NameDragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
ReleaseBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

One of the latest games – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, is a big success within the cell gaming business. What contributed to this success, and what’s this recreation about? Let’s discover now! In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you’ll be part of acquainted warriors to guard Earth from enemies. However, this is not only a senseless combating recreation; it is far more complicated and fascinating than that. This recreation makes use of Match-3 puzzles in battle sequences. Though that being stated, it nonetheless occasionally exhibits some motion and RPG components.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD

The art and everything around the game looks really nice, and has a bunch of cool videos, but the gameplay seems very boring and shallow. You are just farming levels on your characters to progress. Your skill has very little influence on if you do well or not.. Pls also release dragon ball legends in Pakistan i am trying hard to keep my data of dragon ball legends safe. I love this game it's obviously better than dragon ball legends it's soo fun the units are incredible and the summoning are more the perfect and It's amazing the game play area amazing the units are so fun to and the summoning animations are just perfect. Good game when I can play it. The data download takes so long to download while on DB Legends it's faster. Good game pain in the you know what when needing to do a data download.. Worst Dragon Ball game I have EVER played, absolute garbage 0/10 would not recommend. Its actually insane how trash the gacha system is, its so GOD AWFUL and unfair. This is just another stupid cash grab that makes you spend money to get stupid characters.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK

Just not good enough they don't listen to the fan base they don't event try to make the game good they actively Sabotage their own game. Please for the love of God optimize how much space this game takes up. I constantly have to uninstall and reinstall the game every time it updates or whenever they add new stuff in it. On a phone with 32gb this game takes up a third of my whole storage space and 14gb are system files. Other things on this phone can't be deleted to free up space. Please optimize the game and have it take up less storage space. Other than that I enjoy playing it after getting good summons from the major banners.. I allwise have been a fan of dragon ball z watched it when i was a little girl and now i am a adult and have a goku action figure cool right :-D. Now I'll wait the new Android MOBA the JUMP ASSEMBLE playing with all Anime Champions or Characters like Son Goku, Naruto, Monkey D. Luffy and many more..

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK

Unbelievably abysmal Gambling personified. Just like some mob boss, the game is rigged and they'll drain you broke. There's no pity system so you can spend 400 bucks and you'll get screwed so hard and most you'll get is, "thanks for your money!" The worst experience I've ever had with a game, and to top it all off, they make terrible changes too! Same name's don't link up, and barely changed units(Hi Goku Black!). Tip: don't spend money unless you're a Dokkan YouTuber. L rates L meta L powercreep L game why has this game been out for 8 years and there is no decent pity system in place. Are you really going to let someone save 3000 stones just to give them irrelevant off banner units? Literally makes the hardest content unplayable without the newest units. Even the 7yr lrs get one shot. I can't believe I'm here but I'm really just extremely disappointed with this year's celebration that I can't wait to give the survey review so here's my review now. A Future Saga Arc Celebration as Worldwide Download is an amazing idea but no New 2nd Extreme this year is a huge flaw 2 supers and 2 extremes would've easily made for a great celebration on top of waiting 3 years without new Goku Black and 5 years for the Int Goku Black to EZA and his EZA is not even made for new 2023 content.. Game is in another massive Powercreep with normals dealing 500k minimum now and new Units not releasing nearly at that level besides very few. LR Gohan shouldve been an LR Goku Black to help villains be sustainable for at least 4 more months till New Year is over, but that wont happen. Int Transforming Goku Blacks EZA is somehow WORSE than EZA STR Cooler despite him being a year old. Short Events arent fun. Not many good F2P Units and bad pitty system still. Dev team needs to be changed..

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK

Whoever is coming up with the eza needs to be fired.How do you fumble on int goku black. If you gonna make hard content, at least make some of the old units runnable.. The constant ignoring of community feedback despite quite literally asking for it, is why my review will remain a 1 star until they start to act on feedback instead of ignoring it.. the pull rates at locked up until you spend a certain amount of cash to get the new "good" units . And don't expect to farm stones in game because there is a set limit to collect for new players , nothing for mid players and barely anything from events for the no live players.. I just love being able to passively farm this game while doing something else and it's dragon ball come on who doesn't like dragonball.

