NameCity of Desire
ReleaseTornado Network

The City of Desire gives a Sandbox map to construct your metropolis. It’s a must to make this metropolis affluent and distinctive, with many beautiful buildings. Use completely different blueprints on these buildings to set off particular results and bonuses. Will you be a lazy dictator or a sort of mayor? The sport gives completely different stunning secretaries with entirely different characters and occupations. You’ll enter completely different interactive eventualities with these ladies. Get pleasure from beautiful sounds and visuals as you date these ladies. Get pleasure from love.

City of Desire MOD

Been ok. Didn't like the last emerge that cost me. Don't bother. Every time update game is terrible and annoying. Screw this game. Didn't load the item (800 diamonds) I bought at 08:32 on Friday 17-06-2022. I bought 800 diamonds 2 times in a row, one loaded, one didn't.. It's really great and exciting Game. I like how it created & developed according to the reality, like in game upgrades. Any in game Upgrade is caused by several effects as same as real life. . I have been playing this game for so long(vip 8). I have so many secretaries but i'm still unable to open my envelopes. I have write in to the online GM and they still cannot give me proper timeline when can resolve. Very disappointing.keep saying under process but show Empty talk, no action. I changed my 5-stars rate to 1-star because i'm angry so much.. Listen "Tornado Games" i liked your game i played everyday and spend almost 1500$ also i was VIP5 or VIP6 .. Then at (first) my phone got stolen then after i purchase another phone and re-download your game (second) you forced me to play all the training again for an HOUR before you let me choosing another account (Third) i can't open my old account Literally you gonna make me lose my mind .

City of Desire APK

Just tried several times to login. Wont load? I believe they just did server maintenance too. Cant seem to find any support either. By the way, e- mail address for support doesn't work either? So far been 3 days, still no response from what appears to be an extremely weak customer service.And now 5 days, and..... nothing. Perfect. Develop and establish your player, spend hours and money to do so, then to have it taken away when server maintenance is done, and no one fixes the problem? Brutal.. The game is great, but they recently put restriction on royal poker on celebrity club, it's said that only vip 3 can enter them, so 2 player can enter the royal poker if both of them is vip 3 or above. If that the case, only few player are going to play on that room. Please remove the restriction.. From where will I start, from the obvious gambling mechanics (celebrity club) or the heavy dependence on gem usage, or to the completly ridicolous dating mechanic? You can easily spend thousands of dollars on gems without even getting close to achieve anything, its not pay to win p, it is pay to do bugger all. Dont even bother.. What happened? August 25, 2021. I can't log in, i tried uninstall app then reinstall. Still the same can't log in. Then a advisory of maintenance.... that's around 7am, it's been nearly 10 hours already and still i can't log in ! My accts. are in server 4 & 6..

City of Desire APK

Hi, I enjoy playing your game since last year. It's still a good game to me despite the poor reviews I've read. I don't know about the others' account lost but mine is still intact. I've been wondering, any new updates coming up?. This is a good game, but there is a second one that is exactly the same called Lust of Mafia. That one has more people who speak English so I guess it's for those people and this one is for people who speak a different language (maybe japanese, idk), doesn't make sense that there would be a translate option on both though.. Question why does your other game called Lust Of Mafia have voices for the secretaries but not this one just curious other than that the game is awesome. After the update I lost all my games. I have 2 account in 2 servers when I open it a few minutes ago its not there anymore, instead i was told to choose open a new game and a new character. And when i tried to switch server to find my account both are gone. I have 2 accounts the 1st is me in secretary of state 1 and the other as minister of interior 2 (as I recalled). Plizz bring back both of my game/account and dont tell me to fill in some digital form of lost game with many confusing queations.

City of Desire APK

My account was gone after the update of new version. Its sucks! Wasting of time and money if you will not improve this app. Im playing this for a year and its gone instantly. I hope you will fix this kind of problem. And the loading process is too slow. Sooner or later might no one played this game......................................................................................................... Account lost after update. Since the merge of the servers, loading is getting slower. After reinstall app, freezed at starting screen. Cannot even load. This games need you to spend a lot of money to upgrade. The developer also will cheat you later when u already at high power. Happen to me, i play untill my power reach 19M, then one day when i wanna open the games my power become 0M. I inform the developer but no immediate action taken. My advise DONT PLAY THIS GAMES. They will cheat u later. Save ur money.. After 4 months playing i devloped my power in the game things was nice , till update coming put me on zero power to start from the begining which is so pooring i remove the game completly .

Need help.. when I load the app, it opens a new game with vip 0 character.. I have vip 4 character bind with Facebook and google, but it's not loading. I actually loved this game but after spending lots.of money to improve my.status they did update the server..we have.all lost our accounts.. HORRIBLE, after 5 months and endless money. Lost all my accounts due to update, should be expected to get all my expenses returned by Tornado. It would be the proper thing to do from developer. Just finished the new update today. Lost my account. Almost 6 months of games - all gone. If I have to re-start again ... forget it..

Sucks I was doing great and on the update my account was gone and yes I tried to sign back in but it did not work now I lost all my progress thanks a lot will never play again. Very primitive game, similar to any Chinese developed app. Bad graphics, bad progress and bad translation. It depends on spending money Completely waste of time. Not recommended to be downloaded or even tried.. Game is nothing but a way to take your money. Too many high spending players prey on the weak and attack endlessly. Broken casino absolutely rips you off. Don't waste your money. Buyer beway. Only way to make any progress is to spend gobs of cash.. I love this game so much.. Please add this game to play store again. I need more games like this gameplay and graphics!. 10 stars rate for this Game .

I played this game in a year. Its a nice game but hopefully the developers of this game will update the dates of the secretary. They will add more activities. Yet this game is Good . Loved it until the pay to win children decided to start attacking and ganging up to destroy my city. Not fun anymore uninstalled. Losers can play with themselves. This game is really fun but it needs only one thing: nudes. It will be a lot more fun if there was nudity in it. From 5 stars it's 3 now coz I'm disappointed, all i want in this game are the secretaries i hardly earned free diamonds everyday and til now no secretary from mysterious box i think i used about 7k can you pls make it higher chance to get them?.

They worst customer support ever. They had issues and sent players responses We are on vacation. Average time 4 days for a response . We have lost 8 players on 2 weeks because of terrible service. Been playing for nearly 6months, initially was fun but things started to get bored/repetitive as there's not much update. Certain feature like encounter is not fully released yet. It's actually a good game if the developer really develop the game content but unfortunately their direction emphasise on selling the shop item/package to the players rather than really developing the game.. Updating after 3 months of play - Game is well made and fun initially but after a while gets monotonous. Repetitive things over and over gets boring. After a certain level it's basically couple of hundred a month or you're stuck forever. The rewards from events are absolutely rubbish. I don't participate in a bunch of events because they're waste of time.. I try to pay pack-1000 using google play balance. But it keep indicating 'unavailable for this purchase'. What on earth.

Game is fine. The in game purchases can get expensive if they come at all. Support is useless. Lots of hoops to jump through to get what u bought in good faith.. I have lost access to both of my accounts. One linked to google and one to facebook. It would not be a problem if I did not spend money on the game. Ive had no issues with the game and have enjoyed playing. Ive also met some nice people. Even your enemies in the game are friendly and helpful.. Terrible experiences, from 1. Play on tab, taken up all memory till cant update. From 400mb till 6gb. After clear the memory, it automatically send to new server, must complete the story line before able to choose the played server again, wasting more time 2. Each update doesnt specify the how and what correctly, many misleading information. 3. Suspend my account without reason, mail to customer service but no response. Dissapointed at developer after some times of play..

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