Badlanders APK Mod 1.7 (Unlimited Money)

Last update September 22, 2023

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Badlanders – a worthy representative of the shooter genre, supplemented with mechanical elements of the famous Escape from Tarkov. The user plays from the third person. The player’s main task is to survive at all costs and collect various loot. Battles occur across multiple locations – maps where up to 25 people can play simultaneously. The spoils found in the field can then be sold or exchanged in the market for something more substantial. Thus, you can improve your character’s equipment and weapons or acquire items that will contribute to victory in the next battle.

The main difference between this shooter and the famous PUBG Mobile project is its tactics. Here you need to have a strategy, not just engage in royal battles. Perhaps, when passing both games, finding at least ten differences will be quite a problem. At least so that the Chinese developer NetEase does not lose its status in the eyes of society. As in similar games, before starting a battle, each user chooses equipment and weapons for the upcoming fight. If the character is killed, everything he brought to the battlefield will be taken. If the hero wins, the hero can pick up the opponent’s items for himself.

Badlanders MOD

Not available in my region due to laws in my region? I live In Washington state in America and we have no laws prohibiting video games so I can't even play it eight now. This game is a cheaters den forgot why I deleted this game over a year ago but redownload it and was quickly reminded that it's infested with cheaters you can have a good game here and there but most the time your going to run into obvious cheaters with the cheats in there names but instead of giving you your hard earned gear after the report goes through you just get a message saying they were banned deleting this game and not coming back they clearly don't care to implement any anti cheat. This game is taking over by hacker Anit-cheat doesn't work very well A lot of Chinese hacker using the script to play game unfairly I have been report many hacker and their account got deleted by unfortunately they will keep using another account to play game so what people spend a lot of time on this game and losing their great armor and shield by hacker game isn't fun anymore and deathwatch is filled with them. Fun game but to many hackers. There is way too many hackers and admins don't do nothing about it. I've had the same guy hacking kill me in 3 different matches.. You guys are thieves Second time trying to download the game. When it gets to 98% or 99% it just stops downloading.

Badlanders APK

Please launch badlanders 2 (or lite) for low ram devices. When i download it then it need about 1.8 gb more space to update game. i don't have anymore space. Mks hahs hdt dghs irish djs kush sks jadish dnd bbdn dnd bdb dnd bdb dnd bbdn dnd bdb dnd bdb bdb dbc grip wow yet truro wow hhd jfk skeins BDI soaps mbc cbbc hdi djs ndbs oland hhd hsh jdhdiidufofhfjHDI duchy dhow opal queue jut token dido jvc bdb dmd hdb rhys ipa liquid geo wow pow iWork gxhdjdjfjjfjfhhhfffhfff. Hhh.Good game,but you should develop needs to be changed.yoyu should make prasuit landing and make winner with last survival player.. Bring back the rules of survival and that we miss the game, all of us from the Philippines want to play the game now.

Badlanders APK

Just because it takes forever to conect to a server to play the weapon not micro transaction which is totally crazy just try I guess. They say it's a multiplayer game but i haven't encounter any players , even bots are rare to spawn on the map...and they give you like only 8-10 min to loot and extract.. Looks good. Runs stable. Super super easy until level 8 and then spawn killed every time. Can't even run to a building. Insta dead 100% of the time after level 8.. Very bad game,there is no option for parmenent select weapons, grafix quality is so bad,very bad quality of weapons,there is no third persion mod. we can't play as a real carecter . the carecter blood is not red,its colour full or not seen as real blood. The game is full of many bugs or looks so unreal. very bad qualification on this game.You need to fix all of the bugs and then i will give you the other stars..

Badlanders APK

Lame game as it is another knock off of arena breakout. uninstalled as this one takes to long to get a match started as you spend your time just waiting and waiting boring as can be. Neatese what did you do to my gae when I uninstalled project blood strike when I want to downalod it again it says this app won't work fro your device. Ur game is worst Its takes 1 day just for match making Like u don't have players playing ur game again. Pleas add battle royall mood and 50 player partispat in one match just like free fire and this game not tell me in the match haw many player alive and haw many players I kill in match pleas fix that and also when I killd bag enmy in the match may loot wapons is not in may bag in the lobby I hop you understand may language so pleas add and fix these feucher have a great day.

I love this game. It's run smoothly and this settings are easy to understand. And grafix are better even this game size.. 1.Add battle royal mode 2.Make damage taken lesser in higher level bullets (when someone shoots from behind with higer level bullets you are dead) 3.optimise account binding system (I can't log in to my account binded with apple id in my Android device even after binding it with Facebook)'s hard to find good loot in map without dinamic mood.please optimse it. Please update Twitter login I cannot loose my account because I spent a lot of money on it... right now I can't play because it won't allow me to login....fix this as soon as possible. Bruh im stuck on the game screen says downloading 0.0% and not moving.. Ive been waiting for like 25 minutes for it to move but still nothing.ive been trying the fix it option but still the same. please fix this.

