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It’s time to become a good doctor for all kids. Doctor Kids in this game project are just waiting for your help. You need to make an appointment with a doctor at the clinic and go straight there. Will, you cope with a high fever, treat your neck, and take care of simple hygiene? If you do an excellent job with the baby’s treatment, you can confidently stamp the medical card.

From the beginning, it is worth choosing a client for yourself to start your reception. The baby may have a fever; listen to the heart, measure the temperature, and do not forget to provide first aid. Give the baby medicine, try to reduce the temperature, and solve the most critical tasks in your life.

Suddenly, the baby’s throat hurts, then with the help of a specific spray, you can puff into his mouth. Give the patient vitamins, and give lemons and other fruits. TMany patients needa professional examination. Measure his height, weight, and other subtleties of the gameplay. It is the hospital that will become the place where you will work for some time. Become the best doctor in the world, cure all possible clients and earn an excellent reputation for yourself.

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