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A fantastic project that will remind us of childhood. Bit Heroes an excellent opportunity to return to your youth and experience 8- and 16-bit RPGs. You will find yourself in various dungeons, where you will meet wholly new and mighty heroes and terrible monsters. Collect loot on your way, and create unique items that make you much more robust. Invite powerful heroes, powerful demons, and other creatures to your team. You can participate in turn-based confrontations, call allies and defeat even the most potent opponent. Declare yourself to the world, and conquer any enemy in the PvP arena. Visit the rarest dungeons, join a powerful guild, and get bonuses.

The most fun adventures await you; soon you will become a champion in this battle arena. Explore the six most incredible locations, more than 70 levels, and relaxed raids. Collect the greatest trophies to help you improve and defeat any enemy. The most exciting creatures, monsters, and other creatures that will constantly prevent you from moving towards your goal. Everything will be exciting and understandable, meaning you must live this adventure and become the best.

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I have been playing since 2018 march. Honestly, all the microtransactions through the years have gone to worse. The optimization got worse. The community got much smaller. The gotcha systems got worse. Dont get me wrong its a decent pixel rpg but I think the companies that run these games get greedier with every year that passes. I still play this game cause it rly has a special place in my heart. Do better pls devs. Then I might consider spending $. But so far no effort has been made.... this game has its own storyline, some dungeons to clear and so on. the only downside is it takes a lot of time needed to improve your team. if you have a lot of free time and dedicated enough. this game would be suitable. Servers are garbage about 60% of the time. Does not matter if you are on wifi or data the game will continuously crash because the servers are in China or India. Retards also need to change guild vs guild so its not such a waste of time. No value why I attack someone 2kpower less and I can't attack because 1 teammate is lvl 537. Come on r tards you can fix it.. Haven't played it yet but -2* for all the vendors preferences I had to uncheck manually... will give one back if the game is good. It's good but now it's not registering the play button when I went battle another guild or anything it says you have been disconnected.

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Haven't played this game for 3 years and it's still a good game the only problem is I been crashing and it logged me out for no reason I can't open the game. Can't remember last time I enjoyed a mobile game cause Im not this game blows any other turn based MMORPG out of the water and the PVP is there thanks devs. It was truly an amazing game, something about the grind and fusing familiars was really fun. It got even better when i learned about Tier 2 camping for gems but ever since they removed it, the game really lost it's charm.. Pretty fun but the ads you get well yeah are just weird but other than that I'm having a blast.

Bit Heroes APK

This game is like Minecraft in the fact that after I delete it, there is a 90% change that I will redownload it in a few months after being bored of all the mobile games on my recommended.. I will say take my review with a grain of salt ive only played for an hour or so but i like the idea of collecting and leveling up gear you can capture beast like things you fight and pursuade them to be your pals and you can fight using them and their abilities/attacks. Didn't even got to play the game again, i came back for this game again because i miss playing it but now it sucks the loading screen isss sooo L O N G istg. I love this game it entertained me for hours but my first day of playing I got really good gear so it's easy free to play and has no ads this game can't get any better.

Bit Heroes APK

I have really enjoyed my time so far. It has a lot of familiar features and functions. Overall pretty user friendly. And there seems to be a lot to do.. Extremely buggy and very grindy, feels repetitive when you first play the game, and little progression, it's just not a fun game to play. Nice, thrill and challenging game. But please on Raid dungeon please apply Auto Re-run on the dungeon button after completing the current dungeon. To full fill your Auto playing when the player is afk or on house or duty work. Apply this only on Raid dungeons only.. Please HELP ME I CANT PLAY THE GAME ITS STUCK IN THE SERVER THING IT NEVER GOES TO THE ACTUAL GAME!!! im on Samsung j5 2015 btw.

This game is so fun to play there's honestly no problems for me and it's a enjoyable game and is not pay to win. I can't get back mi old account and the game only complicates it more, it is the second account I lose because of the saving system that the game has, it is terrible.. Best experience ever. Yea of course every game has ups and downs no matter how good the game is but for as long as this games been around its never failed to keep me engaged.. Yes I love is game it is good and it have good graphics in the game and maps that t look very cool that t I love in other games do not have graphics like this..