bro. cheater is everywhere even shotgun goes brrrrrrrrrrrr. even the server is delayed, in gameplay the enemy didn't shoot yet but the game start stuttering and I'm dead af. replay on death cam, the enemy already shooting. . I really know that this game is perfect,many people and my friends have defined it and played it and always play it and talk about its goodness,my device with high RAM and 12 cores and RAM 12 and Android 14 doesn't lack anything about games because it really has a high capacity for the games of this good company,I like this company very much,It doesn't discriminate against the world like many other companies,It's really good, i installed the game and I will comment,wait a little . Sooo.... first you play game and it's not like visible for me to play if you change the graphics to good I will rate it five complete the graphics before game and chill..... And please reply to me IVE TRIED THIS GAME IS NOT GOOD LIKE PUBG PUBG? WAYYYYY BETTER THEN THIS look at the reviews of other you know this game is bad. 0n a 1-10 and 10 being best. Id give Badlanders a *4* . This game has potential but too many bugs,crashes and the list goes on . Oh yeah and guns and other stuff randomly comes up missing..

U get killed too easy & Fast. There is not really any way of self defense , once someone starts shooting at u, u are dead.. Im gonna give 1 star cause of the terrible matchmaking.too much lag. You are a newbie and you will matchup against high lvl player. Giving it 5 stars but it doesn't deserve .... It's a really complicated game that i have ever played ... The system of buying selling cash etc is annoying it should must be like other games ... Although graphics are excellent ... Another problem is that it doesn't make match with real players 95% of players are bot .. I hate this game why?. Because when and when ever internet goes we go to lobby and see we have no loot brother whyy I cried because I had some good loot don't play it I am recommending it if you want to play play then seeand my heart is not giving this app for 1 star broooooo.

Netease dev can you bring back hyper front pls my brother wants to hyper front again pls can you bring back hyper front . Hello dears owner. see, the game you made is good, but there are some problems like many bugs and lag, also the ping does not increase, the player should enjoy the game. It has few events and the game is still in the betas version. This is a negative point that the betas version. Especially for me, who lives in a place where there is a total embargo, I can never to kill enemy because of the ping filtering issue.. Game is fun, but community is toxic, every player with who you are playing trying to kill you, maps are very small, hard to make any strategy, repetitive action's are very boring, after a few hours of playing got bored.. Starts off fun, but then you realize, theres absolutely no point to this game.. you lose what you use if you go down.. all it takes is one camper to ruin your day, as this is not a skill based game...

After I chose the most experienced setting the game was still programed to show me more Tutorials after I just stated that I know how to play fps shooter games. I thought it was annoying because I just want to get to the action. the game lags mid of gun battles and that's a no no for me but It's almost like the Tutorials are too spreaded out. Why show me how to sell or use materials after the main Tutorial. 3not bad tho fps should be to the point anyway. nobody cares for a storyline its2k23. I don't trust Netease. They already scammed a lot of Southeast Asian players in Dead by Daylight Mobile. Our 3 years account just gone in the blink of an eye. We spent $300 dollars on that account and they won't let us migrate our account on the newer version of DBDM.. It won't let you enter the game it stay in downloading even I finished downloading my data is almost gone. Fix the game developers.. It says laws in my area prevent me from playing what the hell is that supposed to mean it's not illegal to play phone games this developer doesn't know anything about developing a game plus the game looks like a complete rip off of tarkov but for the phone.

Ive been playing this game for a few days now and I quite like it there are a few problems like no enemys on the map also the recoil on the guns are INSANE and that you can only play 10 mins in a match other than that its ok not the best but it has potential. Totally stupid. What laws in my area are keeping me from playing? Looked like fun. But that's dumb Just tried again its 6-22-23, still says laws in my region are preventing me from playing. Played several matches and got what I thought was ok gear, it asked me to play with a team, which separated immediately, we all died. Lost everything even after using the locate feature, only works if no one takes your stuff. Next match someone invited me and after it started, he immediately disconnected. I managed to kill a whole squad by myself after everyone else ran off, he rejoins, comes up and loots the first body, had 4 grenades. He immediately used them to kill me. Lost it all. Bad time.. I rate it back to 4stars, because I just realized it just my skill issues, but there were some issues that the game developer need to fix: FPS drop, yes the FPS drop is the most annoying to me, even on 4GB ram phone I still suffering from it. I hope there were an option to turn off the effects, so the game help to get smoother, please make the game smoother and more playable to every Low-end phones even on medium-end phones, that's all..

I keep coming back this is the 5th time great game but evey time I get good hacker comes along and says yeah naw. It's just creative destruction with a twist it's not even made to function on low end devices like that's where most of the platform is low end 120 dollar 3gb ram type phones. Trust dont waste ur time,gameplay sucks ,u die to quickly, too many hackers,10mins plus to get into a game,movement sucks,games fake ,badly made and the team dont care abt the community or anything, waste of time ,i suggestion arena breakout,games like tarkov,made by a rly good team and the game is not pay to win and its actually fun. A+ For Distracting Husband from Marriage. No need for affairs or the likes of, husband sits, hardly responding or making eye contact. Even misses meals to play instead of eating a healthy diet. I wonder if the courts have an app to file divorce papers?.

I love to play this game but I have a 1gb ram phone so I can't play this game this game graphics,weapons everything ok plz make this game for 1gb ram phones. O.M.G this game is very big and good game and it's a big competor for PUBG MOBILE and FreeFire but please put more maps and bye.

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