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After a terrible apocalypse, life goes on. Despite the fact that the zombie apocalypse happened, life will go on and you have to have fun.

Baneball gives us the perfect opportunity to do just that and play our favorite game and become famous sports managers. You have to get together to lead your team to victory. Becoming a world champion is not at all easy, you have to work hard, train, and assemble a strong team. Visit the coolest stadiums in the world, show your best game and win every match. Will you be able to properly manage the team, pick up great equipment, and train real zombies? Test yourself how resilient you are to reach the top of the world. An exciting toy that provides you with the most incredible features and real advancement.

Baneball MOD

Can't believe more people haven't tried this game... It's actually a pretty fun game to play for a little while at least!!. Game gets stuck on 62% and says no server connection, trying to reconnect but all the time the same. Update: fast response and issue resolved.. Good game but for some reason it says no server connection when i start it up. tried uninstalling and reinstalling does not work and i got good wifi.. I love this game..I play table top games and this is an exellent combat football game with explosions..super powers and interchangeable gear. Perfect.. Pretty good game reminds me of zombie league football for sega... could use some more players to choose from and goalies... But an overall good fun sports game...

Baneball APK

Great concept but full of bugs. Mosr games start with areas for dropping players in the wrong place so can drop anyone.. This game is like clash royale. I don't like strategy games. But if you like then try this. It has nice graphics. Has 30-60fps option. Good music.. . Daily tasks are so u reasonable.i like the game but really the game screws you over every chance it gets .played for three weeks already in final league playing against players 7levels above.just rediculous.join my squad if you want to play with real people. I am the filth have.lets get it. At least you'll be playing a real person.these bots are ish. stuck at training area tutorial. Saya to click a device, however there are players in front of the devices and I can't select or exit anything. I can still swipe back and forth. I took screen shot. I want to play!!!!!.

Baneball APK

I really like this game and these new mechanics, I give 3 stars because there's not balancing system at all. The game makes you play with people with cards better than yours.. Despite the low rating and negative reviews, i decided to give the game a chance... and i find the game fun and have had no connection issues. It's a lot like a tug of war card game, but you actually have to move a ball down the playing field, so it's a great twist on the genre. I give it 5 stars for not only being a fun game, but also because this game is getting a lot of negative feed back and needed something positive. Great game!. HEY FIX ASAP I JUST DOWNLOADED ITS SAYIN SERVER CONNECTIONSMY SAMSUNG S9 HAS NO PROBLEMS WITH SERVER!!!! DO NOT REPLY TO ME JUST FIX IT!!!!. This game isn't going to make it. 5 hour wait for sponsor. 8 hour wait for small upgrade. 7 not sponsored games a day. Not worth waiting for..

Baneball APK

If you like the football game in Clash Royal... you will love this! Great visuals, OK gameplay, a bit of learn-in needed to understand the team management part. 5 stars, keep up the good work, folks!.

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