Battle for the Galaxy LE Codes (December 2, 2022)

Category Codes
Size 66M
Version 4.2.8
Update: 02/12/2022
Install Original android

Who will win this epic war and decide the fate of the galaxy? Take control of your troops, build your base and fight in this exciting military online strategy game. Battle for the Galaxy is an online multiplayer game for android in which you’ll build a base, gather an army, attack enemies, earn medals and take enemy resources. Fantastic buildings and 3D graphics are waiting for you.

Battle for the Galaxy LE Codes (December 2, 2022)

First of all, the construction of facilities for the extraction of resources. Then proceed to create an army and improve your equipment. Attack enemy bases, steal their resources and earn XP. Create many different troops to destroy enemy walls, defenses and structures.

Features of Battle for the Galaxy LE:

  • PvP with tower defense elements;
  • Participate in Leagues, Tournaments, fights and Raids;
  • Collect resources and build a powerful base;
  • Create an army;
  • Fight your enemies;
  • Stunning graphics.
Codes List Number of Valid Until
2Q7OJ6HK5IV 153 January 17, 2023
DBA14TWX5GKPC7Q 524 January 30, 2023
NAIUB71Q5H4DZOM6 625 January 15, 2023
90MXPEKNV8CR2F4I3 413 December 25, 2022
WS9JDOI10BVGUH6 825 December 9, 2022
6SACBEWRULFYKP0V 194 January 13, 2023
31U4QHASKFDVWMB5 196 December 8, 2022
DRJ9CK4SIF5NPTVHL 941 December 21, 2022
NRD1O235YKLWCB9 765 December 16, 2022
MU4076VKTC5L9YBA 741 January 27, 2023

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