NameBifrost: Heroes of Midgard

An interesting tactical RPG with cool PvP battles. Bifrost: Heroes of Midgard is an exciting tactical RPG with epic PvP battles. The game is developed for mobile devices with Android.

In this RPG, you have to create a settlement, develop it, and form an army of heroes who will then fight against various monsters and heroes of other real players. The gameplay is conditionally divided into two components – development and battles. At the development stage, you can extract resources, build buildings, explore territories, technologies, and form squads of heroes. During the battles stage, you will fight opponents under the control of artificial intelligence, as well as the heroes of other players. In the game, you can join guilds, trade with other players, complete tasks, and events, participate in tournaments, and also pass tests.

Bifrost: Heroes of Midgard MOD

overwise an all good game has a nice flow to it. No guest mode. Relatively slow update server/download.. This game simple but moorish. Excellent!!! No need to say anymore.. Great game but could use some features that most idle RPGs have like 2X speed when you're battling, also needs binding for Google account.. More heroes are needed for diversity. Also, 4 heroes team composition better than 3. Its actually a fun game! Kinda pay 2 win but it's not bad.

Bifrost: Heroes of Midgard APK

solid for f2p with worthwhile grinding. I have great wifi connection but the game always says "connection failed" really? Uninstalled.. Said game hasnt passed google verification and cannot be played. great game I love it. Best mobile game ever.

Bifrost: Heroes of Midgard APK

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