If this is 8bit heroes I'm considerably less likely to play it now bc the name is worse and I'd rather play 8bit heroes the original or 8bit legends even tho y'all removed it from play games so until I see them back I won't edit this bc they were fun but this looks like a ripped off version of 8bit heroes. Srry just being honest bc I leave for 2 years and there both just gone for no reason.. nice game! it didn't even ask me to do in-game purchases yet! it didn't even force me to watch ads yet!. Decent little game to waste time on but they lie about capture rates so much and don't accurately tell you what the odds are. Like you need certain creatures to advance, you need money to capture and low dungeons will have mobs you need at 20% capturerate, or so they say, and it's given a 200% bonus in 3 tier dungeons but you can attempt over 20 times and fail every time at a 220% or 40% or however you'd calculate it, but the capture rate is wrong. Was a very enjoyable game for your collection. I don't like the automatic stuff. Doesn't carry the same joy it did before and lost my progress BTW so I'm stopping playing this game..

1. Familiar too hard to get. 2. Equipment (epic and beyond) too hard to drop. Like entire day if playing only got 1 epic and no legend/sets. The game is good but quickly turn me off when i don't get any epic and beyon equip after Playing full day. Wasting my day off with your game. 3. If u are jobless, this game is for you. bcs it's a game where u spend 24/7 to get what u want.. i play this game since i was 10 years old,and after i have my own phone i download this game again...i still love this game. Really cool game the only problem is on none of my accounts(just started a new one) I've never got a legendary or higher. Edit (nvm I did). Such a Awesome bit game, Have played it for a loong time now, The classic pixel art style is awesome..

This game is totally awesome I finally found a game where i can roleplay something incredible,but you should fix the slow reconnection process and also fix the problem when it restarts even though my internet is good it freezes everytime i finish a quest .Thankyou for making this game its totally awesome.. Great game. Love the graphics and style, though I wish they didn't let me summon my mount in a dungeon then say yoy can't summon it in a dungeon. First mount and already lost it. Overall it's a great game. The good: Great game been playing it for the last year, solid grind to get stronger familiars and gear, the grind for mythics/ancient can be tedious but worth while. The crashing issues have improved and it feels more stable. The bad: The game still crashes and only real way to not crash repeatedly is a hard reset on the game, close and don't reconnect to the dungeon you left. The ugly: NFTs have no use except for extra character slots. Friends show offline and I have to swap servers to connect.. Server based play takes away what should be a great mobile game. After disconnecting for the server multiple times I time even want to play anymore..

IS ANYONE HAVING THAT FRIEND FROZEN ISSUE WHEN I VIEW THE FRIEND SCREEN I KEEP TAPPING THE X BUTTON BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. Updated: seems like with the recent update, the crashing issue shave been fixed. Game has got a good loop but a terrible optimisation.. I have around 5000 hours, and created a top 50 guild that's lasted ever since the game came out. They have always been, and will always stay incredibly greedy for money. The game is designed to make you Spend. Sure, you can F2P some. But it'll require literally All of your time to stay competitive. As a casual game it's meaningless. All of the battles are typically just left automatic. Too many gambling/gacha features.. This used to be one of my favorite games, but the quality has seriously plummeted. Loading is agonizingly slow, ads freeze half the time, and crashes don't make matters any better. It's an old game so they've likely scaled down the infrastructure, but it's sad just how bad it is now..

I haven't had the crashes everyone is talking about but the capture rates really are bad but man is it satisfying when you do get one overall not a fan of having to start over but still an decent time killer. im a returnee player from 8 years ago can i atleast get a legendary set so i can continue playing? tnx. No surprise devs just never can please the community. App is Trash! Doesn't work, but as long as you have monetization. Avoid people!. Played 5 levels and needed more energy. Total waste of time. Another bunch of money whoring asholes who dont know how to make a fun game, i watch 5 ads a day for those boosts, is that not enough.. Im not paying 10$ and hour for energy.

