Bit Blaster APK Mod 21 (Latest Version)

Last update February 15, 2024

NameBit Blaster
Size40.47 Mb
ReleaseAdamvision Studios

Take control of a fast spaceship. Bit Blaster has a lot of enemies and does not crash into obstacles. It seems very simple, but do not flatter yourself; you will not pass this game quickly. You will have to rely not only on the speed of your fingers but also on a particular attentiveness. Your ship will confidently move forward, shoot and destroy opponents. You will change its direction, avoid obstacles and get bonus points.

Undermine your enemy’s ships, destroy asteroids and other equally dangerous objects. Along the way, collect crystals, the most incredible power-ups, and much more. They will appear at different points; you need to find them in time. But with time, you can open entirely new ships and look at their power and resistance to opponents.

The graphics are designed in a retro style so you can feel a bit in the past: various spaceships, simple controls, and a leaderboard. Nothing is impossible in this project, so you have every opportunity to make a real revolution in space.

Bit Blaster MOD

This game is pretty good. A good little time-waster. When I tried to open it today, it crashes immediately on startup. Aside from that, when it works, it's a quick game to play a round or two to waste a few minutes. It takes a long time to figure out what the power-ups do. I wish they were icons instead of random letters/colors. Also, it seems once you've unlocked all the ships, the coins do nothing anymore. Sort of felt like there was no progression anymore once I paid for the game.. Great game. Ok mechanics. And simple controls. But buggy. For example, when I change ships the sheilds always say 3. Other than that I feel the controls are slow and very tedious to use. 6 Out of 10.. I was excited to see this on mobile. Coming off the PC version, I was curious how it was translated to phones. The core game is still here with two changes that annoy me. 1, I don't like the vertical view. I wish there was an option to change it to horizontal. 2, this version removes the speed up and breaking, which were very useful. It makes sense having the current control scheme, but having on screen buttons would've allowed these features to stay. However, this is still a fun game.. I was too harsh. Had to get used to it before knowing how to actually play it. Makes sense to me now, but it's decent at best.. Decent game, much better on PC though. Main complaint is that the UI needs to be reworked after deaths. Sometimes the back button just exits the game. Just put a menu button on the death screen..

Bit Blaster APK

Discovering new stages is not thrilling, it just the same but changing a few spaceship stats, it would be interesing to have some bosses. The powerups are varied and nice, the coins seem too random, maybe specific enemies generated after some time should drop them. The music is a bit repetitive, the graphics are cool. I always have to open ot twice because it crashes the first time.. great game overall, read the reviews, but the steam version is alot better in my opinion, but this is still epic. Overall I loved it. The one reason I'm so addicted to this game is because of my biggest flaw - crashing to the edge when I least expect it.. Excellent rendition of a phone blaster. Short, compelling gameplay, fun pixel graphics, all contained in a single claustrophobic screen. A constantly shooting spaceship with only controls to to steer the ship, collect powerups and dodge badguys. Nice work..

Bit Blaster APK

I find a phone screen too cramped for a game with these controls especially when touching the edge of the screen kills you instantly. I didn't about six minutes trying to enjoy this because I like the graphics but it really wasn't at all enjoyable.. Controls on a touch device were an instant turn-off for me. Would've been fine with "rotate to clicked point" instead.. I loved this game on Steam and I love it now that I've found it on Android. It's awesome that I can play this on the go, even if it means the little ads are in the way. Just wish they you could turn faster xD. Great little space shooter. Kind of like Asteroids, but with a greater variety of enemies and playable ships. The game is entertaining, and perfect for a quick round while waiting for the bus..

Bit Blaster APK

I bought the bundle for this and orbt on steam. Played bit blaster and had a blast ( if ya know what I mean ). I haven't played orbt but I'm sure it will be good. I saw this in my recommended thing and instantly tapped on it. It'll be great for the 8 hour trip I'm going on soon.. I bough this on steam as my first pc game and I loved it, now I got it on my phone and I love it even more. Really enjoying the Steam version, grabbed this version to take it with me on the go, and grabbed the ad free version to support the development of this simple yet addictive game :).. This is a brilliant little retro game. I have it on steam, and when I saw it on my recommended for you I just had to get it. Awesome! :).

You should add more customisation like ship color or shield color or the trail effects cause i need to spend my gold. Fun little game, would be nice to see a bigger map or ability to slow down. The map is way too small, especially for the faster ships.. Im at a party sitting next to the dude who made this. Edit: changed to 5 stars because were having a pretty good time playing wii bowling. I understand the small phone screen but it would be nice to have it be exactly like the Steam/Android TV versions with larger areas and different speeds.

