(Mod Unlimited XP/Money) V2.19.1
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Chances are, many have heard of the Internet game called… And now, the time has come for the hands of the creators to reach the point of transferring this project to the Android system. All it takes from users to how to get started is to dial your nickname. After such simple manipulations, you will find yourself on the playing field.


You will direct the movement of the circle, click on it and guide it across the field, it will float in a certain trajectory. In addition, the playing field will be filled with small balls – this is your main food for growth. You will need to swoop into them, thereby absorbing them into yourself. But not everything is as easy as you think, besides you there are dozens of other users moving on the board of the game.

The goal of the game – to be the most impressive ball on the field. This is very difficult to achieve if only the smallest and slowest moving individuals are submerged. You need to start absorbing other gamers, catching them on the edge of the position and immediately attacking them, so use any strategy, but devour every single one of them. It is worth mentioning that although you are small, you can escape from large-sized residents, hiding behind thorny circles, if the enemy comes into contact with them, it will be torn into a large pile and it will become the most desired prey for other players.

Features of

As you grow in size a little, some special talents will open up in front of you. The first talent is needed to quickly fire some mass of itself at another user. If the throwback of your ball is larger than the opponent’s, you will immediately absorb his ball, this feature is very necessary and you need to learn how to use it in time if you want to make the list. the top of the largest circle at position. Mod

The second talent is quick escape. If you’re besieged on all fronts, you’ll be able to remove some of your own mass and attempt to escape pursuit by giving the thrown mass as food to other users. The main idea of ​​ is that the smaller the size of your ball, the greater your movement speed stats, which is why throwing is so useful in avoiding dangerous situations.

Also in the agario app it is possible to change the look of the ward circle by entering any word as the name (names of countries, places, etc.), then the circle will receive the flag of the state or the icon of a generic resource page.

In the game agario you should not try to catch up with objects much smaller than your size and faster than your ward. You just need to wait a few seconds until the ball comes close to you and absorb it with an accurate shot. Be careful with the super orbs that are in the top 10, however, they are also very wary of spikes themselves, so with the right approach you should have no trouble with them.