Age of Magic Redeem Codes (April 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 2.6
Update: 30/03/2023
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Age of Magic is a beautiful new RPG that will present players with their own world full of magic and uncompromising warriors. There are many creatures in this universe: Elves, Demons, Witches, Kobolds and many other races that will prove their superiority over others.

Age of Magic
 Redeem Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
W23ZIHQ48AL 250 May 10, 2023
YEF9B3ZJDVXRHMT 415 May 28, 2023
87P6AGEBF0DI9XO5 430 April 23, 2023
4NIF8RPKHDO31YZ9L 178 April 3, 2023
T201CVSWFIOBGRP 322 April 11, 2023
20YRNVJAMQ8WIHS9 655 May 25, 2023
AFJOK2Q8DVU9LHG5 337 May 3, 2023
GHOF9WLBY8TKR7X21 680 May 23, 2023
S5EZP482BKMRUH9 364 April 9, 2023
FD2RCOWP9HQA8J1S 991 April 22, 2023

Interesting story campaigns will tell about the life of the sorcerer Roland and his difficult path to the Dark Tower, because the prophecy of the ancient Dragon says that the brave warrior who gets to the Tower will receive incredible power with which you can decide the fate of the entire universe. A dangerous and powerful rival Sharzar will lie in wait for you, who at all costs intends to interfere with your plans. In addition to the storyline, gamers have the opportunity to plunge into equally exciting multiplayer battles with other players and more!