BarbarQ 2 New Adventure Codes (June 2023)

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BarbarQ 2 New Adventure is a unique and dynamic MOBA that combines sandbox mechanics. In this game you have to take part in epic battles taking place in a variety of modes. In addition, you can create your own levels and play there with other players!

BarbarQ 2 New Adventure
Codes (June 2023)
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
4FE8GPO9Y5C152January 24, 2023
RE6YCF0K3DG2U9S222January 10, 2023
R14S2DOHGI8BNXQE346January 23, 2023
ASLOYXR10KVCQE9N3167January 18, 2023
BU6ZJG5SD9QY3MH420December 29, 2022
ODUMW61FC2XLR5T3765December 23, 2022
BU4DPEKXO3ZQNS1C340December 16, 2022
1C23LRKTZD4HBAJ5U638January 7, 2023
8DWAPNC4VTIKHOF725January 21, 2023
AIRHVOY1LZBMF503101February 4, 2023

The gameplay here is different in that in each battle, all players receive a completely random set of abilities, from which the battles always have an unexpected alignment, and you have to adapt to the situation. In addition, fights can take place in a rather unusual composition of 3v3v3, thanks to which you can build more diverse and unusual tactics. Locations are also changing their setting, which affects the style of the upcoming game.

In the sandbox mode, you will be able to create locations and set the conditions of the game yourself, and then invite other players there. The external design of the game contributes to a fairly fun and positive battles that take place quite quickly. However, they all require a quick reaction, and carefully thought out tactics.

Game Features:
Many unique game characters;
Colorful cartoon graphics;
Ability to create your own location;
Several unique game modes.