying. Edit: Got into the game. Good crisp art, fun ways to build and level up even though there could have been more options. Many descriptions still missing like max levels and how to get costumes. Chat is not working and there is no guild system even though it is listed there. Hopefully updates will come fast for if there is no community, whats the point?. Great(ish) customer service. They told me to contact them again in new ticket if problem persists. Game does not turn on. I'm giving the extra star because they ARE fast at responding. At this time there's no game to play.. Update: While they fixed the first issue, due to the first issue I feel left behind the first release day.

Update store version immediately on new download with no update available *tried updating play store, it is up to date, uninstall/reinstall, same thing. Finally worked after update, and...yeah, still pass.. I do not know if it's a bug or not because i cannot playing ""please update the google play store" even thought my play store not too old still version 37-1-22-29 Edit: the bug is fixed now. I paid for ads to be removed.. game crashes & now ads back on.. & asking for me to pay for ads to be removed again.. give me my money back.. Once again, a publisher that doesn't know what scalable servers are... I am so pissed of at companies that launch a game without proper servers. I can't get into the game and I have read that most players can't. Maybe they fix it in a week, day or even hours, but since they have no forum, community board or even a place to get updates from, I will never know and thus I give it 1/5 Edit: Nothing changed after the devs told me they fixed it, still can Login.....

This game has potential, but it's losing at the start. I first downloaded the game and after signing in they told me to update the game, so I went to update the game... There was no update. After a little it was fixed and I was able to get into the game, it seemed to catch my attention but nothing much, I am given a clear directive and an arrow on where to go, good on that end. Meh-ish game, but it has potential, as long as they keep up events and don't make the game overloaded with content.. Can log in now, thank you for responding. I only have one complaint; all costumes but one are locked behind a pay wall of $40 each.. So broken. No character model, doesn't attack just a sword standing there, no button to manually attack... The monsters are standing around a floating sword and nothing happens. Go into a dungeon, the character is supposed to move through the dungeon to clear it. Doesn't move, no manual move option, fail dungeon every time..... I've never seen a game so broken before.... Edit- yes I know it's an idle game, I've played many, this game isn't playing itself....... It fails as a game and as an idle. Hi im trying to play I'm in Australia when I load it up it says please update Google play store version but I can't it's fully up to date what do. I do once I can play I will Edit my review and increase stars thanks for any help support. OK game is working and and it's alot of fun great idle game good job devs.

Predatory, just look a their game collection. They release over a dozen a year and all take from each other. Cash grab city.. The rating is being too kind ah, this feels more like 1.2 stars than anything else. With the unnecessary hardship in naming from the start you could already tell that this is not worth downloading at all. Lasted me 5 minutes, bye.. It's not letting me log in. It keeps saying update at Google Play Store. I go, and there's no update available. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but it's still saying the same thing.. can't log in. Idk why the game asks me to update my google play store version when mine is up to date already _()_/ edit: solved. thanks dev.

Downloaded day 1 and it just kept directing you to the play store for an update that didn't exist and I left a review, later that night I get a notification saying the developer responded to your review I click it and no response and now no reviews very suspect actions.. 4 stars for a neat game with plenty to do. -1 star for p2w arena system. -1 cash grabs monthly, weekly daily packages for all your desires!. They fixed the login error thankfully, although i dont enjoy these types of games with no real chance, i can see why others would love it. Maybe if there was character customization instead of costumes, either way cool game just not for me.. The graphics and action are pretty good for a phone. Everything else, though, is a bore. It doesn't explain anything about the mechanics, and there's a lot of them. Typical of this kind of game, they try to drown you in game mechanics. They have nothing unique in that aspect. Personally, I would match their artists and... I'm not sure what they are called, but the coders for the movements and such to a more thought-out game. Not this money grab. There doesn't even seem to be a story... at all.

I would like to play but it keeps asking me to update the game... unfortunately there are no updates in the play store. I even tried reinstalling. **edit** Devs responded quickly and they were able to fix the issue right away. Great game so far thanks.. Graphics are just OK, the game has very little tutorial, pretty stale, but they did make sure the ADs worked.... Thankyou for the fast response to the developer to make an update about the bug on login, right now i can login normally, and the game view is quite interesting too . green pet was bugging, the pet that gives gold buff doesn't work properly, i tried unequiping and equiping it many times but my gold gain was still the same, also, whats with the double crit damage( i mean they have the exact same name but different percentages) the super crit was the same, is this a bug? is the other one supposed to be super crit rate while the other was dmg?.

Can confirm it's loading now. Sounds of hits become quite annoying quickly. UI is small, not good on a phone, but I am not sure why someone would want this game on a tablet. There does not seem to be even a semblance of story or lore, unless issue with login silently skipped everything..

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