NameCrypto Capitalist Idle Game
Size104.51 Mb
ReleaseKuro Neko Games

A simple cryptocurrency mining simulator. Crypto Capitalist – Idle Game is an entertaining simulator for mobile devices with Android, in which developers provide everyone with the opportunity to be in the role of a cryptocurrency miner.

In this simulator, you can not just get used to the role of a bitcoin miner but try to become a real crypto-capitalist. This simulator has straightforward controls. All actions are carried out using standard taps. During the game, you will purchase various equipment, configure it, and mine a lot of mining. Everything you earn, you need to invest back into your cryptocurrency mining “farms.” Here you need to consider that the better your equipment, the more cryptocurrency you can get.

Crypto Capitalist Idle Game MOD

Not formatted to for a mobile screen. All graphics are over sized to the point where the text bubbles cannot be read. Also, the ads are not working. They do not play when tapped.. Great app billionaire first day on the game would dope if there was a cash out but still great game. Broken? Video advertisements for double is not working. Purchase different coin sizes all the same price. Is this a scam??. Similar to ad cap. Love availability for landscape mode. But the wheel. come on 16 spins and landed exclusively on 2 the wheel clearly 100% rigged to ONLY give THAT reward. The programmer points (prestige) are not calculated properly. Started a new last night and woke up to only 2? Uhm I have triple what I went to bed with should have at least 5 by now? So yeah theres some broken pieces. but after ad cap abandoned its visually impaired players I've been looking for something new. This got it. It needs a lot of work. Upgrades dont work correctly. Text overlaps or missing. Buttons on the right overlap the businesses. Etc..

Crypto Capitalist Idle Game APK

I'd give five stars if you could turn rotation off and if the different levels were smaller on the screen!. Just realized this was from kuro Neko games. Just like Space Y this game does not load for 5 minutes, then loads gets into the tutorial and then crashes, refuses to reload after crash.... I don't know why put out games that do not work. After 3 different games from your company that ALL REFUSE TO WORK I am going to spread the word to stay away to all my friends and family. Just like in Space Y you won't even respond to this message sad to see from a game company. I've gotten the first 6 upgrades and non of them did the action i "bought". It's suppossed to multiple the earnings by three but it did nothing... Literally nothing. Waste of time until this glitch gets fixed.. It seems a simple strategy game yet it stresses your limit of mangement. Have fun trying your best to prosper.

Crypto Capitalist Idle Game APK

i dont like it MAKES YOU SPIN THW WHEEL I LIKE THE GAME BUT I DONT WONT TO OR HAVE TO. Really interesting game! You can earn a lot of money here. Already invite my friends to download the crypto capitalist game.. It's pretty good no real complaints about it except whenever you click on to play and had to get a bonus of something there's never any answer vailable. Granted and I never liked ads but if you're going to have a function on your game to watch an ad for a bonus have some ads otherwise The Advertiser relationship that you have you're never going to get any money out of them because you're not showing their ads on your game. Ask for email on first start up, made an email for it, 10 mins later that email has over 500 spam messages in the spam folder. Use a fake email when starting. Also forces you to watch an ad as part of the tutorial. Ita not inaccurate as you'll be watching lots of them in the game anyways....

Crypto Capitalist Idle Game APK

A distant relative whom i met at a reunion showed me this app. she explained how i shpuld play the game. so far i like the game. im not a fan of the colors though but its ok. I wonder if this game will give me bitcoins. The game is easy but I can't view ads. I'm not sure if it's my internet a connection.. This is a good idle game with a good theme of crypto currency. I enjoy playing it as it constantly requires thinking about what the best upgrades are. Look forward to more updates - good to see more updates in latest version. It's still got a lot of bugs it won't always count my money for being offline. I always have to close out the game a lot and reopen it to get programmers please fix and I will play all the time also time 2 for video's doesn't actually times time also bought multiple time 12 and doesn't seem like I'm getting all of my bonuses.

Its a great app. I know there are a lot like this but I got curious with the crypto currency theme so I have to give it a try. High five to the developers everything works for me from chips, upgrades, programmers etc. With the ads the game doesn't show the ads directly. Ads shows up when users would want to watch the ads for rewards. Kudos! Im still playing with the game. Pretty much a copy of the Adventure Capitalist. Which is a bad thing. Needs more polishing in overall and definitely in vertical viewing mode with things overlapping. Found one spelling error too. But it's fun for awhile :). Game is bugged as of today. Nothing on the bottom half of the screen is able to be tapped regardless of screen orientation. Can no longer play it.. This game will not connect to the internet. I even went in and checked all the permissions and it said it didn't require any but it still won't connect to the internet..

Bitcoin miner here! Add leaderboard please also if I can invite friend then I get bitcoins after that would be good..

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