It does what it's supposed to do. A good throwback to old school video games. Support the game dev by buying the no-ad version he deserves it!. I love this game. I got all of the ships and now use it as a fun time waster. I paid to get rid of ads and also help the devs. But when you do, YOU STILL SEE THE ADS FOR THEIR OTHER GAMES!!!I gave you money, now stop advertising to me! That's how this works!!! FIX THIS AND I WILL GIVE YOU FIVE STARS!!! After dev reply: I appreciate that you're just a small team and new. Just feel like that should count as an ad and was rant worthy. Big fan of your work, and that you're interacting with the community.. This game is really fun to play and really deserves more attention. My only gripe is that certain powerups drain ammo too fast for what they achieve and others are really good at working back the ammo they use i.e the blue powerup is devestating but uses very little ammo but the homing shot only takes out one per shot but can drain your ammo really fast if there are alot of enemies.. The game itself is really fun and well designed! Music is great and it controls alright. I also got the steam version! My only issue is the distracting and sometimes intrusive ads..

Deceptively simple, and surprisingly fun and addictive once you get the hang of it. Just unlocked the 4th ship. The difficulty is balanced well. Challenging enough to keep you playing, without just getting frustrated and uninstalling. Well done.. You know what... It's not that bad. The controls are a core part of the gameplay and the music while repetitive isn't the bad. Though I despise having the ads displayed where you swipe up to exit the app. But it's not really the worst game I've played so good job.. I bought it in Steam, nice to see it's free on Android. Problem is you can only steer, there's no speed up or slow down, so you can't use the weapons correctly. Also the board is narrow, no reorientation when you turn you device.. I dont always review games, but this one is so amazing, i actually bothered giving this game a rating. Should have more downloads..

i had fun with this game the Only thing that it need to be even more good is depth i mean new ships and maybe levels and bosses will be a realy great thing to have. Most games i get sick of playing within a few days, but i have had this game almost as long as i have had my phone and i have loved it the entire time. Thanks for making this great game, i love it!. I can't believe this game doesn't have more downloads, it is one of the best mobile games I've played. The difficulty is challenging enough to keep things interesting, but not too hard to be frustrating. Also, the power ups add a bit of surprise to the game since you don't know what you will get next. I would really like it if the ships had some more details on them (they look a bit bland if you ask me), and if we could have ship customization too (perhaps colors or paint schemes). Thanks for a great game!. Hi, I love your game. It's fun and addicting, but there's just 1 problem, well 2 actually. First off the controls are a bit wonky, but bearable, and I wish you would add more map, I don't want to sound demanding at ALL, I don't know if your working on any of this. The game is fun and I'm glad I found it, thank you for taking your time to read my comment, Bye! ( Edit ) Wow! Dude this is amazing! Honestly I am amazed at the improvements! Thanks dude, this is much better. .

I absolutely love this, game and truthfully, it should be way more popular. The only thing I ask for is a bigger map and to make the 0's to not look like a money sign because this confused me for a little while.. This is a incredibly slick and well made casual game. It will definitely be my go-to mobile game for a while. Well done, I look forward to future updates.. The ship is very cool an there is many weapon to use,i like laser sugestion is add many ship and many weapon. When i try to load this up, it says that my phones hardware doesn't support this game. I dont know why..

One feature request: flip controls on the top half of the screen so that it is playable in landscape mode, even if the screen doesnt change.. A fun zesty game which at first is hard and unforgiving but will soon have you dodging *those rock things* on your screen like the chosen one himself. Great game, but since this game has no cloud saving I lost all my scores and ships. 4 stars until my issue is solved!. Absolutely love the game but the is one problem I got a great score and it was my high score and then went of my phone for a bit then later came back on my phone and my high score reset if it is a bug fix it if meant to happen change it please thank you.

fantastic game. however, I feel like after the 2.0 update its gotten to be twice as difficult and a little more frustrating. and for such a simple game, it runs hot and kills battery!. I'm on a Nexus 6P and it seems that these graphics were made for phones with lower resolution screens. This would be 5/5 for me if the game had higher res graphics.. Quality game Ive seen previously and hoped it would arrive here. Smooth,with a well timed progressive upgrades with abilities and ships. Although it's a saturated genre it's got an original fresh take being a cross between a shmup and arena shooter. Only circulating left or right is unique and should remain altho being able to have duel joysticks and ability to go landscape could be an added.Simple to pick up easy to play and addictability. Will u be releasing the 2nd one soon? Hope so. Great balance of simple, smooth controls and that old school arcade-like goodness, makes it a great little time waster, or simple competition between friends. Kudos..

The best 8bit game I have played in a while and it is also very well made, well done developers . I got hooked from the start, ads are at good times, sound effects are great, and gameplay is smooth. Great time killer!. Simple visuals which do a great job. Tons of replayability and a great upgrade system. Edit: still playing the game and dev is updating it constantly. As a game dev myself that's a recipe for success . Update: dev keeps making the game better with every iteration. Good game just not much happening. 1 screen size of my phone. Maybe in an update you can add multiple screens and side scrolling..

Issues in below review were quickly fixed and managed to post 1st score for ship 8! Love the game but I saw a few problems. Never got the achievement for unlocking 7th ship dispite doing so. Now playing the game a few minutes ago I found it has been updated. I got an achievement for unlocking the 8th ship but it won't let me play it. Has the lock symbol. Doesn't show me my coins anymore.. Maybe if I knew how much gold I have after unlocking 7 ships - I think the update broke - I have the two new powerups but it doesn't say version 2 on home screen. But, rant excluded, love everything about the game!.

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