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BioBeasts: Enter the Bloody War

It’s time to take control of real mutant monsters and enter into a bloody war. It is in this game project that it will be possible, under complete control over the monsters, to face hordes of robots that will definitely not spare anyone. We must somehow break through their defenses in order to break into the laboratory and destroy these creatures there. Download BioBeasts for Android to feel like a real warrior on the vastness of this planet.

Utilize All Resources to Achieve Freedom

You should use absolutely all the teeth, claws, grenades and more to earn yourself real freedom. It will be necessary to unlock a wide variety of mutations, develop completely new monsters and establish a new war strategy. You can also unlock the incredible power of your monsters to destroy these mechanical creatures. Gradually, new types of monsters will open up, which will become stronger and more powerful. You can customize your subordinate monsters in any way, as there are more than 50 different mutations to choose from.

Game Features and Challenges

The game has four levels of difficulty, with enemy robots including 20 types. Do not forget about the massacre with the leader himself. There is no doubt that it will be quite interesting.

Download ( V1.5.6 )

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