Castle Duels: PvP Merge Battle codes allow players to unlock powerful items, customize their castles, and dominate in strategic PvP battles. Publisher MY.GAMES B.V. offers an exciting gaming experience with stunning graphics and intense gameplay. With the latest codes, players can strengthen their fortress, recruit legendary heroes, and crush their opponents in epic duels. Join the battle and conquer the realm!

Latest of Castle Duels: PvP Merge Battle Codes Wiki


– A gift box containing:
– A mythical sword with incredible powers
– A legendary pet companion
– A rare potion of invincibility

favCdy7rXXX Get

“Claim a 50% off legendary weapon, 25% off troop upgrades, or double XP boost in Castle Duels: PvP Merge Battle!”

How to Redeem Code for Castle Duels: PvP Merge Battle

To redeem a gift code in Castle Duels: PvP Merge Battle, open the game and locate the "Settings" or "Gift Code" option. Enter the code accurately and claim your rewards to enhance your gameplay experience.

List of Castle Duels: PvP Merge Battle Codes

1. Code: CD1234GD
Description: Unleash the power of Castle Duels with this exclusive gift code! Merge your warriors and dominate the battlefield in epic PvP battles.

2. Code: DU5678CB
Description: Equip your heroes with legendary gear and crush your opponents in Castle Duels PvP Merge Battle. Use this code to upgrade your castle and strengthen your defenses.

3. Code: PD9012LM
Description: Rally your troops and conquer the realm in Castle Duels! Enter this gift code for a boost in resources and unlock new strategies to outsmart your foes.

4. Code: MV3456FG
Description: Forge alliances and wage war in Castle Duels PvP Merge Battle. Redeem this code for special rewards and rise to glory as the ultimate champion.

5. Code: BK7890NP
Description: Prepare for battle and show your skills in Castle Duels PvP Merge Battle! Use this code to unlock powerful abilities and crush your enemies on the battlefield.

6. Code: TG2345KJ
Description: Unravel the mysteries of Castle Duels and unlock rare treasures with this exclusive gift code. Dominate the PvP arena and emerge victorious in thrilling merge battles.