Antarctica 88 Mod 1.5.6 (Menu/Unlocked/Free Shopping)

Category Casual
Size 135M
Version 1.5.6
Update: 09/03/2023
Install Original android iphone

Antarctica 88 – is a horror game across the vast Antarctic with a terrifying science fiction history filled with monsters, weapons and interesting events. Are you ready to face the monsters that Antarctica is hiding? Will you be able to protect humanity and yourself?

Antarctica 88

Antarctica 88 PRO is a stunning, dynamic and incredibly engaging military project with a great arctic adventure component. The user will play as a researcher who survived a series of terrible explosions at the scientific facility he works in.

The Story of Antarctica 88

The events of the game begin at the station “Antarctica 1”. Your father, Vladimir Efimov, has been leading an expedition for the past six months, whose job is to study prehistoric fossils found during ice drilling. After six weeks, contact with the expedition is lost and you and a group of four rescuers need to find out what happened.

Your mission is to find out what happened and survive. To do this, you need to solve puzzles, collect and use different items. There are several endings in the game, and how the story ends depends solely on your decisions and actions. Can you cope with this mission and find out what happened?

After a terrible accident, many people died, but this was not the worst, for a terrible mutant virus set free, turning humans into terrible and bloodthirsty creatures, plus with the very monsters raised here also free. Now the user will have to show all his perseverance and resourcefulness to be able to survive and escape from the secret base, after completing all the instructions of the leader.

Antarctica 88


Start playing Antarctica 88 PRO and try to figure out what’s going on around. Shots from pistols and shotguns can be found in different rooms of the lab. Be careful when entering new locations, as anything can wait here!

The mod for all levels allows the user to tour multiple floors, find a sea of ​​keys and gear items, drive a large sled, chisel a piece of ice with the help of the device. get special equipment, use a sea of ​​rifles and grenades, and of course – clash in intense battles with cruel bosses and monsters…

Users will get great pleasure from gambling quests and colorful arrays, will make decisions about how to get to the target location, exactly what to use from the device and with weapons. What gas to hit attacking creatures.

Highlights of Antarctica 88

  • Fascinating storyline with some backstory at the end.
  • variety of monsters and weapons.
  • Great quality graphics.
  • Unique soundtrack.
  • Challenging and fun puzzles.
  • quaint atmosphere with many surprises.

Right now the game is just under development and we are doing our best to make it fun. If you have any interesting suggestions – write to us. In our social network you can follow the development. New friends are just a joy for us!