NameDestiny Child

A unique card game in every sense. Destiny Child to prepare for the most exciting adventures and protect all the children in the world. All the kids are beautiful and funny, and you must defend them in any situation. Soon you will become an absolute master, charm all the heroes and solve many problems. Here you will meet many new characters; you will be able to meet each of them and show all your emotion—aA large number of kids are designed in 2D format. Learn any story that happened to each child in this game.

Destiny Child is an excellent RPG with many collectible “Childs.” Players can obtain these characters primarily through this game’s summoning system and through the story. Its animations are the distinguishing elements that stand out for every child drawn with Live2D, the method of providing movement and depth to static characters, resulting in eye-catching art styles featuring humanistic designs. Beautiful object. Each kid in the game has stats and abilities, voice acting, and a storyline. Players can perform all Child’s exclusive Tap, Drive, and Slide abilities, including timed QTE attacks.

A pretty simple toy that is filled with incredible fun and various benefits. You have to hold your hero to destroy the enemy trying to offend the children. Unique character abilities, convenient attacks, and an incredible fever time. A simple project with the most amazing possibilities. Such confrontations cannot be missed, and you can see them yourself. You can explore the whole world and enjoy its secrets and exciting stories. It remains only to prepare and embark on the most incredible adventures.

Destiny Child MOD

Literally unplayable. 7+ GB download only to find out it can't be played by anyone unless you already had an account. Title and description do not state this anywhere. Should be removed or updated.. Guys. Stop give 1-stars. It was shut down if you are a new players. You can't play this anymore. Unless everyone has a memorial login if you were playing this so long ago. You can enter this for the gallery or whatever.. Farewell Destiny Child you were the best. For those who cant get code- you had to link your account to memorial account to get code, if you missed it - welp sucks to be you. Game is closed down. End of Service. In gacha heaven.. Super fun game and cute Live2D characters mixed equality fun yet challenging battle system. Best Gacha game I played since Puzzle & Dragons! Please keep up the excellent work making this game fun, Developers! Can no longer play it anymore for some reason, keeps asking me to login but won't let me do anything.. Needs to be renamed and have the description changed. The game servers are down and have been changed into a memorial of sorts for old players to look back on their memories. I was excited to try this game too....

Destiny Child APK

Update: haven't played in a while and decided to jump back on.....but, im unable to log in because of a " Memorial verification code"...definitely would love to jump back on to play!. I cant log in now keeps asking me for a memorial login that i dont have and i email to ask for help but nothing back for a few weeks. Kinda sad becos i did like this game :(. After playing off and on for years, they add "memorial" to its name and wants me to login with an ID I don't remember, and giving no way to reset it. Maybe the 1 will get their attention so they can help me???. Sad that the game was shut down. Still up for those wanting to see all the characters. It was an honor to be here from the beginning until the end..

Destiny Child APK

Unfortunately, this game is offline now, and to even use it anymore, you had to be a player before it closed down. But if you were one of those lucky ones, it's very nice to take a trip down memory lane. Thanks for those awesome years!. Why is this game still posted for the public to see. There's nothing to do. The game has been shut down.. Sadly my game and all my stuff is gone can't login because I don't know where to get it, I have no choice but to unistall the game.. Its asking for a memorial code how do i get that does the game still work?ill change my review if itll let me login or create an account.

Destiny Child APK

NOT HAPPY! What is a memorial login, and why can't I access my game? I've spent hundreds on this game.. I just re downloaded the game, but it's asking for a memorial login. What does that mean. If I can get this fixed I'll give 5 stars. What happened to everyone favorite mobile game Destiny Child I know the actress who played as diva in this game is dead but what happened to the actual game I have to input my memory login to login and everything has changed on it and I am confused there's no story mode no offense mode no arena know-nothing and plus I cannot hear Moana of light talk is Destiny Child now dead just like square enix mobile Kingdom heart game because I am now confused please tell me what happen.. Not sure why I'm allowed to download a game that had its servers shut down over a month ago. Wouldn't have wasted the time.... Cool jpegs I guess though.

Thank you for all those years, really loved the story wish it could have continued, sad to see it go so soon.. Thank alot you guys ruined the game with this stupid memorial verification code that I can't get so I can't use my account anymore. Thank you for fill my time in this 4 years playing. I love this games a lot , so sad its has to end. Love u soo much. Miss u, see u next chapter. I'll wait.. Well I didn't know that u guys were shutting down the login I very rarely play your great game I uninstalled it due to space today and didn't know you guys did this so now everything is gone I'm so sad. There is probably no way to get my stuff from u guys anymore here is to my great stupidity of not know this happened ..

