Black Desert Mobile (Mod Free Shopping/Immortal) V4.4.80

NameBlack Desert Mobile
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When Black Desert Mobile  was released on PC, many people recognized it as the most beautiful MMORPG. Currently, the mobile version of this Korean project is also conquering the mobile device market in a similar way.

What is Black Desert Mobile?

Black Desert Mobile is a unique game that has been on the computer for many years, but now the creators have decided to please gamers who prefer mobile devices. It will be a real pleasure, because the previous computer version caused huge emotions all over the world, thousands of positive reviews and downloads.

Black Desert Mobile

The new game is almost completely similar to the previous PC version, but not without improvements that have simplified the tasks a bit, and will now allow you to enjoy even greater perks. . The graphics have remained the same, but moving between locations has become much easier, as teleportation is used and there is no need to constantly wander around locations.

Features of Black Desert Mobile

The mobile version of this game, although inferior in capacity to the “older brother”, is still interested by many fans of the online role-playing game genre.

Only 5 classes are playable in BDO. At the same time, 2 are available for male characters: a giant and a warrior, and for female characters – 3: a witch, a Valkyrie and a ranger.

Black Desert Mobile Mod

The game originally had a Nontarget system, but due to limitations of the mobile platform, it had to be scrapped. The battles in it take place the same way as in many other smartphone/tablet MMORPGs – you need to choose mobs/characters and score points with skills. The movement, in turn, is accomplished by changing the position of the virtual stick.

Here you will have a unique choice, from the exterior markings and ending with the smallest details that complement the image and make it unique. After that, it will be necessary to undergo a period of training, so that after that you will be guided through the game and not ask unnecessary questions.

After preparing your character, you can proceed to different stages and quests that will affect the rating. Receiving prizes, you can earn bonuses, which will always be a nice addition. Find interesting tasks for yourself

Character level up

The number of levels in the game is 60. With each new level, the character’s skills are improved. He can also become stronger by collecting runes, laying stones, and sharpening weapons.

To simplify the gameplay, the developers have made sharpening almost safe – the chance of losing an item when improving it is very low. In this case, the stone can be moved from one weapon to another.

Hack Black Desert Mobile

Direct injection, as usual, occurs in two ways. The first is to kill mobs (grind). The second is to complete the quest. At first, the game quickly rewards gamers for taking actions, but then you have to try to reach at least 1 level.

Of course, there are also automatic posts. If you enable this function, the character will automatically run to complete the task and will automatically do what he needs to do. In fact, this is a bot allowed by the developers and built right into the game.

And of course there are a lot of dungeons here. Some of them can be completed alone, while others are just part of a group.

Graphics in Black Desert Mobile

BDO is a 3D game built on Unreal Engine 4. The developers used all the features of the platform by:

  • dynamic ball.
  • light close to reality.
  • many small details about the scenery and characters in the game, etc.

But to see all this splendor, you need a powerful smartphone. At high graphics settings, Mobile Black Desert can run normally on the chip built into the Snapdragon 800 series.

Black Desert Mobile is an almost standard MMORPG that has some unique features. So you shouldn’t expect from her the “big” computer projects she can deliver, but she can still be charming and entertaining.