NameBullet Echo
ReleaseSergey Petuhov

Excellent mobile shooter game with dynamic gameplay, a top-down view, and a cartoonish design. A portable toy that is a team shooter with a high-quality cartoony design and a top-down perspective of the “royal battle mechanics.” If you are interested in such games, you must download Bullet Echo for Android. After the start, you need to choose a hero for yourself. Each has its characteristics, which are recommended to be studied before the final choice. After that, you will go to the gaming location, where other players will be waiting for you. The game is designed exclusively for multiplayer battles. You must run around the area, explore the territory, find weapons, equipment, grenades, first aid kits, and fight enemies.

Sometimes you will come across skill boosters. It will pump some of your abilities for the duration of one session, making you stronger. A virtual joystick is used to move the character. A set of buttons is used for shooting, changing weapons, and other actions. For victories, you will receive keys to various chests with weapons, equipment, skins, and items. Of the features, one can single out convenient control, many modes, and a wide selection of firearms. Download Bullet Echo for Android and start fighting.

Bullet Echo MOD

Used to be great, but why are you fixing that isn't broken? The UI during the match was better in previous versions. My own player now kills himself (suicide probably). My own player lags while walking. Reviving and reloading ui was much better in previous versions. These problems didn't exist before updating maybe you should revert some changes. Great game I've spent some money to upgrade faster but it isn't need you can get everything for free just takes awhile the reason I've dropped to 3 stars is because it keeps asking for a update and will not let me do it or play the game I'll be asking for a refund if this isn't sorted soon. You guys completly ruined this game for everyone with the newest update I mean this is just pathetic. The delays on picking items up and now the insane lag its almost not even a complete game. Please make this go back to normal again and soon.. I was enjoying the game and spent many (too many) hours playing it. Then I got a new phone and realised that I could not get my game progress back. Please add Google Play or something. So that we can play on different devices on the same account.. I love this game. Would it be a possible to have a way to donate? I would love to support the creator, yet I enjoy the grind and don't want p2w. Also is there a way for me to keep my profile on a new phone? I recently changed to a new phone and it seems like there is no way to use my current account..

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Would be an awesome game but it's pay to play. Slow and boring progression, but fun mechanics. Buying progression would be the only way to keep it fun so be prepared!. Very good take, on a classic style. Wish chat was available, with adult tones. We are blasting characters, into bloody piles of s#%&, and yet we are scared of being put in a category. In google with children available to hear the words of elders, in my opinion we should have that blockbuster curtain wall. Where if you are an adult you can be an adult. That's the kinda games I wanna invest in my time. Real talk, Real games.. I installed some time this week and was it was very fun and entertaining. Then the next time I go on the matches are messed like me glitched into a wall and my charcter moving on it's on to the corners. If you don't have a problem you should play it.. Lots of server crashes. When that happens you loose rewards. Just had it crash after a 13 win streak, the reward was at 15..

Bullet Echo APK

I would like it more if it let me play It always freezes when i hit play I've wasted alot of money on your game and it dosnt even work 90% of the time I'm pissed. Ok, first major problem that is genuinely bothering me heavily. In the game there is a temporary special operation event. Tickets to play this event are generated over time. After finally getting them I used 1 and the game bugged out 3 times and disconnected prior to the stage section options. I lost 3 tickets because your server can't keep people connected. Please attempt to fix this or at least don't use the ticket until the fight starts. Only reason for 4 stars!. This is a great game it's awesome with so many characters but my account is bugged it's KINGPOWER and it's always pitch black during my game. I can't see any ammo or anything of the sort the only thing I can see is my character and other players.. I spent 45 game bucks of a win streak 4 out of 9 and it bugged and my game crashed and i lost the streak.

fun for a bit but gets tedious, connectivity issues at times or just too easy. Id like to see more game modes and creativity with friends. While the overall mechanic of the game seems solid, it desperately needs some balancing. I entered over 15 matches in a row where my best character has a 306 rating, facing guys with over 650 - 800. There is absolutely no chance of winning and the only way to up your characters power is by winning to get money. Not a bad game, just needs to pair players with closely rated players.. Just came to rate and say THIS GAME IS BETTER THEN FORTNITE its just incredible compact n the title basically sums up what you do in the game and THERES NO ADDS!!!! Yes! Finally a game where once you finish a match you dont get a pop up in your face i completely love and endorse this game in full.. This game is a good concept but the way they did it was trash ppl shot through walls and one shot you,and to get your character to next takes forever..

There is a problem with the matchmaking. I am stuck with playing against much higher levels than me. Despite this all the other elements of the game are great but still a 4 stars because it changes the experience greatly.. It's a really fun game, I play it every day all day, but there are some problems sometimes it gets me out of the game or leaves me alone in the game without winning and I'm stuck and it takes 30 seconds to start the game. Games decent.. But the lag is horrible sometimes. And it bugs out alot once u get a game when you pick your drop zone it sticks at 10 seconds and nothing happens.. A sick game yah, but the only thing ur missing his cloud save, can u add this system?? Or add a Facebook login, to exists login your details, like I can play on a different device!!.

At the start of the game it was fun and all but as I got further it got more and more sucks because this game has potential.In the new update I thought they were gonna fix it because of how unfair it is but when I played one match I was GOING AGAINST SUPREME AND ULTIMATE and my best is just a epic stalker.Im immediately deleting this game. Ok this new update is so lit the hero's move now and map is so cool really think people should get this game and it would be cool if there were airdrops to make the game more challgeing because every one would go for the drop and that would make the game more fun so that would be cool if it were a update. Fun but almost impossible to get rare characters like Leviathan or smoke all the offers are overpriced and you can't get good level characters without grinding for 2+hrs. Maybe put a limited-time challenge to get a rare person that would be great. I thought it was a really good game and at least you don't have to push a button to shoot..

