Banana Kong 2 Redeem Codes (September 17, 2022)

NameBanana Kong 2 Redeem Codes (September 17, 2022)
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Banana Kong 2 is a continuation of an exciting Android platform game in which you will explore colorful worlds and overcome various obstacles as a funny monkey!

By downloading the game Banana Kong 2, you will go on an incredible journey full of dangers! Run, jump, swing on vines, collect bananas and avoid traps. Travel through forests, caves, lagoons and even the North Pole!

All your animal friends and a lot of interesting things are waiting for you! How about riding a penguin down snow-covered slopes or conquering the ocean waves on a surfboard?

It’s a whole new world full of surprises! Even with a plethora of new features, the game remains easy to play, just like the much-loved first Banana Kong.

Complete new missions, collect bananas and earn Kong Gold Coins to buy upgrades, hats and more in the crazy jungle shop. Become the king of the jungle!

Passing through the jungle, you can compete with your friends! Who will run the best distance? You can see the best results of your friends right in the game. Compare your records and unlock achievements to improve your play style.

A very dynamic game engine will provide a lot of fun in this endless runner. Each run is a new challenge as the levels are randomly generated.

Collect as many bananas as you can to fill up your energy meter. Use the throw to destroy obstacles. Find secrets and unlock additional options to get the most out of the game.

Features of Banana Kong 2:

  • Each run is unique;
  • Support for high resolution displays;
  • Original soundtrack by Sonic Mania composer Ty Lopez;
  • Full integration with gaming services;
  • Colorful graphics;
  • Simple one-finger control;
  • Cloud saving.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
VSO173GNBUX947September 29, 2022
2H7TOU6RKXAQF0V816October 24, 2022
8VDT2W4NBOJEY0FX755September 19, 2022
K3PRN0JIAEHVTO5C2331August 31, 2022
BRW3T59VMQ4OX8S291October 5, 2022
3IKWFT1UPD04SL9X102October 6, 2022
N69420HEWLUKSXJV294October 11, 2022
XC8QRIB4DNAM3562O561September 18, 2022
16O8BCQWGZ50XY2495September 19, 2022
8I7RWF5V3LEMQ0XO948September 27, 2022

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