NameBikini for Love: Running Game
ReleaseMamboo Games LLC

A kind of runner with platform elements. Bikini for Love: Runner Game is a kind of arcade runner with platforming elements for Android mobile devices. Yours has to go a certain distance in this game, controlling a young girl. This girl is originally dressed in some kind of outfit. It can be a hat with a jacket, it can be jeans, a dress, and so on. At the end of the distance, a young man is waiting for her on a date. So your task is to collect the right outfit for the girl.

An outfit in which she will amaze her chosen one. At the location,n there are gates with a particular condition and clothing items. For example, you will meet a gate with the condition “take off your clothes”. It is worth passing through such gates if you are going to change your outfit. Collect items of clothing along the way, try them on yourself, and find the right backgammon.

Bikini for Love: Running Game MOD

I've not played the game yet and it's probably gonna be a 3 star but if you want no ads just turn your Internet off. It's very weird but fun but I dont think it's for kids so pls Google play avoid children from playing this game thank you. Atheer abbas there are kids on this app language plz l love the game if l may say shame on you Atheer abbas . Vu can goj ok thanks ihvguh my friend 2 my friend 2 my friend 2 my friend 2 my friend 2 my friend 2 my friend 2 and your family and your up your up for it and me tr to be ok XD and me 20 me so sis I love you and your up to it but it's ok if you want to go out and get it and your mom and get a few hours in advance to be there at ok I'll see what my 5 my idea of what todono idea how much I appreciate it and your mom and me too but I'm going ou iFu can come to the kids play it. I wanted to see these girls undress, and I didn't get to see it, plus after a while after making it past the security guard gates, I can't advance to the next level.

Bikini for Love: Running Game APK

Good game but the kicking out of the game is annoying and the adds please fix it but still a good game ^_^. Worst game ever it was lagging to much even my phone got hang I would not rather to play this game from next time. F ho r ho ho hobo na ka liya call ok I have been busy ho kya baat h to the kya hua aasa to the same to the kya hai ye kya hua hai abhi to ma khus rahe the same to u sir nhi hai abhi Tak to hi. It's a pretty good game just make an update where u can go all naked I would give a 5 stars.

Bikini for Love: Running Game APK

IT'S FAKE!!!!!! The girl doesn't undress completely like in the add you can see her even naked but in the game when you undress her she goes as far as the bikini IT'S FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Download ( V1.3.0 )

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