NameCandy Bullet
Size13.2 Mb
ReleaseTiny Games Srl

Experience this adventure and shoot more candies. Candy Bullet, you should try this game. Take a good aim from the cannon and shoot a bunch of delicious sweets.

It will be very entertaining when in the most incredible conditions, you can earn a bunch of bonuses. Try to improve your results and take advantage of fantastic upgrades and other unique features. Collect a bunch of coins that constantly appear on the screen. They will come in handy in the future to buy more features for your hero. Try to shoot more candies than your friends will.

You must remember that you only have ten bullets, so you can’t just squander them. It remains only to press the button to shoot. All shot candies will add ammo to you. At a particular time, click on the sweets that appear during explosions.

Buy yourself an upgrade, become a professional in your field, and beat all your friends. If you are ready for a crazy challenge, it’s time to take out all the candies, earn bonuses and become a professional. You have everything for this, which means you should use it.

Candy Bullet MOD

There should have been a mute button to mute sounds in this game. I can't mute sounds in this game and it's hearing over my music. PLEASE add a mute button so I can play this without sound. And stop with the annoying ads.. Doesn't work. It just comes up with a black screen and it says it doesn't respond 1 untill you fix it :(. I love it so much me and my sister would try to see who would get 2000 coins first and this game is great for a 2 day road trip and I played this game .for more than 3 hours u should ad more power ups and backrounds and PLEASE a mute button I just got 2 new songs that I want to listen to when I play. I hot it from cookie clickers.VERY FUN THOUGH!! I was soo addicted.Love the chains. 4 stars because pls lower upgrades a bit. LOVE TGE GAME THOUGH.. I love this game. Hard to get a chain going but easy to keep once u do. But it's hard to get started on upgrades at first..

Candy Bullet APK

BUT YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO MUTE SOUNDS FROM THIS GAME. I like listening to my own music and playing this game on the bus, but it gets really annoying hearing the game sounds over my music..

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