NameDefenders 2

Gather a collection of cards and destroy monsters with towers and magic in Defends 2 TD CCG. Defenders 2 TD: Zone Tower Defense Strategy Game – the creators of the “Prime World” series of strategy games are pleased to present you with the latest exciting game Defenders 2, which combines the genre of the already well-known “Tower Defense” with a collectible card game that unites people from all over the world with more than five million players!

The main features of the game:

  • A unique opportunity to collect 40 towers, as well as up to 20 magic spells
  • With the help of a collection of magical Runes, you can build an invulnerable defense
  • Use it to fight various types of monsters and a huge number of bosses
  • In addition to fighting evil, you have the opportunity to capture other lands by attacking your virtual opponents

The presence of incredible night levels and destructive natural phenomena will help test the strength of the fortification you have created

When you get to the mysterious territory that survived the consequences of natural disasters, which hides all-destroying artifacts and unimaginable riches in its bowels, you will see that they are guarded by cruel monsters. When you build a strong defensive defense, you will be able to effectively defend yourself from enemy attacks: from a monster to its main boss.

Incredibly realistic 3D graphics, the use of spectacular totems, unpredictable battles, and the ability to play at an increased level of difficulty – that’s what awaits you after downloading the game. Start now and show what you can do!

Defenders 2 MOD

I would love to give a higher rating as I do very much enjoy the game. The problem is it crashes just about every time I try to do ANYTHING. Start a map, crash, open a chest, crash, fuse a card, crash, about the only thing I can do without it crashing is idle and look at the overworld.... without actually playing the game.. Game not loading, cannot connect to server for 2 days! Devs occasionally come to game and chat, said game no longer updated, and not being balanced any more ... For a popular game, why would you do this?. this game is good to play, seem like some tower is upgrade by luck. but all state after end need to loading for long long time. its annoying.. The game no longer appears to be supported by the developer. Doesn't load properly most times and if it does, it will claim your internet isn't available even when it is. Don't bother.. Crashing more than it works, gets stuck on loading screen, servers are trash. Says check internet connection and won't start when I have 5g or high speed wifi and every other app works. Why does it need file access? Galaxy 22 ultra suggests deep sleep regularly (due to frequent crashing). Otherwise fun, VERRRY pay to win.

Defenders 2 APK

It's pay to win. Second option is to watch 10 ads or more daily, just to advance extremely slowly in the game. It also hasn't been updated in a long time, so it's treated like a glorified cash cow.. Does not connect. Keeps telling me to check my internet connection when every other game on my phone connects without fail.. Purchased premium yesterday, now the server is down right after the purchase without any notice. The server crashed twice in a week for more than 48 hours.. Great game, too bad is a 50/50 chance you can t connect when trying to play. Happened so many times recently when the game can t connect to server. I even emailed the devs but got no reply. Hence the 1 star rating.

Defenders 2 APK

I didn't very much like how the gameplay worked. The graphics were not the best either. Something about this kind of defender game didn't interest me. Not a bad game if it lets you play or not crash lmao I can watch and play other games fine yet this can't connect to a very weak server why? Shame as it looked like it could have been a good game I could have spent lots of time on!!! Only 1 star as it seems they have forgotten about this game...... Great game. Just doesn't work anymore. Says it's loading servers, but the servers never load. Just continues that cycle over and over again. I'm on a Android operating system with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.. Overall one of the best tower defence games out there that is still alive and growing, the only downside is it is heavily pay to win however it does seem like the community work well to help eachother and that with time the devs do try to meet a somewhat middle point with the players requests, definitely a long term game to commit to [a few years later] turns out they hired all the marvel villains and put them in charge of the paywall because it's gotten so bad to the point were it's unplayable.

Defenders 2 APK

One of the most great tower defend game, but unfortunately, the recent server down, unable connect to server is very let down.... Server Connection has been fatal these last few days! Only this app has any issues,so it's not my internet or device. I LOVE THIS MAN,WHO GAVE HIS LIFE FOR ME. .JESUS.! AMO ESE HOMBRE, QUIEN DIO.! SU VIDA POR MI..JESUS.!. Crashes constantly load times can be minutes long making this game unplayable at times hope it gets fixed this game used to be fun now it's not even playable.

Does not work. All it says is connecting to server. ----- Updated 1 star to 4 since it is now working and when it works it is a pretty good game. *Changed from 5 Star to 2 star* Please can you sort the server issue out. I paid for 10 days premium and I bought all 3 battle passes (Assault, Hunt and Raid). I can't even get past the "Synchronizing.." screen anymore. There's literally a day before my battle passes finish and I'm losing out on premium time too. I love this game but twice in a month there has been server issues and I've lost "paid for" bonuses.. Really like the pace. Buying, seems to be an option, not a requirement. Haven't gotten too far but, far enough to normally hit a pay wall. Haven't seen hint of it. I will definitely be investing into this game, Good Job Def's. Love the app. However in-game does not show me what does what. The help page to explain it does not load. Connect to fb does not work. And seams like thr more you play and pay the better it will be..

Why is game is down for 2 days. I have spent 1000 rs on the premiums. I want my refund back. This game sucks now a days.. Game constantly crashing and freezing. Still haven't heard back from developer about the issues with the game. Update: 2 months later and still no assistance from developer about constant crashing. I would give them a negative 5 stars if I could. So be warned.. the 1st defenders td origins was much better, it had: map rotation can actually play in landscape overall harder game overall longer waves in this game you just place a sniper, a cobra and a glaive shooter and thats how you win everytime. I love this game. I only have one problem. $20 is too much to have to pay monthly. One time only. If Im going to do that every month at least include a couple thousand .

