NameCrazy WorkLife
Size37.59 Mb
ReleaseBoomSoft Studio

Feel for yourself what a crazy job is. Those people who are pretty dependent on work can very rarely enjoy life. Work is their absolute joy, and they can’t do anything about it. They are constantly working, taking overtime assignments to overcome the maximum number of difficulties. At the same time, they do not feel tired, do a lot of important work and gain total happiness. You will have to quickly tap your smartphone’s screen to give yourself a great mood at work. Very soon, you will become a master’s, and you will be able to match the pace of your life and enjoy your work. Let’s all work together; got a lot more resources to make terrific gifts for friends. Make a revolution in your game world, and experience a lot of exciting work to reach a new level.

Crazy WorkLife MOD

I dont like this game so hard to earn coin no ads if you want to earn coin no ads so hard to ads so i dont like this game i nears earn to 1 dollar but no ads so i remove this game. - low coins to earn in game - earn the coins by watching ads - diamond are useless - it takes a month before you get a minimum payout. Where is the money that i choose via PayPal, i check the email also don't have. Normally i choose tapx to change the coin. Email address for paypal n tapx is similar that i using now. Very dissapointed... OK Legit but Boring puro ads pa Sa signal kahit mahina OK Pera lng sa ads my topak kahit data ok, kaso Lagi naman walang pang data . Super legit ang superneasy to earn. I donno why people say its hard to earn coins. YOU CAN UPGRADE DUH. The arrival of the money is within the same day in my experience..

Crazy WorkLife APK

It is a legit paying real money app. And I give it three star only. Cause of the diamonds are can't exchange to the coins. Diamonds can't use. I wish that you can exchange it to coins so everyone can use it. For much better.. why the spin is down to 10 spins??iit is ok that it goes up to 25 spin and after update it goes back to 10??pls get back again to 25 spins to earn easy than 10 spin is hard to earn again. How can i rate even two stars to this the name crazy? i watch more than hundreds of 35 seconds long adds but i only collect more or less 500 coins? and very imposible to earn 10000 coin in one day,,which is the minimum withdrawal is 10k coin in equal to $1.. hoping to adjust the rate of the prize in order to get a high rate of reviews.... E fixed niyo ang number na dapat maabot bawat level... Halimbawa sa tuwing natatapus ang level dumadagdag ang number na dapat ma abot... Sana kahit umakyat ang level peru fixed parin ang number Kagaya ng sa taptap mining kahit Anong level na 800 parin ang aabotin na number para malampasan ang level... Legit sa legit...sana ayusin.

Crazy WorkLife APK

Legit tlga!!! Slmat ahh nrecieve ko na 8php gcash.. Kaya lng phirap ng phirap level... Mkhang mtgal bgo ka mkakasecond sa pagcash out. I REACHED THE MINIMUM CASHOUT WHICH IS 8 PESOS IN GCASH . AND I FILL UP THE FORM TO COMPLETE THE CASHOUT PROCESS. AND I ENCODE THE EXACT GCASH NAME AND NUMBER CORRECTLY. BUT WHEN I CHECKED THE SEARCH TAB WHEN IT CAN SEE THE PROCESS OF MONEY. IT SAYS THAT THE MONEY RECEIVED BUT WHEN I CHECKED THE GCASH IT DIDNT ADD TO THE ACCOUNT. SO SAD AFTER ALL THE TAP TAP MOMENT I GAVE TO THIS APP NOT RECOMMENDED.. A very honest application that gives you points that have been transferred to another application and then you can withdraw via Payeer or Paypal. I hope the diamond is useful let's be real here people only want to earn money from your app i hope we can use the diamond to exchange it to super mode or coin cause the diamond is pretty much useless no one watch the diamond ads.

Crazy WorkLife APK

This app is legit but my concern is what will I do with the diamond thingy after I bought all the character and the work theme, the diamonds are useless.. I like this app very well so that I gave five stars, Thank you very much the creator of this app, I received my first cash out, thank you, may god bless us all , . I love your app I withdraw already my points but need to download the tapxlauncher but it's okay. I hope the points are fast in making a tap so that we can easily complete the withdrawal . seryoso? Legit nga Ang app na ito pero puputi Mona Ang buhok mo bago makuha yong 18 pesos...5k points 18pesos Ang kapalit? samantala yong ibang Earning app ko 5k points 50pesos na Ang Ang hirap pa mag parami ng points Dito sa application niyo! ano ba Yan?.

What happen? I have enough coins to widraw using my gcash but i cant use my gcash and advice to connect in tapx?????please fix this issue, if u fix this i will edit my rate. The app is legit and I already cash out my points. I'll be thankful if I can convert gems to coins and points or to buy props like in idle plant. I don't know where to spend my unused gems since I already bought all the characters and background. Thanks!. I cannot widthraw. Please fix it. It's hard earning coins, now that I have 3000 it says it does not support gcash or even paypal.. I give one star because the cash out limit is too high!! It will take you roughly two to three weeks to get 11,000 coins just to cash out $1. And it has too much ads.

After you wasted your time and energy watching stupid ads and accumalating 3000 coins which take almost a week they give you 8 pesos bwisit. -1M . The app is Legit But it's hard to collect the coin and didn't support to Paypal or gcash that's Why you need to download another app to cash out but it's great no like others application. This game was good, I still didn't withdraw my cash beacuse it's hard to collect coins, I'll change my ratings if im done withrawing my cash , I hope this is legit.. Legit app. It's easy to play but earning coins is just too hard. 3000=8php. 5000=18php. I hope soon 3000=18php or 20php..

I have connected the required number, but when I wanted to take the profits via PayPal, it says that it currently does not support PayPal even though PayPal is in the payment methods, for me a very bad experience with this application, I advise everyone not to waste their time with it. i am new to this app. may i ask what is the use of the diamonds i collected? can it be used to buy coins?. I can say 5 star, it's nice and good to play. It is legit you will not waste your time if you download this... everyone must try!. i suggest to let your users to buy a coins using diamond so that the coins are increasing fast. over all, i had a good time playing this .

Naku ilang araw ko ginawa para ma reach yung 3000 sani pag sign mo pa lang 150 agad nun natapos ko 8 pesos lang binigay wag nyo na stall to sinabi ko lang totoo buti nga me 1 star k pa. i know that this app is legit, and it's easy to play. It's helpful to the people who wants to earn online like me. But earning coins is just too hard. Please let the people earn coins easy, cause i need 3000 coins to get in in withdrawal thingy. But afterall this app is legit. Plus, if the developer adds a shop that can buy coins using diamonds or taps, i really think this app would have a higher rating if the developer adds that.. What's the use of blue gem? I already spend buying all the stuff in the app. I gather a lot of it. Thank you.. this app is legit but it's hard to level up, and the amount off coins you earn every hour is like 40-60 coins, you'll be needing 3000 coins to check out, hope the developers do something with it, and when that happens I'll change the review to 5 stars then recommend this app to others.

Scam! I reached 3000 coins then they lied you can't withdraw with PayPal in fact, you can't withdraw with any thing. They will tell you to install Tapxgame to withdraw, and to withdraw you need to pay tapxgame. So i should pay to get my one dollar. What's the point then? This app waisted my time!.

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