NameAnipang Blast
CategoryNew Game
Size250 MB
ReleaseWemade Play Co.,Ltd.

Anipang Blast is a popular match-three puzzle game developed by SundayToz. The game features cute animal characters that players must match and clear from the board within a certain number of moves to complete levels.

In Anipang Blast, players can enjoy various game modes, including a relaxing mode without time constraints, a challenging mode with limited moves, and a PvP mode where they can compete against other players in real-time. The goal is to score as many points as possible by creating combos and special power-ups.

To clear animals from the board, players need to match three or more of the same type either horizontally or vertically. Matching four or more animals creates special power-up pieces that can clear entire rows, columns, or even the entire board. These power-ups can be combined to create even more powerful effects, helping players achieve high scores or complete difficult levels.

Anipang Blast also offers a social element, allowing players to connect with friends and send and receive lives or compete for high scores on leaderboards. The game regularly introduces new levels, challenges, and events to keep players engaged and entertained.

Overall, Anipang Blast provides a fun and addictive gameplay experience with its adorable animal characters, challenging puzzles, and competitive multiplayer mode, making it a popular choice among puzzle game enthusiasts.

Anipang Blast MOD

In a month of playing, I think I like the app more than Anipang Match! It is its more casual counterpart, but more fun. :). Would like to give "0" stars. Why do you lose a life if the win the level that is stupid will not be playing for long because I don't want to wait 30 minutes each time for a life. All the other games I play if you win the level tou do not lose a life. Cute game. Really would love to play it ... but... The game keeps glotching on me. The levels will overlap and make it impossible to play. When I try to claim quests, the dog disappears and I can never claim the prizes. I also can't join events unless I connect my wallet? No thanks.. Feels like it would be a good game. However, it heavily glitches out. I had a hard enough time getting level 3 to work. Another thing that baffled me is that my hearts are not used as a continuation if I beat a level. That alone makes me not want to play. It sucks cause I pre registered and was excited to play.. The game is actually rigged to make you lose sometimes and other times to let you win. It also doesn't really let you play a lot for free unless you pay. Feels like a very blatantly engineered mobile game but not very interesting or well made. It can be fun which is why I gave it 3 stars but I'd personally just pass and find something else. Not even the corgi can save it..

Anipang Blast APK

How to get blue paw? Edit to one star to may ads, mochas fishing king ends where now to het blue paws?. when told to connect to wallet and already agreed then go directly to game app but told to connect wallet again -_-. Cannot be directly bound (Rate 1 star). Can't even play, says ellicit apps. Try to remove from my samsung game launcher, still not working, dunno why. I install from the playstore tho...weird. Any other games I play never met this kind of restriction. Ok certain apps block it, but even I don't know what apps block it, the game didn't tell, this helps nothing.. I love its easy controls, cute visuals, and variety of puzzle themes. Create powerful special blocks, participate in events, and enjoy endless fun..

Anipang Blast APK

Good game, but winning a level does not give you a life back, so ended up only playing for a short time and ran out of lives. (Only like 10-15 mins) Except if you watch a lot of ads in the game or buy garnets other puzzle games give you a life back when you win, while this game doesn't otherwise it could be a great time killer. I hope this issue could be solved. Sad to say that a fun game like this can only be played for a very short time and forces you to watch ads to continue.. Bad start already. I Will not be forced into signing In with Google before I even have the chance to play it to see if I like it. Give people the option to sign in as guest at least. Game doesn't work, keeps shutting down because it says I have software that modifies game data. That is nonsense, I don't have that.. According to the error message displayed on start up, the game won't run because I currently have an autoclicker program on my phone. The game shuts down automatically after showing the error message and won't run at all. This is disgusting behavior by the developers. Developers don't get to police what other apps I have installed on my phone or how I use them for other games. That's unacceptably invasive. Unistalled immediately without playing..

Anipang Blast APK

Its good but it says unstable connection even when my internet is good. Same problem as we bare bears game. Got an alert that I pre-registered for this app click the download it start the app and no Google server so can't play it..

Download ( V1.0.4 )

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