Ball Blast iOS Mod 1.88 (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

NameBall Blast
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Ball Blast is a simple and uncomplicated arcade toy that you can choose to get positive emotions. Many gamers are tired of spending all their free time in a fierce struggle, often associated with negative emotions.



Although simple, the Ball Blast simulator will give you loads of emotions! According to the plot, with the help of a cannon, it is necessary to defeat giant figures with a ton of health. At the same time, the gun is capable of firing from an extremely large number of bullets. It is worth noting that not only bonus elements fly from above, but also enemies. Enemies in this game are called geometric shapes that have their health. By the way, the number of health is expressed in numbers. Obviously, the higher this number, the more difficult it is to fight an opponent.

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Features and Graphics

Ball Blast is an application executed in bright and conditional graphics, giving a special impetus to what is happening. Here it is easy to forget the denial of violence, aggression, weapons – everything that happens on screen is treated as a humorous competition.

In everyday life, there is already too much negativity, strife, conflict, and difficulty to spend rare spare hours on the same stress. Those are the motives guided by owners of mobile devices who choose colorful and fun games for the rest of their lives. One of the most successful and promising in terms of winning and raising the mood is the new arcade game with its colorful design and convenient controls.


A gamer endowed with ambition and ambition will find it extremely enjoyable to compete for victory, earning rewards with the help of his marksmanship. Shoot rocks from a cannon, you need to try to smash them into glass panels to get gold coins. Access to various enhancements and enhancements opens the mod for a lot of money, offered in the colorful app. When shooting, you have to be extremely careful, because if the shards from the rock hit you, you can die.


The game is a timer in its purest form. To be effective, we recommend shooting very often. Thanks to that, you will be able to destroy all opponents on your path. The use of unique attributes and projectiles combined with constant practice will help improve your skills.


It is worth noting that there are a lot of guns in the simulator and each has unique features. Special attention should be paid to bonuses so that you can stick with the game for a long time. A wide range of locations will allow you to spend your playing time as enjoyable as possible.

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