NameCube Card
SizeOctober 28, 2021
ReleaseGimle Games

Cool and very easy tape game. Cube Card will make you a real professional, and you only need to draw a certain card to go to the dungeon. It is simply teeming with the most terrible monsters, creatures that are thirsty for your blood. It is necessary to install blocks and use different weapons in order to somehow protect yourself and clear your way forward.

As you progress through the game project, you will be able to open new locations, upgrade your heroes and challenge the most powerful opponents. Try to be unique, fulfill certain conditions, and earn additional experience. Become simply invincible to solve all your problems and become more professional in this game project. Cube Card will give you something absolutely incredible, solve your most important tasks and test your own abilities.

Cube Card MOD

Far too easy and the characters aren't mechanically different enough from one another. The leveling up screen is unnecessarily tedious. Otherwise, solid time killer, easy to learn, quite fluid and pretty-especially for a dollar (on sale). Blows most FTP games out of the water for a handful of change. Excellent fun and well-made strategic game. Cute art style. Hours of replayability. Perfect challenge and steady learning curve. Recommend Unlocking the teleport card. Starting archer class is pretty strong. Great job devs!. Lots of fun. Only downside is translation and explanations could be a little bit better. But absolutely worth the money.. Icon not displaying properly in mobile, some default android app icon displayed, using nova launcher, I changed the icon to appear different. Game graphics is good, but I didn't get the purpose of playing this game.. It is a fun and addictive game to play. But lack of storyline means you can feel a bit confused about what dungeon to do next, or what character to pick. Best way to play is do the dungeons in order, and pick a new character for each one. Then you'll get everything this cheap but cheerful game has to offer. If you do a dungeon a day, the game will last about a month.

Cube Card APK

easy to pickup and easy to graze through multiple challenging dungeon crawls on the fly, the UI is clean and simple, and overall a great execution. love this!. Like FPS DELAY in MK, ITS sucking the money out of your pocket with in app purchases and hoping you buy wrong, then tell you a run around copy paste response.. Beautiful fun game. No ads, good price, and is a great time killer. The graphics are very nice and the layout is easy to understand. Keep this game great please.. Great work improving the game. I also got gun tactics and they are both good fun. Cube Card is just a bit better. Great work! .

Cube Card APK

This game is absolutely amazing. It's pretty easy to learn. Just remember to turn/keep the tutorial on or you'll forget to use your skills. You can still do fine without them, it's just a little more difficult going. :P. If you can deal with broken English there's a fun game here. It has a freemium game feel but without the in app purchases.. Back to 5 stars! Dev is very responsive and actually listens to user input. Game is now fixed (no more orientation bug) and as cute and simple and addicting as ever! Love this. One of the few offline games left in my phone. Keep up the good work! Edit : found another bug. The app icon in launcher (Nova Launcher Prime) becomes a green android. Checked the base.apk and the icon in drawables becomes default android. Made a custom icon with the original icon from previous version and its now good.. Pretty cool game. Some systems aren't properly explained, like what is the "speed" of the card and why it matters, but overall a very enjoyable experience. Kudos to the dev!.

Cube Card APK

Highly addictive game! I absolutely love it! I continue to play just one more game till I run myself out of time for sleep..

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