NameBrakey Cars

The craziest race ever. In this Brakey Cars game project, you will be able to drive at insane speeds through the most dangerous quarries. It will be an endless downhill race where you can show all your endurance abilities.

No one expected that the brakes would not work and fail at such an important moment. But you will have to control your car in a variety of ways. It rolls at great speed down the hills and you need to keep it in balance. Before you will constantly appear stone blocks, cacti, and other obstacles must be passed. The car flies down, and everything flashes before your eyes, but you must concentrate. Beautiful graphics, rich cartoon style, and crazy sound. Do your best to complete all levels, avoid obstacles and survive in the most difficult conditions.

Brakey Cars MOD

The Game is Ok since I play on a 2014 tablet Faily Brakes doesn't let me play since My device version ain't compatible with it. This game is cool! They updated the game anyway's. But it doesn't matter if the game is bad or good but at least they have a game to play. Bless you Entity3, take care! And thank you for the game!. This game is terrible!!!! It ir too hard to turn and almost impossible to pass the train and the other cars passing Their are alot of ads too It is too hard to control the car and you can't change the car or driver or the map or setting you drive in unlike faily brakes Overall terrible gsme and huge terrible rippoff of faily brakes If i were you I wouldn't waste my time downloading this trash game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could I would give this game 0 (zero) stars because it is so terrible. I can't download it that annoys me and it takes forever to load in the you can't play so fu this game. It sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks and has bad graphics also what are the coins even for you can't buy anything.

Brakey Cars APK

I rate this game 2/5 stars because its like "faily brakes" but different name, its way to hard to get pass the train and i keep glitching which is no fun at all..

Download ( V2.4 )

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