The game is fun but have some small bugs, some time you load into the game but nothing launches. You can fix this by restarting the app but its fun overall.. Unbalanced af. Grinding to level up characters is lengthy but made worse when using a common/rare rank character, you get matched with p2w players with mythic characters. Even facing characters one rank above you is almost impossible for you to survive. Game even openly admits legendary characters are 300% stronger than common, so why would you think it's fun to match them together?? If the fix the matchmaking, then the game will have potential, untill then it's a stressful time waster.. Unless your really dedicated and wiling to wait a long time until you can have fun then play this game because your going to have to wait a long time before you just get the opportunity to have fun, every one is over powered compared to new players, if you want to make it fair, don't have the ability to level up your characters, it makes things so unfair.. Is should be a fun game , but the match system is really bad, I'm power 300 and I keep matching with player with 700 or even 1000 power. There is no way I can win those fight.

wouldn't even launch, I have a Razer Phone 2 with specs that should be able to run the game easily. It was just stuck on the same screen "searching for EBITIDA" everytime I tried to launch it.. Good game until you've played for a while then you get matched against people who have fully upgraded characters smashing your face to bits. Game could be fun but the developers are using too many dark patterns. (Ie: Green "no" buttons, red "yes" buttons) Matchmaking is extremely unfair. Matchmaking characters having 200 Rating with 800-900 rating. The game is constantly trying to make you spend moneys. Absolutely a Pay2Win. The free grind is far from fun and really frustrating.. I genuinely enjoy the game. It's not to easy or difficult. It has a nice pace of gameplay, short fast rounds like a arcade game with a pretty reasonable leaving system. Overall I'd probably download it again on a new phone.

I just started up the game and joined my friend and it lagged out and sent me to a screen saying "searching for EBITDA" I closed the game and reopened, I restarted my phone, and I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and nothing has worked. I dont know why this happened and heather does my friend but nothing is working to fix it so the game is just unplayable. I can't even rate it bcs every time I try the game it says connection lost every time so ya a pretty bad game don't download it. My wifi is good and all but like to the game it ain't I was out of sync 90% of the time and I could not play. The controls and gameplay is easy and fun, it's either quick and full of action or slow with tense moments, the graphics don't need to be improved at all they perfectly fit the game and I personally like them however I would like if there was something like a small introduction tutorial for each hero and how to play with them based on the developers ideas, or a campaing when it's hard to find matches. Otherwise the games great and fun to play!.

Awesome gaming platform!! But I sometimes get a disconnection from the server while on WiFi, end up using my phone data!!. Add team chat in game please love this game though I spend bare hours playing it when I can. Download it and try it you'll probably like it alot.. Its kinda hard to get trophies when you play constantly. I wish we were gifted by our performance not game rank.. Good buuuuuuut.. You neeed to nerf bastion, i was yousing cyclops shot them twelv times! No seeable damge then they 1 shot me one bullet they were epic their..

I love it it's so strategic. You have a variety of characters . You have lots of maps. But sometimes the connection is weak. And it would be way cooler if you improve the foot movement animattion. The game is great and all that but my friends and I's connections are always really bad (doesn't matter if I'm on wifi or mobile data). Another thing is that the game may have recently just updated it self, because of the new trophie road, some heros that I have passed are not collectable, please fix this.. This is a great fun game, and the new update made it even better, good job guys, and I highly recommend getting this, it's a lot of fun. It's an amazing game to play but the hero Levi ruins the entire point of being a sniper or a scout so can you make it so the hero Levi can not shoot through walls because it's alot like haking and cheating 3 stars but 5 stars if the hero levi stops shooting through wall PLEASE because it's to powerful way way way to power full.

Great game and a well done to the developers who made this I had got bored of this game but the time I was playing was fun. Was a good game until they added the update where they added the new rank milestone things. Now it's a pay to get characters. Like brawl stars. Best mobile game I have ever played. I've been playing mobile games for like 5 or 6 years and this is the most entertaining and enjoyable game so far. I spent 2 pounds and got an amazing deal to upgrade my favourite character. Good game, good deals. GREAT!. Fun game, however matchmaking is absolutely terrible, as is power scaling. It's pretty much impossible for a lower ranked hero to kill a higher ranked one, yet they are constantly put against each other in matches.

Great to begin with and has a lot of potential, however, later down the line when you've been drawn in you're constantly put against players with a much much higher power than you meaning theres not much point playing. Fixing this would make it a 5 star game. Great graphics and controls. Last update pushed the game towards pay to win. I enjoy this game so much, there is plenty of replayability, I see no major flaws with the game. There are paid unlockables but they are just purely cosmetic. The controls are simple and intuitive.. If they don't make the game back like the old one until they make that next update I am uninstalling it.. It's such a fun game u have to be very tactical with how u act etc. But I would love it if it wasn't auto fire so if ur blot or other sniper characters when ur perusing people urbullet won't shoot wide and miss ur target. And also me and my friends can't friend because when we try the screen goes white but apart from that it's a great game plz do install it.

Best game ive played in ages. Just hope they dont do any updates that make it pay to win like so many devs do.... So much potential, but I don't think players with a fraction of the power should be up against opponents that are double or more their superior.. It's a great game but there are lots of people that have paid money to get stronger and its a pay to win game Remove loot boxes that you can pay for. I always lose connection to the server. Its not my wifi because my wifi is on 4 bars all the time! Please fix this its really frustrating when you lose connection in the middle of the game.

Good but lots of lag that kills you every game (my average ping is 400ms don't know how bad that is). The servers are extremly bad please fix this game now so the i can play and also i need all the heroes because this game gave me ptsd from the bad connection it brought back horrible memorise of me remenacing over bad ping in arena of valor..

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