K so I can not even play the cause of a code need to get in the do not have email to send a code to so need to fix that so I can play the game. Game is great but didn't write my memorial code so now I can't get into my account anymore. Please help. The memorial update was the best thing to happen, i finally got to take pics of Sol in his hot springs skin, i hope you guys make another Destiny Child game someday with a brand new name, maybe Destiny Child: Reborn or Destiny Child: Renewed Life, take this into concideration, ok? Please, it would make us very happy . Thank you for the years of amazing art and generous gacha pulls. A shame that it has to close down but it's bound to happen sooner or later..

How am i supposed to continue to play this if I don't have a MEMORIAL LOGIN fix asap and I'll give it 5 stars again. I will truly miss this game it was heading in a great direction..... the memorial is cool but I want the actual game back.. I love this game and have played it for as long as I can remember. I recently had to take a long break from it and can't login? It's asking me for a memorial login? Am I missing something or is my account gone forever?. used to be my favorite game, but when I tried to download it on my new phone it kept getting to 70% and crashing. I'd love to play it again, but it's been almost a year now and they still haven't fixed this issue. I keep trying to download it atleast once a month, but I'm losing hope they'll ever fix this bug. It seems other people have complained about it too and they've done nothing I think this game only works on ios now, it seems to be crashing for android users trying to download it.

Been playing this game for years and now with the new update it asks for a memorial login what is that and why do I have to make it?. Thank you for the best game experience tel now best game i played the game for years and now I need to uninstall it with out game the server is closing.. WAS a good game, if you paid anything you got screwed because they shut down the game out of nowhere. Thanks for robbing everyone.... Thank you very much for 5 years of fun. It was a very pleasant experience playing it for so long. I wish all of the people who made this game possible the best and any future project be as memorable as this one. Thank you very much once again..

Hello I just downloaded the game and I can't log in because of "memorial login" I don't know what to put and need some help for now this will be my review because the game design looks nice.. The most f2p gacha game ever. I could never find gacha game like this. Great story, nice character, amazing rate. Sad that it has come to end. In memory. . Really good game. The waifu art is top notch. I wish I could know the storyline more, but have to leave everything behind. Going to miss the game and the my characters that I grinded for so long. Goodbye Destiny Child.. Love the game, but what's the deal with this "memorial". Why can't I do anything else but sit at the main menu,spa,archive,library, and Eve's adventure?.

Why I can't login and why I don't get memorial login verification code . Did it mean, I must delete the game or what?. Thank you destiny child for the memories and the gameplay that you have give , I was kinda sad when the game is shutting down , destiny child is one of the best gacha games I played thank you for everything. Downloaded this game completely unaware that it was shut down and I can't make an account. Please put that info down on store page.. Thanks for all the good memories, Most important of all allowing us to kept the waifu even upon server closure, Much appreciatted.

Crashes every 2 minutes. Took an hour to update because of that. Remember playing it at launch with no problems. Unplayable now. Snapdragon gen 2, 16gb ram, 200mb down wifi. Don't think the problem is on my end.. Its telling me I need a verification code to login but it won't send me the verification code! How can i play without it? Is this a common bug or something? Anyone know how to fix this. By far the most generous gacha game I have ever played.. thank you for all the fun memories, we had a good run. I'm honestly gonna miss this game a lot. it's such a shame it shut down. Thank you Devs for the Memorial update.. you guys truly do rock!. Ti khng thy giao din gatcha v tin t trong game cng ko thy ti item ca ti .

the game has nice visual and enjoyable to play with different task and story, but then there was an updated and it won't let me to login to the game again. It was a fantastic game and everything. Until you decided to stop working on it. I have to say, I am extremely upset you decided to stop game production. I loved the entire game. Very dissatisfied with how the game now is gone. Everything that is worked on is suddenly down the drain for me and many others. Very upsetting.. I'm guessing that the game is done now. We didn't even get an ending to the story. I hate it when anime don't have endings... (I know this is a game) all the build-up and no payoff... disappointing. It was a fun game. The character animations were sorta cool. Kind of like an adult version of Pokmon. Hopefully the DOA characters come back (can't complete the collection without them).. final review, lost game due to link account which no one said was important.!!! lost my account again every time I buy a new tablet each year due to planned obsolescence/obsolete pre installed on devices.

Final Review! Lost game account again but due to Link account which I ignored. .. Great game, sexy girls, Now more Rewards than ever. But - Also, couldn't Transfer the game from iOS to Android NO matter what I do! Started 2nd account. Best mobile game by far. I started playing it back when it started and never left until it's end. DC2 please :). Really going to miss this gem. If your player who's looking for a game you don't have to spend a lot of money on this is the one for you. There's a lot to do everyday, but you don't actually get punished if you can't get to it. The system is well-designed to upgrade just through playing. I personally wish monetary purchases were more reasonably priced however they seem slightly better than standard mobile purchasing structures.. The game is really great! To great visuals to great gameplay. The RNG does need a bit more fixing into variety since I end up getting a lot duplicates, but overall amazing! Thank you for the game, it was nice playing you for the past 4 years. Goodbye destiny child..

