NameCrystal Clash
Size78.94 Mb
ReleaseCold Fusion, Inc.

Compete in real-time against players from all over the world. The Crystal Clash is the most incredible puzzle requiring you to have crazy skills and a fast reaction to win.

You will play the role of the ruler of your castle, and your soldiers will help you significantly expand the territory. With your opponent, you will have to solve several complex problems and logic puzzles, as well as e, everything that lies aheaseveralarry from your best strategy to destroy any opponent. Control the paths, solve all the tasks and go through the enemy zones. For any of this puzzle there will be a particular solution; for it, you will get a lot of experience with puzzles and will also be able to level up your bits.

The game project is constantly updated, presents something wholly new, and acquires unique features. An independent and completely original toy that will give you an excellent mood for the rest of the day. You can go through it, enjoy solving the most incredible puzzles, and move forward in your development. Pleasant graphics can only give you a great mood, and you will develop your tactics.

Crystal Clash MOD

It has a great interesting concept but for some reason the place it detects you touching is like an inch down it ruins it so much. The music is great. I think it would be great with a simple calibration feature in all places from the main game to the menus I'm on a moto g power. Settings just takes me to the credits. Sometimes the game just crashes as I load into a game.. Dev deleting negative reviews. Game crashes constantly, making it unplayable.. Excellent game! but battle mode have poor logic calculate point.. Awesome I like c64. An interesting concept. Gameplay is fast and frantic and looks good. Could do with a some way to mske it difficult to accidentally quit mid game, as the grid is close to the back/home/task bar..

Crystal Clash APK

I like it. It's fun and fast. I'm not very good at the game, though, so I wish it had AI gameplay with levels so I could have a chance to play on a lower level and improve my skills.. Competitive multiplayer picross! What's not to love?.

Download ( V1.7.0 )

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