After quiting and never coming back im lvl149 this game is good and gave me nostalgia thank you for making the game fun and thank you for the memories i came back a week ago. I have never played and I thought that it was boring but I am trying it and I am in love.. Um jogo perfeito, onde os pixels so to perfeitamente alinhados a ponto de tal obra de arte se tornar um dos melhores RPG da minha vida, timo, satisfatrio, viciante e divertido, o nico problema que no consigo logar em minha conta original... Faz 3 anos que j estou tentando . Este juego es el mejor RPG que yo haya jugado descargar este juego es la mejor decisin no se arrepentirn.

Nice game but need good ait mythic familliar (2 Free abilities and normal passive bonus) Good familliars is (Teithyus, Lerky, Lady Sparkin, Frestir or Zordongon) I no understand why Kimusaba (Mythic Air Familliar) no have 2 free abilities, he have 6 abilities but no have 2 free.... It's a really good game overall but my one issue is that I've had a recurring glitch where I have lost 3 legendary items being asteroths sword finger and flame its really irritating and painful to see the display up on the top saying I got it then looking in my inventory and have nothing please fix this . Can I just ask if there is away to get better with this HORRIBLE catch rate in this game I freaking hate it I'm tired of having a plus 400% catch rate and catching nothing no commens no nothing I won't play this game again unless they fix it making rares feel possible not me waiting hours to get a single rare or making being able to catch the final bosses at least a little possible not Making me have to get 800 gems to get one every freaken time. Re-editing years later I came back to this game still the issue is the loading screen tells me that I'm disconnected. Please fix your game.

Well so far I wouldn't say five cause I just started but it has been a pleasant experience and really nice for times I'm bored. I used to love playing this game and it was addicting but now I can't even join the game i keep disconnecting with a stable internet also I've tried redownloading it and still doesn't work. I don't have any VPN activated if it changes anything.. First time playing the game and heres what i was met with: game took 30 minutes to load in just to be told I was disconnected from the server, ttied again an the game is slow like i cant describe how slow for an hour thrn it crashes my phone. 1/5 dont reccomend.. To put my reword my last review, the game is rigged in every sense of the word, p2w is insanely predominant and I attempted to do an offerwall that never rewarded me. I've heard others have the same issue with no help from support so I won't waste my time. Absolute mess of game with Devs who aren't good for the quality of a game, had so much potential but you can only go so far when the Devs want to push you to spending money instead of just improving the game for everyone, paying and not..

I used to enjoy playing this game, but for the last couple of months, everytime I try to start it up, I instantly get disconnected. I have tried everything from clearing cache to outright deleting and reinstalling. It's unfortunate, but as of right now for me it's entirely unplayable.. Fix Ur goddamn connection issue bug, my WiFi is perfectly fine and your game keeps cutting out and I'm losing stamina or items like come on its not to fix these problems and don't say Ur gonna fix and u dont do jack cause Ive read the comments and nothing changed since they were posted. I keep changing my post .the problem I'm having is that my game will crash to the point where I can't access the game I use real money on in-game stuff and now I can't access the game . If this keeps happening I will request a refund as I can't use item or play the game can I please get someone from support to please help me fix this problem. Can you please send me the support contact information please and thank you. This is an epic game playing for years . Would like to continue to play .. Pros: fun graphics (t1-10), nice customization, interesting stat and set system, t1-6. Cons: the farming, loot drop chances, the repetitive and boring nature of dungeons (mainly raids and events), imbalance, common-epic not mattering at all past t6, fishing, bugs and crashes, the in game store, pvp, companion imbalance, companion chances (both opportunity and tame chance), lack of side quests or things to do, energy systems (all of them), and t6 onwards. Get it together..

I am extremely EXTREMELY irritated with the amount of times the game crashes, its completely horrendous. EDIT: I've lower my score because of the amount of people including me, complain about how to game crashes so many times and the devs have done absolutely nothing about it other than push out additional useless content.. This game is hot trash. Stay away from it. Everything is hidden behind a pay wall to be able to progress to any meaningful positioning. Furthermore, be prepared to DC (disconnect) all the time. You switch from wifi to cellular, you'll DC, but then your game is bugged to where it'll continually DC. This game also offers NFTs. They promoted and promised an array of perks they never delivered on and after they a lot of the NFTs were purchased, they NERF'd their capabilities. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!.

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