Good game but the ability to connect to the servers has been horrible on and off the past week or two (I'm on a stable wifi with high bandwidth and am not experiencing issues with internet functionalities with any other apps or games). Also, the way towers get removed when an enemy walks through the space where the tower is for whatever reason, is a highly annoying bug that happens far too often.. I love this game but for some reason I cannot play it, it says I have to check my internet connection even though I have and it works perfectly, And it says it's trying to connect to the server but it cannot. I want to play badly but I cannot I will fix the rating/review once I can play again. This happened on 8/21/2022.. Game constantly freezes, this has removed ability to play. Android 12 snow cone with premium phone . Wish I had not loaded this game. Not as fun as the original far to complicated to really enjoy. Spent about $20 bucks only to Uninstall.. Overall a fun game that keeps you coming back and has a reasonable amount of adds (if you don't pay that play) - you only view adds in order to get shards of each tower card (get enough shards of a rare card and you can craft the actual card). UI works well and gameplay is smooth. My only complaint is the lack of information during some parts of the game. For some battles, certain cards cannot be used, though no explanation as to why is given..

The amount of greed for the prices they charge is insane. Gameplay is good till you hit what feels like a paywall unless you grind the some mission over and over.. Downloaded this based on some recommendations I saw on the web - sadly, the game wouldn't even load. It also asked for permission to see my files as soon I first loaded the game, which seemed a bit awkward to me.. Would not even load up. Also, game wants access to my media and phone WITHOUT giving me ANYTHING in return. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.. Very stable game, though there are still a bunch of holes that need to be filled... It's a good game, but since they brought it out as a sequel, I have to compare it to the first edition: in this version: gameplay is massively increased, a lot more different things to do and more CCG, as well as a few interesting game dynamics. BUT graphics are nerfed. From a full screen pc game with awesome graphics to a fixed angle phone portrait only. Storyline is nixed. Interface is awkward at times..

Holy Mahogany. You'll play this game for while and then... Stop. Look at all the micro transactions and how aggressive the game is. How obscured everything is. Imagine Warframe but made by Satan.. Decent take on a TD game. Bit of a cash grab but what do you expect for a "free game". Honestly enjoyable experience, has monetization of course but it isn't forced, very open game with alot more freedom than you'd expect. Don't like the up & down view deeply prefer side to side view... advertising games that can't be found in the play store....

Great game a little confusing but manageable the only problem I have is it will not work on data. Pls patch that issue. Hey so just putting this out there? This is a really good game but it's really unstable now, is keeps crashing. I love this game and i don't want to see it go into ruin.. I absolutely love this game and you don't need to pay to win, but I have felt the need to spend money to advance. However my pen stopped working ONLY in the game today randomly. I've restarted my phone to no avail, will bump up to a 5 when my pen is supported again.. Got to Lvl 3 and now every available mission locks up the app. Force quit and uninstall/reinstall haven't fixed the problem. Don't know why this game was recommended online...

I purchased a item but they never sent it to me . Message them and Google with proof of purchase and that I never received it but still no refund. Bullies and thieves. This game STINKS !!! once you reach lvl 80, there's no more advancement. Above lvl 80, your just wasting time, trying to climb a glacial ladder. The support even STINKS ! That's what you get with a bunch of arrogant " rice head " programmers. I've had my fill and this goes in the trash right where it belongs. I won't even call it a game. It's like so many of the other money rip off scams from " Foogle " !!!. As far as the game goes, it is a very fun game and I enjoyed it. I would give it 5 stars for that alone if not for major problems. The problem for me is that the game app crashes constantly and kicks u out of the app completely. Another issue it causes my phone to have issues charging wired and wireless.. It's a good tower game that I could give 4.5. But 3 because developers are stack on Defenders 2. They think adding towers and new creatures would do. Ok can not play over two years and keep enjoying. I am in getting bored. No wonder some leave and come back later. I have great idea how they can make 3 and incorporate it in the current on. People love a challenge. Finish a game and satisfaction of winning..

Got to lvl 20 and get the same cards seems like I am only able to buy different cards. Ads aren't that bad also all of Sudden I am unable to play without wifi connection. Please stop making unskippable tutorials that force people to use currency. I uninstalled the game because this pisses me off. Other than that, the game is ok, but not amazing and fairly pay to win.. Very boring start. I have been playing for about 2 weeks and I have crushed levels and have only received the same 4 tower cards out of the dozens that they probably have. In order to explore their vast collection of towers you must purchase them or watch 1 ad per day about 25 times to build a new tower. Their sale tactics are bold. Some mobs fly. Well you only receive 1 card that can only fight flyers. In order to advance in stages with flyers, you must buy the towers or wait a month.. Play same map 20 times get junk towers repeat for a week build up an army of junk towers that do nothing to bosses that spawn 100 creates with hp higher than the boss it's self all which require special towers to beat. Don't worry though after boring yourself and getting frustrating things you can't beat they will off to sell you a tower you can use one of for the low low price of 50$. Rip off scam artists.

compared to the first one it is a pale version as if the devs said f it and just threw it together poorly just to get a game out its blend boring and there is nothing new about this its just a poorly made cheap knock off of the first game. Game won't launch if you don't allow it access to your pictures and media. Its a game not a tool or utility app that needs that type of permission. Very sketchy. Uninstalled immediately.. GAME kees saying check server bad connection. I am a network administrator. My network is fine. I average 308mbs on speed tests..

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