Crazy8 APK Mod (Unlocked Everything) 1.7.3

Last update September 23, 2023

ReleaseLennon Games

An exciting card adventure. With Crazy8 you will be able to compete with the strongest players in the world. From the very beginning, it is worth creating a profile for yourself so that you are always recognized.

Take advantage of the newest model in which you can win prizes, try to get into the top ten, and earn a lot of points. Keep score, record your results, participate in tournaments and rise much higher in the world rankings. Experience the possibilities of offline mode, where you can play one against six artificial intelligence players. In Crazy8 you will find a completely simple guide for beginners. The graphics are beautifully illustrated, and you can take part in the top competitions. Enter tournaments with confidence, gain an advantage over your rivals, and become a true professional.

Crazy8 MOD

Great Game, Sometimes The Talk Feature Doesn't Work. I Use It To Invite My Girlfriend Into A Custom Game, We Turn Off The Talk Feature, But Will Be Running Whatsapp Audio In The Back. The game is good, but i think there is a fault thou, if i am playing another player and when it is my turn it does not want to click the cards i have but it would rather let me pick anoy card and stock on the ones i already have even the suits are matching . The problem is that I can't connect to the online or multi-players. I only end up playing offline. Though I can't deny its a very nice game to us Zimbabweans. I don't know maybe there is a step I'm missing since I can't join or host a game. It's a lovely game. Though it takes time to connect with others, so how do you interact with other players?. The game is so fun. Wish there could be more real players. Half the time i end up playing against AI players and these are not so fun playing against. Try to advertise more. Otherwise great app..

Crazy8 APK

It's got a lot of problems. It wont connect to either the online or multiplayer parts of the game. I love how Zimbabwean cultures it is as a fellow Zimbabwean myself... but these glitches have to be fixed. The app is crashing before it even launches I sent an email to the support team but no response what's going on please address this issue.My memory is fine its the app update please fix asap. Just updated after i received an email, now it doesn't even launch, it crashes as soon as you open it, what's going on?. I heard sini iri rakagadzirwa nemuZimba aripa UK apo saka for that matter ndidakungoti guys download it and support the cause... I hope kuti rinofaya.

Crazy8 APK

Very good, excellent app, but it takes time to find online player.Also sometimes it doesn't allow you to master your plans, it forces you to play a card when you don't want to play it yet. Good job guys makagona kubaya dede chaiko. I've been waiting minutes and minutes for a player still cant find one. It will be best if theres an option to play with the computer instead.. Good game.. few rules need to be checked and corrected thou, like you cant close the game when a Joker is on the table. If you can also enable anonymous invites on multiplayer so u dont have to send the code to pple u know only. Overall its a great game, i am enjoying it. I only wish i could still play big number out offline with the intelligent system it will be great. Great job guys.

Crazy8 APK

Hi, good game.. but only worked once of which my opponent just left and i got a win after playing only one card. 2. Not sure if its my connection but i dont happen to get someone in single player mode all the time its forever loading. 3. The multiplayer function is not working even when using invite link or manual code input. 4. My partner on her phone, we play the same people all the time Kimberly > tatenda >lenon>tafadzwa are always my opponents which makes it seem like a robot setup.. consider all other reviews here and also the calculation of the cards value after a game sometimes it gives wrong values.. It's a great game! The rules are simple and the interaction is unique. Is there a possibility of disabling the vibrate function when its my turn to play?. An absolutely interesting App,,, just needs a few corrections so that it becomes proper crazy 8 and it's also too large it needs compressing otherwise it's so enjoyable.

It plays well with great connections ...when your opponent delays play it has no judgement on that it just stops working ...i just lost 3 games without even entering the event like is there any hackers. I like it so far and thank you for making it, for now it's a 5 star experience...Will review this as time goes on. Its a great up guys, for a start you on the ryt direction. Can we connect with pple we want to play with anytime. Can i also have friends on this platform so we can organise our play schedules. I love the social experience 10/10 just wish it didn't force you to play a certain card at times id rather just pick for the sake of strategy it cost me abit but amazing still.

The app is too big , 151 mb if you look at it the phone itself doent have such big apps secondly it is too diffficult to activate the app keeps giving a 403 message something like that ,so no star for you ,improve your app please. Good game all the way. U link with new people etc but i don't know i can't play online with data. It's only wifi. You can't host a match with data. Maybe it's my phone only. It needs to be upgraded, just cut off just like that thereby making you to have a defeat And another thing you need to revist your world ranking that it should be based on at least points not winning ratio because now a person who has played only 5 games with one loss is number whilst there are people who have won more than hundred games are no where to be found. Thanks comic pastor for letting me know abt this wonderful game and to the creator of this game I say keep it up.

Good but i am facing challenges with hosting a game. After i start the game the other player is failing to play on the other end. It keeps on displaying a message saying waiting for the host to start the game. It has great potential but sometimes the demand function did not work, I couldn't hear or talk to my opponent as advertised, the skip (7) function did not give me an opportunity to replay when I was playing 1 opponent and lastly the ability to change design by using the same number as the top card. Great app in the making.. Loved it,voice quality needs to be improved...overally loved it loved it.....add an option to put my own picture on my profile. Your app is not user friendly letting people create accounts before testing the game forces them to just skip to other similar apps.

The game is good...really good but jusss a few upgrades would spice it up somemore....introduce points for winnings etc...but its a great game...... The best game i have ever downloaded online, this has really taken me back home to Zim, well done Lennon games!.

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