Army Men Strike Promo Codes (February 2023)

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Version 3.167.1
Update: 17/01/2023
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Army Men Strike is an unusual game from Chinese developers. All of us in childhood loved to play with tin soldiers and arrange war games. What if they suddenly come to life? We invite you to the battlefield with a revived army of toy soldiers! Create a real military base on the territory of your room, extract valuable resources using the train, improve your infantry, artillery, tanks and recruit other toys under your wing! Attack the enemy not only with force, but also with the mind, with the help of a good strategy.

Army Men Strike
 Promo Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
3VLKT8ADIJG 680 February 20, 2023
90LK35YEQV8RTZ7 673 March 2, 2023
MVN873DLAPZ4XE5U 918 February 18, 2023
ISHE25R149XQLVWUT 690 January 28, 2023
378PYQVZGE0MTKC 216 February 8, 2023
UY4FC72NS9THPRDO 322 March 7, 2023
TXNL2309FQYD8HAC 962 January 27, 2023
8LKA04GEMT15HV2XD 970 January 25, 2023
UCIQEHY01DLS7T8 661 March 7, 2023
JMXSRTKWB2D6A0PV 697 February 1, 2023

Fight in the living room, in the kitchen, anywhere! Conquer new territories and demonstrate to everyone your total superiority on the battlefield! “Army Man Strike” is a wonderful game for both children and adults, because it’s always nice to return to childhood for a while and feel like a real general of your own army, control loyal soldiers and defeat rivals.