NameBrick Breaker: Journeys
CategoryNew Game
Size98 MB

Brick Breaker: Journeys is a game that offers an exciting and challenging gameplay experience. Players are tasked with breaking bricks using a paddle and a ball, aiming to clear each level by destroying all the bricks on the screen. The game features various power-ups and bonuses that can be collected to enhance gameplay, such as multi-ball, laser cannon, and magnetic paddle.

With over a hundred levels to conquer, Brick Breaker: Journeys provides a progressive difficulty curve, ensuring players stay engaged and constantly tested. The game introduces different brick formations, obstacles, and enemies that add complexity and strategic thinking to the gameplay.

In addition to the main campaign, there are also special challenge levels and boss fights, where players can put their skills to the test. Achieving high scores and completing challenges unlocks new paddle designs, backgrounds, and power-ups, allowing players to customize their game experience.

Brick Breaker: Journeys offers smooth controls, vibrant graphics, and immersive sound effects, creating an enjoyable gaming atmosphere. With its addictive gameplay and rewarding progression system, this game provides hours of entertainment for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Brick Breaker: Journeys MOD

It is fun to play, but it stopped giving the rewards power upside. You earn them but then they bounce of the bottom and don't add to the total.. I wan'able to play anymore said continue watched add said no reward so no need to hve it hene so goodbye!. Was hoping this was going to be a good puzzle game but couldn't get that far before the ads. So now we'll never know, uninstalled.. Every level after the first 5, you'll get an ad... That's when I uninstalled. Who knows what else you'd need to do to enjoy a smooth experience. That's a lot of ads.... Fun but way to many adds (Edit: I mabey played for 15 minutes and had probably 5 ads. Not by choice. I would say the majority of the time playing was watching ads. No thanks).

Brick Breaker: Journeys APK

Awesome game, but ads System doesn't work. The ads don't always give the extra balls and often fail to load.. Too many adverts..... I can understand an advert after every 10 games or more..... but after EVERY BOARD?????? That's why I'm uninstalling this game. I LOVE this game. It's so much fun, the power ups are great, and the levels unique. So why three stars, you may ask? I believe that the lack of an ability to pay for an ad-free version kills this game. There are ads between each level, and it is maddening. PLEASE, DEVELOPERS, give us this option!. Definitely way too many adds.. It's a bit hard to understand what exactly is going on and why. You also don't see the prizes you watch the adds for going into wherever they are supposed to go, so you can't be certain if/what you got. If you decide to not bother with the prizes you still get adds which is LAME! It's also hard to get around within the game. It might be an ok game with some modifications, and way less adds. I like some of your older games way better..

Brick Breaker: Journeys APK

Download ( V1.5.0.1630 )

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