The new LR Extreme TEQ [Infinite Sanctuary] Fusion Zamasu should be renamed to LR Extreme TEQ [Infinite Sanctuary] (Half-Corrupted) Fusion Zamasu. This is the correct name for the version of Fusion Zamasu the unit features in Dokkan. Other Dragon Ball games that have this version of Fusion Zamasu include Half-Corrupted as part of the name, yet Dokkan refuses to. I am severely disappointed, as Zamasu and his counterparts (Goku Black Fusion Zamasu, etc.) is one of my favorite characters.. The game has gone severely downhill recently. The developers no longer listen to the community, and it seems like they just flip coins for their decisions now. I've played this game since year 1. It's incredibly sad to see this.. They do not listen to there fan base, we have had more bad then good characters, and this celebration is no different.. I have been playing for over 2000 days, but currently the developers in recent years have been completely out of touch. They do NOT listen to player feedback and will often go against the wishes of their player base. Even when it comes to simply changing the name of a card (which was widely requested due to naming issues) they completely ignore the requests. Not only that but when it comes to releasing new cards, it seems that the developers have absolutely no idea how their own game works..

This game as over the past few years become totally detached from its playerbase and what they expect and want from the game.. They dont listen to the players at all they only care about your money they hate extreme type units cause they are nit as money making as somthing like a vegito and thats why they make a new extreme unit its will be trash like the game is. Fix the friend system, then I'll make it 5 stars Devst don't listen to the player base, once they make a decision it's final. The game is falling off terribly. Sad to see my fav mobile game going on such a downward spiral. It's just bad decision after bad decision..

Absolutely terrible decisions this team has been making ever since Omatsu has been on board. WHY do you hate extreme class units so bad? Jesus Christ the Int Black eza is so bad what is wrong with you guys? I used to greatly enjoy this game until Omatsu came along and made all these terrible decisions this celebration. (Don't even get me started on 8th anni) Clearly I'm going to have to stop spending money and just get a pirated copy where everything is free. . Absolutely terrible treatment of many extreme types and important units. Goku Black's EZA needs to be changed as soon as possible. Extreme types need more representation. This celebration has been on a huge downhill ever since part 1 ended. Enough is enough! Fans don't deserve this!. Lowered to 2 stars from 5. The recent fumble of INT Goku Black DEF (his EZA) has put a bad taste in my mouth and alot of others in the community. The love devs show to the super class units and the horrible kits they give to extreme units is too far apart. Do better.. Dokkan has made nothing but terrible business decisions in the last year. With each "celebration", I was hoping it wouldn't release terrible units that couldn't be used in the difficult content in the game. And although there has been exceptions, what the people want and what is being given is near contradictory and it is clear that the devs do not pay attention to the community. I have been lead to believe they genuinely hate money..

This WWD Celebration is worst ever! 1. Merged Zamasu naming - every other DB game differentiates Corrupted state from normal, NOT DOKKAN 2. Content spacing - you nailed it with Beast Gohan's release - content every 3-4 days, not in 2nd biggest Celeb there are dead weeks! Golden Week was the same! 3. This is kick in the teeth - Int Goku Black have to be kidding me... Trunks themed celeb without one of the most meanigful villains in DBS and the arc! Complete fumble. The 2023 WWC has had 5 fumbles for every 1 good thing they've done, and it has really killed my interest to keep playing. Villain units have it the worst. They get way less releases, so you have way less options to run on their team and yet they still decide to make terrible kits for them a lot of the time. Wouldn't even start playing this money pit of a "game", it's not worth your time or the financial loss.. The villain releases this year are terrible. It's so bad I'm quitting the game and for the sake of the remaining players I hope they fix it. Overall I think Dokkan has been great and still has great potential. However, recent decisuons by the devs and producers are ruining this game and enough is enough. 1. Teq LR zamasus name 2. Int goku blacks eza 3. No hard pity system This game screws over extreme units constabtly while making sure every new goku unit is great and can pair with every previous one..

