Dodgecrafts APK Mod 12.3 (Unlocked)

Last update February 14, 2024


2D shooter with vector graphics. Dodgecrafts is a shooter in a two-dimensional style with vector graphics. In this shooter, you will go on a journey through outer space, where you will find a sea of ​​trials and skirmishes. After the start, you will take control of the spaceship and go on a journey through various locations, where you will meet with powerful enemies who will try to destroy your ship. It would be best if you shot them, traveled to sites, and collected collectibles.

The main task is to earn the maximum possible number of points to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Of course, it will be challenging to do this because with each new level, the difficulty of passing will increase, and the number of enemies in the group will grow. A vital feature of the game is the ability to choose the so-called ship class, thanks to which you can get several unique skills that will help you destroy opponents and complete levels.

Dodgecrafts MOD

Not very deep or replayable, but enjoyable on occasion. the controls are a bit "loose" for me. a multiplayer mode would be great. overall, a pretty good game. Exciting and enjoyable but not as easy as it looks. Crazy game. Cannot wait for more updates. Slick, fast and fun. Weirdly addictive...nice concept and the controls are challenging enough to make it interesting. Not too easy, but not too hard either. Just right! Looking forward for more and similar content from you guys. Waiting....

Dodgecrafts APK

Nice simple game. Great to pass time with.. Absolutely love this game! The colours, music and graphics are great. Highly recommend!. Fantastic game! Great soundtrack, tight controls and outstanding artwork.. So much fun and so easy to use!. Excellent game, fantastic music, amazing colours and change of pace for when the going gets tough and is great fun to play especially for when I'm on the commute. Definately would download if you're looking for an enertaining and stimulating game..

Dodgecrafts APK

One of the best mobile games I've played in a while very responsive and great sounds.

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