3D TD: Chicka Invasion Codes (December 2, 2022)

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Update: 02/12/2022

3D TD: Chicka Invasion for android – oh, the poor Earth is attacked again! Not aliens, but Chiki – strange creatures that look like chickens!

3D TD: Chicka Invasion Codes (December 2, 2022)

Chicks emerge from the Black Hole! They will return and be defeated by the great Milkus in 2012, but now you will be taken to the Middle Ages when they first appeared. You are Clara Oswald, ancestor of the great Milkus. And you must defeat them! Use ancient technologies, boulders and catapults!

3DTD is an innovative tower defense game where the map rotates 360 degrees and gives the feeling of the real world. Defend yourself with a shield from arrows and push the boulders straight at Chick!

Features of 3D TD Chicka Invasion:

  • Experience 3D Tower Defense;
  • Over 1000 levels;
  • Over 100 ancient towers and countless defense combinations!
  • Sudden Chick attacks on ships, planes, balloons and with the help of magic!
Codes List Number of Valid Until
LMA70XD6SGH 115 December 20, 2022
LQ4ST58C69GOUKF 456 December 18, 2022
Q62E4GXM8OPWTL3J 134 December 31, 2022
TXQ8SB9KZPRELOCN5 102 December 11, 2022
8Z1K65V4XJN0S7A 896 December 21, 2022
0EJ4RWSI16K3AHQC 178 January 27, 2023
1VNI593QGTBKJW02 538 January 6, 2023
0SIYQ85L4MJGRP9KC 550 January 6, 2023
CZWM0E63O2UND9G 345 December 29, 2022
J61KBI7L3FZ5HX9R 707 January 16, 2023