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An exciting and very addictive game associated with destroying terrorists. Download Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS for Android, a multiplayer project that has long been part of our daily lives. If you are a real fan of the fight against terrorists, this unique project will be an unreal discovery. Good news awaits you when you can replay this real-time 3D shooter in a completely new guise.

You will be able to inflict a critical hit on enemies, dismantle any enemy and solve numerous problems. Play with your friends, and get a unique experience, which is possible on a mobile device. Free, without a time limit, and very interesting, you can spend your free time here. Participate in competitions with players worldwide, show your skills, and develop a plan for victory and other innovations. You will find excellent graphics, manageable control, and many exciting moments—experience six different maps, various tactics against enemies, and eight new game modes. Thirty types of weapons, great pistols, and rifles will help you win dizzying victories.

Critical Strike CS MOD

Good game play, but the prices are ludicrous! There's no way.. Modern Strike is way better with graphics, money deals, and just plain rewards for being A player... Game is very nice.super graphics..good theme.but is unfair.when teams are chosen,choose fair.some players have great power,they invest in the game,buy stuff.others play just what given is from the game.try to choose teams with equal power.. Partiality, teams must be formed with equal powers else there is no way for winning. Also teams must be formed in such a way that weak player gets into weak teams Sometimes extremely high level players get into match and they obviously wins. Not at all good. Hope developers will look into this Also remove the slides for those purchases, those are too annoying. Hope you are well after the new update of critical strike some of my friends are not playing this game becouse this is not working please update it again and fix it and bring some new changes like in PUBG mobile game. There is a big map and a car can be driven in it. In team death match, some new changes are needed. In this game, the traffic of PUBG mobile will come to Critical strike.. My goodness the best Fps game for Android you can even play in gyper graphics without lag . I like to call it CSO Android. Love this game nice details. But I wanted to play with my own friends not random please add that option . This game is worth it . 5 response from me . Amazing..

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Why do I have to shoot a person 30 times, yet thay only need to shoot me 1 time. Do you know how guns work. This game is so fair. One shot kill one shot kill one shot kill one shot kill so well programmed.. Let's sum it up. Played for 4 days, leveled up to 20. Every match I'm in is already a lost cause; the people I'm put against can literally take my gun to their head as I'm blasting them cause they have enough health and armor because of the higher tier and leveling, for enough time for them to turn around and one shot kill me. My guns barely peck their armor or health. I'm pretty much done already. Who wants to play a game like that?. i'm so sorry, but why it's very hard to upgrade any weapons or anything without having to pay for it.. I'm even a premium subscriber. I'll be uninstalling this game when my subscription is ready to renew. Very unlevel playing field. Even with special weapons. I've unloaded an entire clip from a few inches away and it still didn't kill the opponent. It wouldn't be so bad if it was every now and again, but nope..

Critical Strike CS APK

Match making system needs improvement since lower ranked/weaker players have a difficult time competing with higher ranked/stronger players. Also, it is impossible to get strong equipment unless willing to spend a lot of actual money since rewards system is extremely cheap.. I need the robbery bank in the games, so that i can decide how much money i can take at the bank!!. Giving a 1 star as network is unstable in the game constantly getting DC. Game is basically a pay to actually play they want to force you to pay to remove ads and after every match there is a ad you must watch first. Sorry won't recommend. Uninstalling the game. I am very unhappy with the game matchup algorithms.... I am a level 35 player....And yet repeatedly the game has been matching me with level 200 players... If I am to be a canon fodder for the experienced players, what's the use of playing this ridiculous setup... And the support team doesn't reply... Despite several complaints to them via mail.... Guys, just remember, if you can spend money like water, this game might be the one otherwise definitely avoid.

Critical Strike CS APK

Uninstalled right after I installed. This anti-cheat detection feature is super annoying. It detects irrelevant apps and won't let you move forward. Unfortunately, uninstalled.. Seems fun till you notice the rig of the battles, where you get shot one or two times and die an yet you can unload a full clip and they just eat all your bullets. . this game is the best shooter game in this university,the only thing is that when I'm playing the first ever game was easy but then when it was game like 8 nearly all of the players had protection and I keept dieing a could not even get a kill. But then I figured it out,anyway this is 5/1,000,000.. This game is in absolute shambles. the game server is pathethic as it just doesn't connnect to the game server either though 5g mobile data or wifi network as my bandwidth and pings are all fine and so is my upload and download speed. Tried unistalling and reinstalling aftrr clearing cache still no joy. Uninstalling it. Not sure on how peoplehave given ratings unless it's fake. Fix it or get it off the Playstorr devs. Was looking forward to the game but such a let down.

I like this game but you really need to put a system that divide players with special weapons and normal weapons. It's totally unfair for us normal player to constantly get wipeout by players with special tier weapons. I like this game bc I have 1220 lvl and I like the skins and the people and. The friend I have five Billion moneys. Ad is annoying but there is no ads and I like the update skins and I like ups my ranold the nacfonal is my friend we play together. The game is pay to win with too many ads with alot of popups pushing users for micro transactions. Extremely unfair match making algorithm the games cannot even count things and records things like kills, assists etc properly. Lots and lots bugs/issues in the game.. Its a good game for adults only...If a child will play then he/she will spoilt their own mind ......thx.

it is absolutely fun and i recommend you to add diffrent maps and modes so i give it five stars and i recommend you to download it guys. Game matchup is HORRIBLE! Will put you against people with weapons AND armor far superior than yours. You'll have tier 2/3 while they are on tier 6/7. You stand no chance. You'll do headshot after headshot and their health barely moves. They turn and take 1 shot you drop.. After reaching higher level i.e above 44 , you can not stand in any match as you have to face players with special guns All they want is you to purchase guns by real money otherwise keeping loosing Going to uninstall the game. i keep playing against players equipped with the immortal oliver from sas operator (this is why i keep losing in every game) can you please nerf oliver from sas operator?.

Bad game it's need update and there's no update baddddd Yenilnmni istyn v yenilm olmayan pis oyun , , Slegte speletjie wat 'n opdatering wil h en daar is geen opdatering nieBad game that wants an update and there is no update , , . Graphics looked good gameplay sucked, auto shooting is stupid, also no controller pad support! This game would be more fun if it had controller support, I uninstalled immediately after finding that out!!! Will most likely never recommend this game or reinstall unless those features are added.. I would have rated 5 stars if not for the most recent update. You used to have extra bonus spins at the end of each round and that has been removed. They are making it so it's very hard to upgrade any weapons or anything without having to pay for it. The only thing keeping me from deleting the game is that they still have the 6 hour bonus. I never used to mind buying things here and there but now they're getting too greedy. Bring back the bonuses and I'll put my rating to 5 stars.. Very good graphics.easy to win and tons of pvp.what I don't like is that u get like 100$ every battle which kinda sucks .

Awesome free FPS game. Old CS Maps. Easy to play. Watch ads for free rewards. Good fun. Best Android fps game I have found and also you have the ability to upgrade weapons, armor etc just by playing without having to spend money. Highly recommend..

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