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In the Arachnophobia project, you will definitely meet them and be able to destroy them. To defeat these vile creatures, you will have to show your perfect skill with weapons. Do not forget about explosives, shurikens, collisions with other interesting things that will help you. In fact, it can be anything to hit any spider.

It is clear that it will not be easy, but first, you need to find the spiders, and then deal with their destruction. Here you will definitely have to defend yourself from these creatures, kill them, and completely clear the house of monsters. A large number of interesting levels, various locations, crazy adventures, and the destruction of spiders. Collect your thoughts, do not be afraid of anything, and confidently move through the rooms. A crazy show awaits you ahead, in which you must become the winner.

Arachnophobia! MOD

Okay it is really easy and that is a problem it is a copy of kill it with fire and I don't get it you can't walk you just swipe the screen that is why I rated it 2 stars. I mean for people, this may look like kill it with fire. But its not, instead it just looks like a rip of.. Are you going to add a new map from arachnophobia please update the game so i can see the new map. She hdhdjdd kfcisbdkd Dodhrifuf Jdbidhdifbdo Odhixhcdbfkos Xxjbvnvnzmhd of Wwodbfif. Wosjdkdodw..,jnsjobd Siishsndo Sijsjfu go gkbsbg Sodhdbndjsksj Jcjskdgbfkds Skdjdb see wkndfj Jsnsjdjsj s Sjdjsjsjs s s Asjsjsns s jsjdifjebw ivdsjsj Jw whfjfjfivw ofbsiwhw fisjb kheer Sjew.sjsnbsbs sj.sksnsbbsm Hhsidjnsjjssns sjsjana s Jsjsbsnskska a akas. Ksjsjsbnxkzna als s.Dsjsbsjs Sasnkssnks sks sksksnd snsjs Zhushsvvsbsbs sjsnfk daksb xjsbsks d Jssjdbs dbbdshsgvsvsbs Nsjsixydjs d Sjsjjsbs Mzsnjsbsbd.. Nothing like kill it with fire and so laggy also make that you can move around cause i could only stay in one spot dont get no fun.

Arachnophobia! APK

Download ( V0.1.95 )

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