NameCurse of Aros
ReleaseBitgate, Inc.

This project perfectly resembles old 16-bit games. Curse of Aros MMORPG – an exciting online role-playing game for aAndroidthat will help you enjoy the most incredible adventures. If you like old-school games from childhood, you can enjoy this fantastic project. Beautiful melodic voice acting, a great soundtrack, and everything else will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this game. This fantasy world will drag you for a long time, and you will feel all its splendor. Here you will meet a crazy combat system, crazy quests, dungeons, group confrontations, and strong bosses. You will encounter various weapons, armor, spells, and everything else in this story. Gather a strong team of like-minded people, go to conquer the world, and become the strongest hero of this game project.

Curse of Aros MOD

So far it's really good. Love the skill building. Can be a grind but that's the part I love about this genre. Digging the retro graphics. I think an auction house for easier trading would be fantastic. Hope the ranger drops soon. I can't drop items in the Christmas event it's a piece of its and I'm at the end and I can't get out. amazing game ,smooth controls ,pretty much a 3d runescape without being runescape. all I ask is a chest sorter system. keep up the great work devs. This is my first time playing it and there are a few issues like: 1) the magic system it's soo wrong like instead of binding some spells to your wand and using mana it requires something called tomes that you have to buy 2) you can't place any pointers or something on the map That's about it for now. Many people might disagree with me but you guys are doing too much i hate the new potion textures and the new texture's in general i miss the old ones.

Curse of Aros APK

This is a really good game and I am a the guy who likes MMORPG games this is one of the best that I have played but there are some bugs but from there is no problem for me keep up the good work.. this is the best rpg game I've played its so fun there's nothing about the game i hate the grinding is not bad either i cant wait for ranged to come out. It's a really great game, but it's challenging in the beginning trying to figure out what to do and where you should go and that's what makes it a great game it doesn't hold your hand and tell you what to do you just do what you want to do.. So... I was playing the chrismas event and the evil elf throwed a snowball at me it didnt even touch me and the evil elf taked the bite of the cookie coin pls fix this bug!!!!!So i was playing the chrismas event again and i got near the snowman and it said"all sleds are currently taken" so i log off for 10 minutes when i log back in i was back at spawn (pls give me a free snow ball launcher or i will rate it 0 stars).

Curse of Aros APK

it was the best game i ever had after pubg so addictive..Edit - I never use any autoclikiing app and still got bann for autoclikiing, (i just use my foot toe to hold attack button untill my device fully charged so i could take benefit of world boost ) i thought that game system detect third party app than bann but holding button gives you bann its really disappointing i also share a video but nothing good came out and they bann fr fls rprt .Although game is really good thats why i still give 5 . This is the best game I ever played so I rate no ads no bug and please add more map.. Man this game really sucks I have an account that I grinded for the last 6 or 8 months and I got banned ain't no way I'm gonna grind again so 1 star is all you get you LOL. Never really leave a review, but this one deserved praise. One of the best mmorpgs I have ever played and it's on mobile..

Curse of Aros APK

I was banned for no reason, wrote an email to ask what happened and i didnt received any answer, i spent alot of time playing the game and for no reason and without any warning my account was banned, without breaking any rules!. i would have give 5 star but recently i am facing some glitches and i can't get in the game for some reason. For that i had to download it again and again , but overall i really enjoyed the game for a year.. Xmas event 2023 is so bad. Although it can be done there are several glitches with snowballs coming through the rocks and appearing out of nowhere. Been in safe areas several times and got hit without even seeing the snowball. Got so frustrated with it I gave up even collecting the tickets. Now I getting frustrated with the game itself as it seriously needs a decent skill update. Going leave the game for a while and hope it gets better by time I come back.. When i was farming seedings i get a lot of magic essence and when i tried to sell them I can't write anything and it says you are muted. Now im uninstalling the game until i get a response from coa team. Please fix this bug..

If you have played runescape or eternal lands then this game is probably the best you will find on android.. Love love love it! Cannot get enough. We've got mining!We've got mage! We've got melee! You could just cut magic wood, or only craft runes on thursday evening. We can boost pets we find, with food we cook from fish we catch and salt we mine! O.O Omgosh it's too exciting uwu <3 Unlock the teleports for ultimate convenience, master tailoring and seek monsters in the deep, or just hunt grasshoppers and rake millions into your bank trading and selling them on an open market!!!. One of the best game i ever played but I found a major problem in my account, whenever I go to fight with nydarax it starts lagging too much so that I lost so many experience and saving grace and it not my device issu i am sure.. The game pretty good not going to lie. Although the at the beginning its hard to know what to do without guides and the quest are quite odd at choosing. Killing same creature and not advancing get annoying. But over all pretty good..

