NameDangle Dash
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseAstro Hound
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Dangle Dash

Master Your Skills in Dangle Dash

Start your hockey confrontation by diving into the exhilarating world of Dangle Dash. This ice game offers you the opportunity to learn how to hold the stick correctly while engaging in fast-paced and challenging gameplay. Get ready to showcase your skills and impress everyone with your talents on the ice.

Conquer Exciting Challenges

Embark on a journey filled with interesting tasks and navigate through the most difficult maps designed to test your abilities. Encounter a variety of obstacles such as real traffic cones, brooms, crazy guitars, inflatable circles, and more, all of which will challenge you to overcome them with finesse. Don’t fret if you face setbacks initially, as practice makes perfect in this thrilling hockey adventure.

Take on the challenge of jumping over objects and maneuvering around obstacles from different angles to secure awesome bonuses. Your ability to stay on the ice for longer periods will increase your chances of setting incredible records and achieving new milestones. Unlock additional pucks along the way to enhance your gameplay experience and strive for victory.

Download ( V4.3 )