NameBleach Eternal Soul
ReleaseEfun Games Co., Ltd.

Benefit from the story once more once you play the Story Mode right here, where you’ll combat many monsters and even people. This recreation also introduces iconic anime scenes to relive your entire story. There are various challenging facets right here as you benefit from the unique storyline of the anime. There are cutscenes from the anime, so you can relive your entire present and play the primary character. Take pleasure in leveling up and evolving now to face more fantastic monsters.

Bleach Eternal Soul MOD

Game dari Anime Favorit, tapi untuk harga top upnya menurut saya kemahalan, harapan saya supaya untuk First Top Up di bikin under 50k aja biar user jd lebih tertarik. Tolong dev balikin seperti dulu bisa main dengan data bisa,WIFI bisa,kan sekarang bisa WIFI yang bener2 WIFI nyata tolong ya balikin seperti dulu lagi. tolong untuk developer game nya.. untuk soifon travel (soi fon events) karakternya terlalu over power itu menjadikan di dalam game nya jadi enggak balance.. tolong nerf ultimate nya. karena damage perhitungan DOT nya terlalu over. jadi player2 dari seluruh server yang bermain hanya fokus untuk mendapatkan karakter itu dan itu membuat player menjadi bosan dan tidak mendapatkan tantangan lagi dr game ini.. App keeps crashing now, I can't even play the game anymore. Wasted so much of my money. Please refund me my money back or I will report you. Used to be an amazing game. Don't bother downloading this game or spending on it, no in-game updates in more than a year. Sad to say but this is a dead game..

Bleach Eternal Soul APK

Trash game, don't ever try to play this game. Server laggy, no update or response from developer. No new characters, they're just keep giving old events so far. This game literally dead since last year.. Bad review: 1.very pay to win system (you cannot win without money) 2.storge is 2GB and bad Graphic. 3. install epic hero great war game and learn how to made RPG game 4.UR skins are very bad this is not ingame style. After the merge update they sabotaged my account and my current progress was lost forever. They still didn't recover it up until now.. This game I spend a lot of time to install it I gain nothing it's stuck at the screen when you try start the game it goes loading and after its repeat always I'm very disappointed I have really high hope in this one but in the end it end up sucks...

Bleach Eternal Soul APK

As a top 1 player in one of the server, Before playing this game or topping up any cash, please checkout their fb page or other forum. It has stop updating and contract with official bleach has stopped. The worse part about this is, it is copy of immortal soul where most player has left. After trying to. Play it for few months, the apps get slower and disconnecting totally at the end. Support is inactive. I can produce the screenshot of support not responding if needed.. trash P2W game, useless license why bleach author why? why mobile game why? made a new PC/CONSOLE GAME!. I paid paid and paid but the paywall is still there. The sudden. Spike of difficulty is weird because it can completely destroy you without knowing. Not recommended for those who love to F2P I already did it for you.. Dead game. Been playing since they launch in May 2021, but there's no new content. Once you reach lvl 99, there's nothing left to play. Used to be good game, but not anymore. Thanks for the past 1 years ++. It's time to move on to other game.

Bleach Eternal Soul APK

I can't play the game anymore because it keeps on crashing. Please fix it so I can play the game again. Good game...its addictive...4star because of the events we want more events...2 or 4 event per week i suggest...and some monthly events... Quite nice game , but it takes a lot of gacha on having good players Hope u can came out dispose system ,so that we can dispose our ssr to train our new ur character. Why does it always error when I log in to the network? Even though my connection is smooth I've been playing for a week, how come it suddenly becomes unclear like this please fix it even though the game is really fun.

Stupid game from 5 become one . I played 2 year n now they said network error. Already installed again for 2 time but said network error. What a waste of time to play this game. As of 121922, I can't access the app, I'm having a "Network Error" issue. This is sad. I have never missed a day playing it, until just these two days now.. When i launch the game it said network error when i try to log in i tried to close it and open it again still the same this game sucks. I've been playing for good 2-3 days, and just as I'm about to login again suddenly the game won't load in. Apparently it stated it doesn't have connections, even though I do have good connection with WiFi but the game won't load due to its 'no connection'. Edit : After re-install, there still no improvement. There's still no network for some reason..

Suddenly couldn't login today. It just says network error even though my network is fine and I can even play much more data hungry games like Genshin Impact and Diablo Immortal fine.. BLEACH: Eternal Soul app was working fine and I was still able to play without issues yesterday but today it's suddenly like this... Even I havent watch Bleach the story quest lines made me familiarize if the story on the anime itself. Great job, devs. Makes me wana watch the anime asap.. Now 26-28Nov I can't using android phone to play this game for3 days now. Sent log but still nothing fixed.. Has been playing for more than a year, and when my phone os is updated from android 12 to 13, i am not able to play this game anymore. Developer please update the game to be able to support android 13 os as well. If not, you will lose more players..

Good Gacha and Strategy Game and its F2P events are nice way and its easy to get characters unless they're seasonal I recommend it For bleach and Gacha lovers. i think you should add returning player event so for pkayers who stopped playing for some time can catch up to other players. I have to remove and reinstall the game everyday since it keeps crashes after I have upgraded to android v13. Fix it please!!. Update: still not working properly on Android 13. Edit: Not working after updating to Android 13 on my Samsung S22 Ultra. Love this Game!.

I like this game it's so super cool and I just wanna say that ahhh can I have kuchiki byakuya. THIS GAME LOOKS GOOD,THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THE VERIFICATION CODE DIDN'T SEND IN MY EMAIL :(, I REALLY WANT TO TRY THIS GAME. Graphics is good but the reward system is bad. Also developers is not generous is summoning system. It takes to long to get good characters. Overall not advisable to download,it will just take a lot of time and money.. It's a good game, however, it's not fair regarding to rewards. The percentage of getting a higher rewards is out of this world! Gosh! Give some more!.

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