Battle 3D Z APK Mod (Unlimited Money) 1.5.4

Last update September 23, 2023

NameBattle 3D Z
ReleaseLuis Evaristo Rodriguez Campos

The zombies are awake again. Battle 3D Z – Zombies war game gives us the opportunity to play a strategy game with a large number of units.

Incredible landscapes, advanced intelligence, and a lot of things that you will definitely like. From that moment on, all the killed soldiers at one moment turn into zombies. They will attack your soldiers, and become much faster and more stable. If they gather in groups, they can fight with the strongest opponents and constantly win.

Enter the battle with them, expand the possibilities, and perform feats to destroy each monster. You will manage your squad, develop during the game, become stronger, and complete interesting missions. You will find several types of battles, a large number of enemies who will try to destroy you. Capture areas and factories where you can produce units and expand your army.

Battle 3D Z MOD

It's really good but it would be great if there were boats that could transport troops and tanks but it would make the game five stars in there were chinooks. You must at least put custom army for free cuz its kinda bored only 3 mission but seriously this game is fun imma post it on tiktok. Please put dogs and robots in to battle 3d z i would appreciate dogs and robots please put 2 dogs in to the first fight I love this game thanks for this game please make the dogs jump so thay can tackle the Zombie and run so fast please. Plz update the game it's old since you released updates on iOS version plz make Android version of the game up to date too it's 3 or 4 version late of this time we speak of it's a lot harder to release updates on iOS than Android so I don't see any serious issue here thx a lot and one more thing can you release tank island 3d and that zombie version of it think you can do that one wish for me ? Thx my performance is low cuz when I look at ground frames goes n*ts And barely can aim and... yea thx. The game is great but some army's soldier have mask some don't could you add soldiers but with mask only especially in add units cus the soldier with no mask they slowly die and get infected.

Battle 3D Z APK

Hoooo! Tha best game ever next time bild amm? Avingers and all robot and army and more more thak you!.

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