Black Desert Mobile Codes (February 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.51.83
Update: 17/01/2023
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Black Desert Mobile is a gorgeous MMORPG with great graphics that has conquered 150 countries around the world. Players will find a hurricane mixture of real time strategy, RPG and even a life simulator.

Black Desert Mobile
 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
T70D238ZI9N 335 February 28, 2023
G057RIYQSDZHOME 443 February 28, 2023
5KILEWZ3JNH4FRX1 730 February 28, 2023
7KTQ9ZHN4OVE8DFI3 156 February 10, 2023
05R6NXAJ39P4OKC 293 January 18, 2023
C0I7XQB4UJZO6EFS 359 January 25, 2023
E1PB0STLMXN5DOYH 543 January 26, 2023
CGKWFABPTLIXU68QO 572 February 3, 2023
VY1FLTRMOZE90JC 273 March 3, 2023
8F4UL0QOYEIBXZGS 332 February 26, 2023

The plot in “Black Desert” will originate half a century before the events of the PC version. The following heroes are available: warrior, giant, ranger, valkyrie and witch. Pleases just huge opportunities for their customization. Choose the type of hairstyle, hair color, type, nose, lips, eyes and even the intensity of the shine of the skin of the face. Decide on the size of the girl’s chest, waist and other parts of the body. Without a doubt, scrupulous players will stick to this fascinating puzzle for at least an hour. 🙂

The mobile version of the game has unique character skills that are not on the computer version. Gamers will have the opportunity not only to pump skills, but also to customize them in every possible way, and in great detail.

And, of course, you will be delighted directly with the gameplay itself inside the game world: here is great graphics. Large-scale battles are simply mesmerizing. In them, you must not only demonstrate strength, but also correctly distribute command power, coupled with a competent strategic approach.