CakeCost is a cost management tool for bakers that helps them calculate the cost of ingredients, labor, and overhead to determine the total cost of making a cake. It allows bakers to accurately price their products and ensure they are making a profit.

Latest of CakeCost Promo Codes


Introducing the “Sweet Delights Discount Realm” at CakeCost! Enter this mythical domain of savings and enjoy enchanted goodies like free toppings, 50% off on specialty cakes, whimsical dessert samples, surprise gift cards, and magical exclusives that unfold with each visit. Indulge in the fantasy of affordable sweetness!


“Unlock the delicious realm of CakeCost coupons! Enjoy 50% off any cake purchase, a free slice of your choice with every order, and a chance to win a year’s supply of heavenly cakes. Indulge your sweet tooth today!”

How to Redeem Promo Code in CakeCost

To redeem a promo code in CakeCost, simply open the app and navigate to the settings menu. Select the "Promo Code" option and enter the code provided. Once entered, the promo code will be applied to your account, providing you with any applicable discounts or rewards.

List of CakeCost Coupon Code

1. "MAGICCAKE10" - Get 10% off on any magical-themed cake at CakeCost!
2. "FAIRYDELIGHT20" - Enjoy a delightful 20% discount on fairy-inspired wedding cakes with CakeCost!
3. "DRAGONSFREE5" - Buy any five dragon-themed cupcakes and get one free only at CakeCost!
4. "ELVISHDELICACY15" - Indulge in exquisite elvish delicacies with a 15% discount on all elven-themed cakes!
5. "MERMAIDMAGIC25" - Dive into the magic of mermaids with a fantastic 25% off on mermaid-themed celebration cakes!
6. "WIZARDPARTY10" - Host the most amazing wizard-themed party with a 10% discount on all wizard cake orders from CakeCost!
7. "ENCHANTEDGARDEN30" - Step into an enchanted garden with a 30% discount on all floral-themed cakes this season!
8. "UNICORNLOVE15" - Experience the pure magic of unicorns and receive a 15% discount on all unicorn cakes at CakeCost!
9. "PHOENIXFLIGHT25" - Embrace the fiery beauty of a phoenix with a fantastic 25% off on phoenix-themed tiered cakes!
10. "FAEFOREST20" - Enter the mystical fae forest and enjoy a generous 20% discount on all woodland-themed cakes!
11. "VAMPIRELIFE15" - Sink your teeth into a vampire-themed cake and get 15% off on your order only at CakeCost!
12. "GHOSTLYDELIGHTS10" - Celebrate the eerie season with ghostly delights and a 10% discount on all Halloween-themed treats from CakeCost!


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