NameDelta Special Force Counter
ReleaseElite Force Games

A fast-paced first-person shooter with cool gunfights. Delta Special Force Counter: Strike Shooting Games is a cool multiplayer first-person shooter for Android devices, based on the mechanics of the well-known Counter-Strike game.

In this shooter, you are offered to play in single or multiplayer mode, fighting with different opponents. In the first case, you will exchange fire with virtual opponents as part of one of the selected teams. In the second case, real players will become your opponents. In both the first and second cases, the main task is to completely destroy the enemy team. The AI ​​in the game is quite well developed, but its abilities are completely dependent on the selected difficulty level. When you win matches, you will receive different boxes with cool weapon skins.

Delta Special Force Counter MOD

This Game is Best . This is a good game. Good Coverfire shooting game! Nice! I downloading it again now. It was fun. Playing it before.. GREAT game so far.perfect!!! Couldnt ask for more only hope i dont have to sink a bunch of $ to advance like some but so far so good. Besides major gun my 2cd favorite so far.thanks.

Download ( V1.0 )

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