NameBalloon Punch
Size7.19 Mb
ReleaseInnovative games

You don’t have to hit the bombs, just burst the balloons! Can you stop the bomb? Yes, it will be tricky, but you will overcome all the difficulties. It would help if you tried to break them as much as possible. Balloon Punch to do thi; tryy not to fall for the tricks of the gameplay. Here he is brilliant and develops with each point received. Now try not to lose the level. There are an infinite number of them here and where to have fun. When you score more than 100 points, you should not quickly accelerate. One trick, and you lose. It would be very embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

The protagonist would be a brilliant guy and liked to play in different, not very good campaigns. They always invented something of their own and always called the baby with them. He was like a brother, and they even formed their gang. One day, even as planned by one of the guys, they decided to rob an ice cream warehouse. Scored packages and instantly for groceries. They went unnoticed, and even the watchman did not have time to notice something.

They took out backpacks with bags and quickly filled ten pieces in hand and backpacks with bags. While they lingered, to their delight, the watchman saw them. He ran full speed after them, shouting something under his breath, but they no longer heard. They ran away and started eating ice cream. Now they have a new idea.

Balloon Punch MOD

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