Loved this game for many years, so sad to see it gone. Will miss the many storylines the most! RIP . My account was forced to be memorialised??? Why? Now there is nobody to fight, nothing to do but look at the characters and after spending so much time and money on this game surely it can't be all there is!?!? I'll be getting my refund for all purchases if this is the end of this game. Please respond.. One of the greatest games I've played. Incredibly sad to see it go, hopefully it'll come back again in one way or another. The master's story isn't finished yet.. There was zero explicit warning that I would HAVE to create a memorial account to continue playing and as such I am unable to continue playing this game. Unfortunate. Oh well I guess.

Beautiful game...and I will still give it a 5 star...even though I thought the memorial you would still play offline on story mode and possible random bosses but I guess it really is a memorial...disappointed about that...other than that I love this game. Good bye, I hope to see you again Tm bit v hn gp li, mong l vy . please help. I couldn't log in after the new update, even after I placed in the verification code. all I got was error. As of September 21st 2023. This game is no more. Thank you all for supporting this game. R.I.P Destiny Child!!!.

it was the best experience ive had in a gacha game, the story was great and the fan service was exquisite, sadly it came to an end. Thanks for being one of the best gacha games out there. The time I spent with this game over the years will forever have a place in my heart. Thank you Destiny Child for the amazing game it was great time all the to the end farewell for know but never forgotten Love Tylee.. This is and forever will be one of the best stories told with some of the best designed characters. Far superior to Nikke in every aspect. No other mobile game since mobius has come close for a good story in comparison except Destiny Child..

Thank you for the incredible game that was fun to play for all these years. The best gacha for f2p players and I am glad I got to play this gem. Trully thank you.. The art style is beautiful, classic grind and power up game to pass time. May I suggest more collaborations and gacha draws of fan faves?.. Dont end the game THIS GAME IS PARAMOUNT IF YOURE INTO FANSERVICE THEY HAVE AN ANIME PILOT THEY HAVE AFFORDABLE PACKAGES THEY HAVE MANY CHARACTERS THEY HAVE AMPLE GAMEPLAY THEY HAVE DECENT DIFFICULTY THEY HAVE GORGEOUS REWARDS THIS GAME IS ONE OF THE BEST RPG GAMES AVAILABLE I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME OVER ANY OTHER FANSERVICE GAME OR RPG FOR THAT MATTER ONI BO SHO. I will miss you Destiny Child. You were a great game that got me out of dark times, the art and the story are amazing, as well as the characters and the gameplay. Thank you for these amazing 4 years..

I really enjoyed it every time I opened it all these years, beautiful art and designs, and a nice story; will be missed and remembered. I usually don't do reviews but this game holds a special place in my heart. The art, music, story, and the characters are all great and it was such a fun game and it was very giving especially with it being a gacha but all good things must come to an end like this game shutting down but, thank you ShiftUp and Destiny Child for all the wonderful years of entertainment you've giving to the community, I'm looking forward for more of your projects in the future. It's been a fun ride DC! It's a shame that everything will be shut down in about a week, but thank you for being such a great game!. After many years playing this game, I've enjoyed having it as a pocket game were you just do certain things but automatically which is nice. But the whole reason I stayed playing this was because I enjoyed the art and the story to it. I would love for them to make an English book about it, and since they're shutting down maybe a full art and encyclopedia of each child. But I really loved this game so much, and even when they shut down ill still be playing and hearing the story..

I love Destiny Child. I started playing over 5 years ago. But if you're looking to get into it, dont. The game is ending. The time with it has been fun, and I will miss the game. Thank you for the years of fun. Well time to go play some Nikke goddess of battle.. Great art and a shop that virtually gives you unlimited free summons. Forget about the games that promise millions of diamonds, this game is legit. This is a casual game where you tap to help your team deal damage to the enemies you face in the Idle battling section. There's no reason not to play it.. One of the few games I've played I have nearly no idea what I'm doing in this game and I'm still having fun learning the mechanics as I go the amount of rewards this game gives blows my mind I appreciate you peeps so much to have something this good that's not a p2w cheers!. definitely my favorite game to play in 2019! love the art work and characters. The story line is so funny! I hope it stays available for a long time Still Loving the game! I am so sad it's ending.

Its been a great game. The artwork is amazing and the story was great. It's sad to see it go after all these years. I just wish I started playing at its release. Hope to see more great games like this in the future from Shift Up.. Absolutely loved playing this gem of a game. Made me shed a tear when I realized that service was ending. I am very grateful for the memorial update so can still have my collection of characters. Much love and thank you for creating this game!.

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