Honestly i love this game but there is big issue with the banning system.. i was banned from several accounts for absurd reasons such as one mod said that I shouldn't have 200m as a lvl 30 player and banned for having 200m :/ I want Bart to help me get I unbanned. this is my 2nd account....... never add High risk pvp again Edit: why the hell is Ancient war bats ability glitched? there are also many unbalanced things in this game as well as no content even after years. Ekdum bekaar game h time kharab mat karna apna 10 tarha ke skill h lvl up karne ke liye har skill ko lvl40 ke baad up karne me dikkat aati h jada tar koi item nhi milta aur trade karne Wale bohot jada money lete kisi bhi item ke liye aur game coin collect karne me dikkat bhi aati ya toh kuch aaisa kro ki game coin collect karna aasaan ho Jaye or ek baat aur vo cow ko hata do game se par dosto apna time kharab mat kro is game pe koi dost bhi nhi Banta sahi se isme. Your Christmas event not only dropped after Christmas but it's literally the worst in game event I've ever played in my life. Biggest failure I've ever seen in a game. Watch snowballs fly 3 feet next to you yet still get a hit marker? Again this was by far the worst game event ever and to drop it after Christmas why even, especially when it's that buggy compared to the rest of gameplay..

After the Christmas update I can't play the Christmas update on my phone anymore because when I login into the game, I came back to the 'login page' please help!. This game is so cool and way more better than rucoy online. it has a nice armors,easy to earn golds,instant lvl up and others and also can you give us some free shards? if you did it i give ya 5 stars. It's the best game I've ever played my entire life its fun because it has roaming,action,slaying beasts,pvp,crafting,pets, armor's,weapons,skills,wood chopping,mining,fishing,trading, purchases with in-game currency that doesn't need real money,selling unused items,bank to store items,toturial and best of all the mb of this game is ssooooo low and it's super enjoyable. Nice game, would be better if ores & logs become stackable inside inventory or at least increase the limit of inventory slots. Drop rates are fair nice game overall..

Too much grindy... imagine mining a ore (ex: varaxite) for 1min then u take 2,1 ores and the source is over then u walk to another source....doing this until your bag fillsup(36 ore max) then returns to bank to store. YOU NEED TO MINE ATLEAST 3K ORES TO GET PAST TO NEXT MINING!!! why tho? Why go through all this time waste game?. TLDR: Moderator Mini Mirca Power Abuse. I played this game for years. Recently a lot of people have been made moderators. There has been a lot of power abuse and drama. The worst by far is Mini Mirca. Recently his friend crashed me. After a stream of abuse from this player who crashed me for calling him a crasher. He started chatting with his friend Mini Mirca in Turkish. 10 minutes later I am muted without warning. Power abuse is the one thing that could make me quit this game.. it's a good game and I love this game very much but I can't understand why higher levels defeated by lower level like your level(90) the enemy is level(70) you can't defeat the enemy without using healing potion but btw I love this game. First of all this is a good game but i gave this three stars is because it is really hard to get items plus i was muted how can i trade. This is pathetic. I have spen alot in this game.

It's a good game lots of fun please make game easy from level 35 - 95 for magic and upcoming archery a bit of lag just please and money storage and shard storage bring back the cool events such as 2022 summer event and 2021 Halloween to 2024 thanks Love ZED the memer. Love the game one problem I doesn't have full controller support and wish you would add It in the next update. This game needs to be played offline plss and tell the owner of the game by the way it's a cool game . I think in general, this game has a LOT of potential, but I feel the mmorpg needs to EXPANDED, of course ik y'all are doing well and or your best. but still I will try and support and put my faith in this game, and I expect the same. please and thank you!.

The games pretty good so far but it's a mobile touch screen game so I don't understand why things do play better for mobile. For example, if I walk up to an ore vein with my sword equipped but have a pickaxe in my inventory and I see the ore icon, why would I get an error when I tap the ore icon instead of it just working? How does it make sense that I need the extra tap to switch to my pickaxe? It just seems antiquated.. There are suppose to be corpse worm in the game but there's none. I searched in shadow dune + pvp area. None. Please fix it.. It's amazing the boss fights are so good it it deserves a 4 stares because the merchant gives you nearly every thing you need and alot of boss are easy to kill and need a buff like the reminded soul can only deal damage to you when your in the blue whole and its a ez medium xp Bootle plz make the merchant give less stuff and stronger boss a few boss needs nufs though but its a good game.

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