Hae spent a lot of money on this game over my eight years of playing. Since the beginning this game has consistently been improving. However, the current state of the game under the direction of its current producer Omatsu is an absolute disgrace. Multiple large celebrations have been very underwhelming, and the units themselves have gone down in quality as well (animations). The developers need to get rid of Omatsu and get back in good standing with the community again.. After so many years Dokkan still doesn't have a proper pity system we are 8.5 Years and no pity. Endgame Free to play players have not much content to do other than few daily 20-30 mins content. Villians (Extreme) units are treated Badly in this game the teams are not in place, No much content for them to Run them, Most characters passive are sealed in taking on super(Hero's) Events which are barely anything. Developers do listen to only certain feedbacks but not much. This is the only game. Lots of downloads for a game, when it all could be in one big download. Would save people from being annoyed. Just saying.. Been playing 6 years. Game is going down hill FAST. They need some management changes or something cause there are some GLARING issues with this game..

Between the rampant powercreep, the lack of content, strangely weak celebrations, new coin/no pity greed, and the general absolutely asinine decisions lately (Zamasu name and INT Black EZA) I can't give Dokkan more than a 2/5. I do not know what has changed in the last year or so, but the games been on a downward trend since.. Dev's clearly have character bias, game has been going down in quality for sometime for this. It's to the point where it makes you wonder if they even play the game when they release a new unit or EZA. Vegito is so bad he feels like a 2 year old unit. Devs still don't understand their own game. EZA black is even worse. These devs have no idea what they're doing. None.. The devs don't listen to their players. - LR TEQ Fusion Zamasu has the wrong naming (all other DB games have a different name for the corrupted version. - INT Goku Black's EZA is pathetic too yet nothing will change. - fewer stones are handed out, leaving little new content for F2P Players, and whaling is encouraged..

The current celebration has been a mess. The main headliner is underwhelming. The animations for the units are poor. Trunks and Zamasu got done dirty in the animation department. They released a carnival Gohan rather than goku black. I understand it was DBZ and DBS but most would think it would be a trunks and Goku black paired together but it wasn't. The newest eza is worse now than on release in 2023. Devs refuse to listen to feedback or make good decisions. Stay away from this game.. This game has turned to garbage since omatsu was put in charge. The latest villain units suck so bad, and with their latest EZA being absolutely horrid, I just can't do it anymore. Fire omatsu.. Dokkan battle is a good game, I mean its just candy crush with good dbz animation but its still fun in some way. Thank you for making this game. The developers cannot design units in a balanced way. One will be broken and another won't be able to handle current or even past content. Mismanaged app..

Int Ros eza is horrendous, extreme units have been given almost no love. The newest teq lr merged zamasu shares the same name as the int lr merged zamasu. The agl zamasu is great and so is the int zamasu but they share the same name. Int lr rose didn't even eza. Awful celebration, stop screwing over the players that like characters that aren't saiyans. I wouldn't of Summoned for zamasu if I knew we were gonna get screwed like this. Been a dragon ball fan for YEARS and I can't believe it took me this long to finally play dokkan. Very fun game! Definitely recommend it to any dragon ball fan :). why on earth do I require an 11200mb download to play a mobile game???? why on earth do I need to have all that info on my phone??? it wasn't this bad years ago!!. This game has only catered to the people that can pay into the dragon stones!!! I used to think this game was great until you grind so damn hard and still get straight screwed on the summons! Bout to delete this game!.

This game is really fun, I've had issues in the past that caused me to delete the game, but it seems as though the problems were fixed. This game can be really hard if you don't read the directions, also the game gives you various ways to earn currency to get money which is really helpful, unlike a certain dragon ball mobile game with 3d graphics.. Would be 5 but you run out of stones after a while and you have to pay if you want a good chance of getting your favorite units. Crisp and clean. The only gacha worth its salt. Dragon Ball is the god ip. -caution to those with addictive personalitys- edit: lowered to three stars because recently I get a network failure notice 9/10 times I try to load in and game freezes when accepting mission rewards. Very frustrating considering this game has almost always run flawlessly.. After 8 years finally the announcement of operation unification. I see this as an absolute W. Good job Akatsuki/Bandai namco.

I I just love it the game the game is is perfect I am a dragon Ball fan that's why I love this totally showed me the dragon Ball super so I love it with all my heart I love this game so much I can give it 10,000 10, 000 Tom's up and I am happy that the game was made. It was a good way to kill time, but my account got lost. Just tried to log in after a random update after playing for a few years, only to get the new user welcome. And of course, nobody wanted to help me recover my account.. great game but once you get to a certain point and have done most things its near impossible to get dragon stones unless you want to spend money for them which im not a fan of.

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