Defence Rivals: Tower War is an action-packed tower defense game where players must strategically place towers and defend their base from waves of enemy attacks. With over 20 unique towers, each with different abilities and upgrades, players can customize their defense strategy. The game features intense battles, challenging boss fights, and various levels and game modes to keep players engaged. Can you protect your base and become the ultimate tower defense champion?

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Introducing the Fantasy Gift Reward! In this epic tower defense game, unlock magical treasures like The Sword of Frostbite, granting towers icy attacks, The Helm of Invulnerability, enhancing tower defense, and The Amulet of Lightning, infusing towers with electrifying power. Choose your heroes wisely!


“Unlock the mystic Coupon of Legends! Redeem for epic tower skins, powerful artifacts, bonus gold, and exclusive heroes to unleash chaos upon your enemies in Defence Rivals: Tower War! “

How to Redeem Code for Defence Rivals : Tower War

To redeem a gift code in Defence Rivals: Tower War, follow these steps:
1. Open the game on your device.
2. Look for the "Settings" menu and tap on it.
3. In the settings menu, search for the "Gift Code" option.
4. Enter your gift code in the provided field accurately.
5. Click on the "Redeem" button to submit the code.
6. Wait for the game to verify the code.
7. Once verified, you will receive the reward associated with the gift code. Enjoy playing Defence Rivals: Tower War!

List of Defence Rivals : Tower War Codes

1. Code: DRTWR001
Gift: Unlock Mega Bomb Tower
Description: Use this code to unlock the powerful Mega Bomb Tower that will obliterate any enemy in its range.

2. Code: DRTWR002
Gift: 5000 Gold Coins
Description: Redeem this code to receive 5000 gold coins, which can be used to upgrade your towers and defenses.

3. Code: DRTWR003
Gift: Double XP Boost
Description: Activate this code for a limited time double experience boost, allowing your towers to level up faster and become stronger.

4. Code: DRTWR004
Gift: Unlimited Tower Upgrades
Description: With this code, you can upgrade your towers without any restrictions, making them more formidable against enemy attacks.

5. Code: DRTWR005
Gift: Unlock Special Tower Skins
Description: Use this code to unlock exclusive tower skins that will give your towers a unique and stylish appearance.

6. Code: DRTWR006
Gift: Free Tower Boosters
Description: Redeem this code to receive a pack of tower boosters that will provide additional firepower and defenses to your towers.

7. Code: DRTWR007
Gift: Extra Starting Towers
Description: Activate this code to start the game with extra towers already built, giving you a strong advantage against your enemies.

8. Code: DRTWR008
Gift: Rare Tower Blueprint
Description: Unlock a rare tower blueprint with this code, allowing you to build a unique tower that possesses special abilities and advantages.


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