NameCraft and Conquer 3D
ReleaseJustine Waignier Gaming

Demonstrate your abilities in protecting the territory. In this game project Craft and Conquer 3D you will play the role of a rural farmer. It is he who will have to protect his land from annoying farmers. They want to steal your land and take over new territories.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see who can win this real madness. The most unique and combat game in which you have to collect resources, and create buildings for your soldiers. They will constantly follow you, follow orders and protect the territory. The more crowd you have, the stronger you become. Therefore, you will have to make certain choices in order to adapt to any situation. Correctly understand your opponent, who has conceived a certain strategy to rob you. Deceive him and send an army howling at him.

Craft and Conquer 3D MOD

Too easy to play and win every round, playable offline (positive point), no sound, no settings, no option to save progress in google account or facebook (or any other saving options). Good game but way too easy and it's not against real opponents as the bot makes the same mistake every game. The game don't work every time I go on it will find a player then do the countdown and the countdown gets stuck at 1 and the the game will either crash or your phone will freeze.

Download ( V1.3.0 )

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